MindHabits Review for Windows PC: One of the Best Stree-Relief Games to Download

MindHabits Review for Windows PC: One of the Best Stree-Relief Games to Download
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MindHabits (4 out of 5)

MindHabits is not the usual brain trainer in any sense. It offers a good combination of puzzles and stress buster games that can “help you feel better and think better”. The one in quotes is what the developers claim and they really mean it as the puzzles are based on the painstaking research of Dr. Mark Baldwin. There are four mini-games and some great trackers based on Dr. Baldwin’s 10-year study. But, does it really prove to be a stress reliever?

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

MindHabits Word Minigame

The puzzles and mini games in MindHabits have a simple objective: to reduce stress and help you improve your attitude on life. There are four mini-games that try to de-stress your brain by offering engaging, yet simple puzzles. The game also has a tracking system, where you can see how you fared in your puzzles, what’s your happiness meter etc.

The game tests your attitude towards life just like a psychologist analyses your brain. Before you begin any game, it will ask you to provide some personal details. You will have to enter your name, birth year, favorite city or place, color, place of birth etc. The personal data entered will have some role to play in your gameplay experience.

The four mini-games are very vibrant and colorful. For example, the game “Matrix” throws different frowning and smiling pictures at you. Your objective is to click on the smiling faces and ignore the non-smiling ones. As time goes by, the pictures will pop up quickly. The faster you click on them, the more points you earn.

The next game “Who Are You” is similar to the Matrix, but the only difference is that it tosses flash cards with words that are related with the personal data provided. You will have to click only on those cards that are relevant to you. The third game “Word” is a typical word search game. It presents a list of positive words for you to search. Several levels test your searching skills by displaying harder words and changing the matrix of word search.

MindHabits Grow your Chi Minigame

The fourth game “Grow Your Chi” is a combo of the first two games. You will have to be quick in clicking both smiling pictures and flash cards and earn more points.

These four games may seem very simple, but actually these are scientifically designed training tools that help you look into the positives of life. The in-game trackers monitor your performance and gives you a total score called “your outlook”. This ensures how you are feeling each day.

The mini-games in MindHabits do not offer much fun for an average gamer. They are stress relieving games designed for people who need a de-stresser in the form of a video game.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

MindHabits Mind Tracker

The graphics are very plain, yet effective. The game has a simple interface with big, colorful buttons and cartoonish smiling characters. MindHabits looks more like a simple browser-based game with two dimensional graphics that share similarities with flash puzzle games.

The Matrix game has real photographs of smiling and non-smiling individuals. The photographs are sharp and easy to perceive, yet sometimes some images are harder to determine whether they are smiling or frowning.

Sound (4 out of 5)

The music is pleasant, slow and soothing and mellows well with the games. You can adjust the music from the main menu and change the setting as per your preferences. The clicks and event sounds will not distract you.

The default music has a blend of a simple drums and a synthesizer that offers a subtle, melodious tune in the background. But it can get too boring if played continuously.

Overall (4 out of 5)

MindHabits does not offer anything special for the average gamer. Its main objective is to improve your mental and social well being and nothing else. The game just takes about 25 MB of your hard disk space and costs $20 USD. It claims to be a digitalized version of simple stress buster techniques, but the results may vary. It may not be a great video game, but it certainly revolutionized a new genre of brain train stress buster games.