iMafia III Tips: PlayMesh Points

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iMafia III and PlayMesh Points

Though iMafia III is not too much of a departure from the original iMafia or the iMafia II update, there are still some significant changes. The main features of these changes end up in the iMafia III interface. This can cause quite a bit of confusion to those who just downloaded and installed the iMafia III update. Here are some tips for working with the PlayMesh Points feature inside iMafia III.

Searching the City

When you open up iMafia III you are going to notice that the main changes in the display happen in the Landscape view. The Portrait view, which is the vertical positioning of the iPhone, is going to be relatively the same. You are also going to look for The Godfather like always, which is under Real Estate, above Police, and highlighted in yellow. If you are in the horizontal Landscape view The Godfather is in the very center of the city, towering over all the other satellite buildings.

The Godfather

Once you are in The Godfather you are going to see that iMafia III is the same as iMafia II, and most of the other PlayMesh titles that have come in the second generation. At the top of The Godfather screen you are going to see the number of PlayMesh Points you have in your iMafia III. Below you are going to have a number of different options for spending PlayMesh Points, such as adding crew members or gaining money. When you want to spend your iMafia III PlayMesh Points just press the option you want, turn it into a Confirm Payment button, and then press it again to purchase the item for the set amount of PlayMesh Points. If you want to buy iMafia III PlayMesh Points you press the PlayMesh Deals button at the bottom and you will get a series of PlayMesh Points packages for iMafia III and Wizards. Select the one you want and then you will be taken to the App Store page for that PlayMesh Points package. From here, you download and install it like any pay iPhone application.

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