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Buying Properties

Though the Real Estate system is similar to the original iMafia, and the rest of the PlayMesh entourage, iMafia III still redefines the format in a certain way. Real Estate is a major part of the iMafia III gameplay as it becomes the major source of income as you get into the game. You start out just doing quests at the Bar and fighting other iMafia III players for money, but then use the resulting cash as a pilot for investing in the Real Estate options. This should alternately be your main focus for making money and spending your cash in iMafia III. Here are some tips for iMafia III Real Estate.

iMafia III Real Estate

The Real Estate is positioned right above The Godfather and below Fights in the iMafia III Portrait view. When you select it you are going to have two areas available to you: Undeveloped and Establishments. You just hit the appropriate button at the bottom for the type of menu you need. To build a property you first buy an Undeveloped property then choose an Establishment that has a base Undeveloped property that you have. Each Establishment has an Undeveloped property that is required, so you just have to match them up. For example, the Town Square is an Undeveloped property that you can build the Establishments of the Apartment, Hotel, Strip Mall, and Luxury Estates.

Differences from Original iMafia

One thing that is different with the iMafia III Real Estate system from the original iMafia is that you can buy more than one Undeveloped or Establishment property at a time. Originally in PlayMesh titles like iMafia you could only purchase singles, but now you can purchase up to ten in any given moment. You can obviously do this several times until you get to the number you want, but now you can do it in increments as high as ten.

Purchasing Tips

iMafia III Real Estate costs more the more you own. What this means is that each particular Establishment goes up in price the more you have of each one. This means that you want to spread out purchases as much as possible so you still make the most off of your iMafia III Real Estate.

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