iMafia III Tips: Badges

iMafia III Stats

The way that you often gauge your success in MMO text-based iPhone RPG are your player statistics. These include comparing things like your cyclical income, your number of fights won and lost, how many bounties you have collected, how many times you have died, how many missions you have completed, what is in your inventory, and so on. PlayMesh titles like iMafia III take this to a new level by adding the Badge system. This PlayMesh Badge system gives you reward Badges for completing certain tasks in the game, and this is an integral part of iMafia III.

iMafia III Badges

If you want to look at the iMafia III Badge section it is going to be easiest if you start out in the vertical Portrait view. Look to the upper right hand corner and see the icon of your character’s avatar head. Select this and you will be taken to an iMafia III character section. In the bottom task bar you will see a number of options including Stats, News, Skills, and Inventories. In the dead center, in between News and Stats, you will find Badges.

When you select Badges you will be taken to a screen that lists all of the available iMafia III Badges, including which ones you have. Those that you have will have a gold Badge to the left, and those you do not will have a silver key lock next door. It is here where you can see all those that you can get, as well as the different categories that you can get them in. There are those for hitting a certain level in each Statistic for your iMafia III character, such as certain levels in Energy and Critical and Evasion. There are different iMafia III Badges for levels that you will get to and for number of Quests completed. The iMafia III Badges are just assigned once you have completed what you have done.

Tips for Badges

The iMafia III Badges are a nice addition, but they really do not commend you for your gaming choices as everyone will reach these at some point if they continue with the game. A problem that can occur is that it can influence the choices they make. For example, early on you want to do few Quests because you want to slow down the leveling process. Since you get iMafia III Badges for hitting a certain number of Quests you may be influenced to complete more. Since you get the same for certain Statistic that may influence you, and this should be avoided the most.

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