iMafia III Tips: Bank and Hospital

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In PlayMesh games there is a serious connection between both the Bank and the Hospital in each of their MMO text-based iPhone RPG. Each of these functions are questionable in their benefits, but still necessary to have the option. You usually can only use your Bank balance to pay the Hospital bill to heal yourself and the interface of these functions are simple and to the point. iMafia III, as the first of the third generation PlayMesh games, changes this up a little bit and presents them both in the same area.

Finding iMafia III Services

When you are in the iMafia III Portrait view, which is the up right view, go ahead and select Services. Services is positioned right under the teal highlighted Daily Unlock and above the PlayMesh option. When you are in the iMafia III horizontal Landscape view you will see the block city. Here you will find services in the far right hand corner right next to the Police.

iMafia III Bank and Hospital

When you are in the iMafia III Services you are going to see two buttons at the bottom: one for Hospital and one for Bank. You can just alternate between the two of them as you would between Godfather Offers and PlayMesh Deals in The Godfather. Beyond this screen change each of the features are mostly the same. When you want to use the iMafia III Bank just hit the Bank button on the bottom of the screen you will be taken to a screen with a text box in the middle with the line "Enter Amount" in the middle. Below is a Deposit and Withdrawal button and above the text box is the balance of your iMafia III Bank account. To the left is a Deposit All button, and to the right is a Withdraw All button. All deposits to the iMafia III Bank take a ten percent fee out, which is expensive.

The iMafia III Hospital is an even easier interface. If you are at full health you will not be able to do anything in the iMafia III Hospital. When you can use it you will see the cost it takes to heal you and a button that says Heal. The cost will be relative to your position in the game and how much you have to heal. The cost of healing must always be less than the total amount of money you have in the iMafia III bank.

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