Game Hints and Tips for Jewel Quest 2 - About the Special Move,Gold Pieces, Unidentified Jewel Pieces and other Helpful Info

Game Hints and Tips for Jewel Quest 2 - About the Special Move,Gold Pieces, Unidentified Jewel Pieces and other Helpful Info
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About Jewel Quest 2

In this sequel match three game, poor Professor Rupert has lost his wife to another man. Heartbroken, he sets out to sea to escape his own personal misery. As he voyages out with a ship, new people and places lift his spirits with adventure and puzzle solving. The game offers Quest and Tournament modes of play.

How to Play

Jewel Quest 2 screenshot

Game rounds are introduced by some brief text related to Rupert’s adventures. A jewel filled game board is then displayed. Your task is to turn all tiles on the game board to gold. This is accomplished by creating matches of at least three jewels in a row. Adjacent jewels can be moved in a vertical or horizontal manner. Points are earned for each successful match.

Each round is timed. Successful completion of filling the board with gold titles before the time is up finishes your task and ends the round. A brief summary is then displayed that shows you your total bonus points and overall score.

As rounds are completed you will see the regions that Rupert has traveled to on a map that is slowly being pieced together. Jewel Quest 2 has 180 game board puzzles. You win the game after all of these levels have been completed.

Game Hints and Tips

  • Match three gold coins to earn a “special” move that allows you to target a specific tile to automatically turn it gold. The move can also be useful with other types of jewel pieces on the board. Once you obtain a “special” move it can be saved and used anytime in the game.
  • Jewels on the board can be dragged into any empty spaces.
  • Buried jewels need to be completely reveled before they can be moved. Match three jewels next to it in a vertical or horizontal manner in the same color as the buried jewel.
  • The Jewel Quest 2 game will give you hints on color matches if you don’t do anything for a short while.
  • Unidentified buried jewels do not display their color. To reveal them try to match jewels in a specific color to see if it is the same as the unidentified buried jewel. If correct, it will be revealed and you will need to match the jewel again with another group of same colored jewels to remove it and create a gold tile. The “special” move can also be used to reveal the color of a buried jewel.
  • You will lose a life if you don’t complete a game board before time runs out.
  • Sometimes spaces that are not filled with a gold tile may be difficult to spot. Many times this will be particular squares that are located in the corners of the board.
  • The game board can only display a limited number of gold pieces. Gold coins can fall off the board when there is not a space directly beneath them.


Image credit: Jewel Quest 2 screenshots taken by Sheila Robinson.