Mabinogi G1 Guide, Hints And Tips

Mabinogi G1 Guide, Hints And Tips
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Learning the Truth

This is the final part of the walkthrough for the Mabinogi G1 quest guide for the storyline: Advent of Morrighan.

If you finished with the first two segments of the Generatoin 1 guide, then you know that after having the dream about the goddess you will gain a new Keyword “Goddess’ request”. Take the new keyword and return to Duncan and talk with him using it. You will then gain another keyword called “How to reach Tir Na Nog”. Duncan will tell you to go talk with Tarlach, and that he can help you get to Tir Na Nog. Run to Sidhe Sneachta and talk with Tarlach using the same keyword. He says that it’s too dangerous and that you shouldn’t go. Since he won’t tell you, head over to Dunbarton and talk with Kristell about it, make sure to have the title “The bear slayer”, “golem slayer” or “Ogre slayer” equipped, otherwise she will think you are too weak to go. If you don’t have one of the titles, go get one. The “Succubus slayer” title when talking to her has bad results and just wastes time, so don’t bother with that one. (This quest with Kristell is cut off in game, so read below on how to finish it). After you finish the conversation you will gain a new quest “Duncan’s call”. Return to Tir chonaill and talk with the Chief Duncan.

Succubus Slayer

Bringing a friend along for the ride

He will give you the other half of Mores’ torque, and tells you to go to Math dungeon. This is another RP quest, so enjoy. It’s the same memory as the one with Mores, but from a new point of view, so you have to bring one friend along with you this time. After you finish it, you will gain a new keyword “Cichol”. Go back to Tir chonaill and talk with Duncan using this new keyword. Duncan will explain what is really going on and will tell you that you must go to Tir Na Nog and save the Goddess.

The Long Road To TNN

Fighting bosses and proud of it

Go talk with Tarlach using the “Cichol” keyword. You don’t have to talk with him, but for story reasons I would recommend it. He will then give you the okay to go talk with Kristell and find your way to Tir Na Nog.

Now to finish Kristell’s task from before. You will need to have a current level higher then level 25, and one of the titles mention from before. After you Talk with Kristell using the “How to reach Tir Na Nog” keyword, She will then give you a new quest called “Kristell’s quest”. If you already had the title from earlier, then you should have this in your quest log already.

Kristell’s Quest…Again

Taking aim

In her mission you will first have to hunt down and kill a black dire wolf. The wolves can be found in Dugald aisle at the south western part of the fields closest to Dunbarton. Next you have to hunt a werewolf, just like the werewolves from DarkEden, they are in Coill and Fiodh dungeons. After that you need to kill an ogre, they can be found in the fields of Gairech hill and in Bangor dungeon. All of these quests are quite hard, so ask some friends to help. But make sure you get the kills though and not let them kill them all, or else it won’t count. After you are done killing them all, report back to Kristell. She will give you a red wing of goddess to Barri, and a black pass to take you to Tir Na Nog. You can only go on Saturdays, and you can bring up to two friends with you (i.e., three people in total).

If someone else is doing the quest as well, you can all go together by forming two parties. The three extra people will help drastically because TNN is very hard.

In the land of Tir Na Nog?

Fighting the undead

On Saturday, real life time, make your way to Barri dungeon with your team members and drop the black pass on the altar. It will take you to Barri dungeon that is only one short floor. Run through it and kill the boss, which is a wisp and some floating swords. After you defeat them run to the treasure room, but don’t click the goddess to leave. Behind the goddess statue is a large door that should take you to the other world, Tir Na Nog. Once you reach the other side you will be given a new title “The seal breaker of the other world”. If you choose to leave TNN, don’t worry, just talk with Kristell again and she’ll give you another pass to come back to finish the rest later.

When you make it to TNN, go talk with Dougal, he is standing where Chief Duncan normally is. After you are done talking, wait about half a day in-game time until he will give you a quest from an owl to kill 10 zombies. Go talk with Dougal again, then head to the graveyard and hunt the zombies. Wind milling them is the safest way and fastest way, but they are tough so it will take a long time to kill them. Smash and counter attack works as well, but the zombies like to stay in counter mode, so it’s best to stick with windmill. Once done killing the zombies, return to Dougal and complete the quest in your log.

Breaking The Seal

Scoping out the altar

After you do the Zombie quest, talk with Dougal and buy the quest scroll for gathering the black orbs, then head to alby dungeon to do the quest. Make sure to read the scroll, because it tells you what to do. You can get the orbs from hitting random objects around the town. The dungeon is very hard, so bring strong friends. Now, the order in which to do the dungeons are: Green, blue red, then silver. Drop a green orb on the altar and run the dungeon, the treasure room will have the black orb in it so don’t leave until you get it. After you run the dungeon, do the next orb dungeons until you get all four pieces to create the black orb. Once you have all the pieces, complete the quest in your log to gain the black orb. Gather a party of three people, and place the black orb on the altar in TNN alby dungeon.

This will be the place where you break the seal that is holding the Goddess. It is even harder then the last four dungeons, so come prepared with lots of feathers, and even more bandages. This dungeon is about 2 floors long, so make sure the team members with you have at least Rank 1 range skills, and rank 1 windmill to help take the monsters down quickly. Battle your way to the boss room where you will fight the ghost armor boss.

Save The Goddess, Save The World!

The defeat of the Dark Knight

After you finish the black orb dungeon, you will gain a new keyword “Glas Ghaibhleann’s rebirth” Talk with Dougal using the new keyword. He will alter the Goddess pendant that you had and will tell you to drop it on the altar in alby dungeon. Here you will fight Glas Ghaibhleann, so prepare accordingly. Make sure to take your two strongest friends, lots of bandages, and as many feathers as you can carry. This dungeon is long and hard, and has six long floors, and a boss that is one of the hardest things you will ever have to face.

In a single dungeon you will have to fight a lycanthrop, three hellhounds, a heavy gargoyle, the ghost armor bosses, the Dark lord with more ghost armors, and finally Glas Ghaibhleann. In the new update, all of this takes place in a single dungeon instead of two, so prepare for the very long dungeon and boss fights. Also, you won’t be able to use Paladin or Dark knight transformations, so it is recommended to try and get two friends with a total level higher then 1200 and with the demi-god ability to help you complete the dungeon. It makes things a lot faster and easier, and you won’t spend 2 hours trying to fight your way through it. After you beat the boss you will get to watch the Credits and you will gain the new Keyword “Knight of light”. Use the keyword to start the Generation 2 Paladin quest. In case you had to skip the cut scene, you can watch them all again in the Dunbarton Library.

That wraps up the Mabinogi G1 walkthrough. For more MMORPG quest walkthroughs and class guides, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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