Mabinogi Elf Quest Walkthrough

Mabinogi Elf Quest Walkthrough
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Elf Newbies

In part 1 of the Elf quest starter guide you learned how to battle foes, counter-attack deathly blows and use a number of tactics to help progress through the early goings of the game. If you completed the first part of the walkthrough, then it’s time to finish off the newbie aspects of the Elf quests and move on to the real meat and potatoes of the game. Before getting there, though, you’ll need to complete the path to the Falcon and the second part of this Mabinogi Elf quest walkthrough will help get you through it all.

Tools Of The Trade

Gaining an axe for woodcutting

We last left off talking with Meles after defeating the Mongoose with counterattack. After you’re done talking with Meles from the Mongoose, talk to her again to learn about repairing items. Repair something and complete the quest. Next, talk with Hagel by the bank. Hagel needs some wood to fix the sign, so equip the axe he gives you and start chopping on the closest tree. Once you obtain 5 pieces of wood, report back to Hagel and complete the quest. He will now teach you the campfire skill, and even better, you earn a free axe!

Talk to Hagel again, he has another task for you, and he will teach you how to sketch objects. He wants you to sketch out the “Eye of the sun”. It’s located at the southern part of the map, not far from where you fought the Mongoose from before. Use the sketch paper on the sun statue, then report back to Hagel.

Tools Of The Trade Part 2

A sketch of the sun

Now for a small side quest, Granites wants to talk with you. He wants you to get him a young dark red porcupine claw. Head out towards the west part of the map and kill the porcupines until they drop the claw. The drop rate is low, so it might take awhile to find the item. If you want, sketch a porcupine while you’re here to save you some time. After you get to the claw, head back to Granites to finish the quest.

Hagel now wants to have a word with you. He needs you to go sketch him a Red porcupine. Lucky for you, you know exactly where this is. Head back out west and sketch the porcupine, then return to Hagel to finish the quest. If you sketched it from earlier, just go complete the quest.

Searching The Desert

Scouring the desert

Now, if you followed the guide, you should now have two quests telling you to go talk to Meles. One is to kill some Scorpions; the other is a dungeon run. We’re going to the far south to hunt some red Scorpions. Kill 5 of them and report back to Meles. Pick up the venom sac that they drop as well, it’s needed for later.

Now run back to the bank and talk with Hagel for your next quest. He will give you an L-rod, which you will use later for the Mirage missile quest, but for now you’re just going to find the hidden eye of the sun statue. If you’re exploration level is high enough, Hagel will give you a second quest to find the sun statue, so you will be doing one quest, but getting two rewards for it.

Continuing To Search Through The Desert

More desert searching

Try and get your exploration to level five by the time you get here, so that you can complete both quests at the same time. Run south west to the quest mark, and find the eye of the sun statue. After you complete the quest, wait for it to vanish, then find the eye of the sun again to complete the second quest as well. Report the first quest to Hagel and the second one you report to the quest board next to him. A small tip: if you can’t get your exploration to level 5, just roam the desert and find some lost elves using the L-Rod.

The Elves are easy to find, and it’s a repeatable quest to help you gain enough exploration exp so you can reach level 5. Castanea will later ask you to find a lost elf, so make sure to complete that quest too for some bonus exp.

Dungeon Run

Battling in a dungeon

Now Meles should ask you to clear the Longa desert ruins, and you should have this in your quest log already from talking to her earlier. If your level wasn’t high enough, and you’re just now getting the quest, go talk to her to finish the first part of the quest, then run to the desert ruins at the south part of town for the second half. The instanced dungeon is fairly simple, and you should be able to run through it all within a matter of minutes. The only part you may get stuck on is the boss.

He will summon up a horse, but you don’t have to bother with it, just aim for the guy in the armor and magnum shot him until he’s no more. If he charges at you, just defend, then melee attack him back. The best way to finish him is to just keep your distance, magnum shot him off the horse, wait for him to get back on, then repeat. After he dies, you can vanquish the horse for some extra gold if you want (it doesn’t always drop items though). Once the dungeon is complete, run back to town and talk with Meles to complete the quest.

A Simple Task

Engaged in more combat

Now, Atrata needs a red scorpion venom sac, but if you picked it up earlier, all you have to do now is talk to her to complete the quest. She will also give you the production mastery skill. Now it’s time to get yet another quest from Hagel. He wants you to find an item located at the south east part of the map. He will give you a cold L-rod to find a hidden artifact buried in the sand. Use the item, find the artifact, and report back to Hagel. You should also get a drop quest from an owl; it will tell you to kill 5 black scorpions. Run out to the scorpions again and kill the 5 black scorpions. After they are all dead, complete the quest in the quest log.

The Giant In The Desert

Preparing to fight the giant in the desert

Now that you are done with all of these quests, it’s time to find the “Giant stone statue”. All the other quest from here on out just give you experience, but you are now strong enough to start most of the Falcon quest. First, let’s get Mirage missile. Use your L-Rod, and run all the way to the far south of the desert, just a little past where it says “Longa desert” on the map. There should be some Lungfish nearby and some rhinos roaming the fields. The Lungfish area is where the Giant stones are most commonly found so try to stay near that area. The success rate of actually finding one of the giant stone statues is very slim, but not impossible.

If you find a channel that has one Giant stone statue, just stay there. Chances are that more will be nearby. The yellow heart’s drop rate is even lower then finding the giant statue, so it may take you several days, or weeks before you find the statue with the yellow heart stone in them. When you finally find a Giant statue just keep clicking on it with your bare hands before the statue fades away. If it doesn’t drop one, just find another one until it drops the yellow heart. You don’t need the other fragments that drop from it, so just leave those on the ground. After you gain the yellow heart bring it back to Castanea to gain the elemental crystal.

Mirage Missile

More running through the desert

Run to the Longa desert ruins, and drop any item on the altar. Run through and clear each room in the dungeon. When you get there, make sure to keep the crystal in your bag for when you do this dungeon, otherwise it won’t count for the Mirage missile skill.

Now this is exactly like when you did the dungeon from earlier, so you shouldn’t have any problems for finishing this dungeon. As soon as you reach the end and kill the boss, it will say that you completed the quest. Make sure to use the same tactic of staying back and shooting arrows. If you use this tactic, you shouldn’t have any problems defeating him. Open the quest log and press the complete button to earn the skill Mirage missile. Make sure to go in your skill list to actually “learn” the skill, otherwise you won’t be able to use it. Now all you have to do is run outside and test it out!

Hopefully this guide helped you out in Mabinogi. For more class guides and quest walkthroughs of your favorite MMOs, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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