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Mabinogi Dark Knight guide
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Starting Out

This is a Mabinogi Dark Knight guide to help players complete the Generation 3: Dark knight transformation quest, to change from a Paladin into a Dark knight. So let’s get started.

After completing Generation 3 quest you will receive a new key word called “The Dark Knight” and you will also receive a special ciar dungeon pass from Tarlach. Your quest is to run the dungeon and find the dark knight’s armor and bring it back to him.

So go to Ciar dungeon and drop the pass on the altar.

NOTE: Skipping G3 makes this quest a lot harder, so be prepared to face a few more difficulties if you didn’t play through the Generation 3 main quests.

The dungeon is pretty easy, it’s just like a normal ciar dungeon so you shouldn’t have any problems soloing this, assuming you played through G1, G2, and G3, because if you did then your level should be more then enough to run this with ease.

Finding The Black Armor

Waiting for the Dark Knight

After you kill the golem and gain the armor from the treasure chest, make your way to Sidhe sneachta and talk to Tarlach. He will ask you to find the other pieces of the armor and tells you to ask around town, you will then gain the key word “Piece of dark knight armor”.

Now go and talk to Goro, who isn’t from Mortal Kombat, in the alby arena to gain the second piece of the armor using the “piece of the dark knight armor” keyword. He will ask you to go ask around town to see if anyone else has a piece of the armor and if they don’t have any of the pieces, then he will hand it over. Talk with Piaras in the Inn to gain a book. Read the book in detail to gain the keyword”The curse on the Dark Knight armor”.

Now return to Goro at the Arena and use the new keyword to talk to him. He will then give the piece of armor away freely. Now time to get the next piece.

As soon as you go outside you will gain a new quest. Goro told you that Seamus has another piece of the armor, so head over to Seamus at the dragon ruins site to gain a fossil of the dark knight armor. Now make your way to Dunbarton and talk with Steward in the school to gain a “potion of restoration”, he will ask you to talk with Lassar in Tir chonaill’s school. Lassar will need three mana herbs before restoring the helmet of the dark knight, complete the quest to move on.

Gaining The Final Piece

Going from a white Paladin to a Dark Knight

Now go talk to any NPC until the armor talks to you and tells you to go to rabbie dungeon. It doesn’t matter what you drop, just as long as you complete the dungeon solo. At the end of the dungeon you will have to fight and kill the black succubus boss to gain the “priest’s black medal” which drops once the boss dies. If the item doesn’t drop the first time then you will have to run the dungeon again to gain the item. The dungeon is a normal dungeon run, so there is nothing different about it.

Once you are done go back to Dunbarton and give the medal to Kristell. She will ask you for a “Tear of the spirit” to reveal the medals true form. You can get this keyword by completing G3 optional quest (and talking to Stewart). You then use the keyword on your spirit weapon to give you the “Tear of the spirit” item. If you don’t have a spirit weapon or the keyword you can always buy the tear from a player in game. After gaining the tear of the spirit talk to Kristell again to gain the fourth piece of the armor and a pass to go to alby dungeon.

Completing The Dark Armor

Completing the armor

Now even though Kristell tells you to go to alby dungeon, she doesn’t mean alby of this world, but of the other world. You will have to go to the other world’s alby dungeon and drop the pass on that alter. To get to the other world talk to Kristell using the “How to reach Tir Na Nog” Keyword while having either the “Ogre slayer”, “Bear slayer”, or “Golem slayer” title activated and she will then hand you the black pass to go to the other world.

Once you make it to the other world drop Kristell’s pass on the altar of alby dungeon and run it to the end. The dungeon isn’t too difficult, but it does have werewolves, sickle laghdessa, and snakes to name a few of the monsters. The good news is that it is only two very short floors long. The boss for this dungeon is three Light gargoyles. After finishing the dungeon watch the small cut scene that plays. You will be given the “Dark Knight amulet” and the complete set of dark knight armor. After the cut scene ends you will be standing back in Tir chonaill’s town square of the normal world.

Now if you want to test out your powers as a future dark knight, go to the barri dungeon and drop the amulet on the altar to play a role play quest as Ruairi…

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight rises…again

Now that the armor is complete you can choose to destroy the armor by talking to Tarlach. If you do the RP dungeon first then you won’t be able to destroy the armor later, so go talk to Tarlach and complete the quest in your log. Wait around a few minutes for the new quest to drop and go talk to Duncan. Duncan will tell you to go talk to priest Meven in the church and will also give you a feather of blue lightning. Priest Meven will give you a Potion of the dawn and will ask you to go talk with Tarlach to help remove the armor. If you want you can go to Dunbarton’s library to watch a memory of Duncan’s past. Once you step into the library the cut scene will automatically play if you have the blue feather in your inventory. Duncan’s story though is completely optional so you may skip this part if you wish.

When you deliver the potion of the dawn to Tarlach he will then destroy the armor for you. Complete the quest and if you haven’t already done it yet, go make your way to Barri dungeon to start the RP quest. The RP dungeon is three floors long, but it’s fairly easy seeing how you are a Rank 9 dark knight with unlimited transformation time. The bosses are the Ogre warriors, just like in normal barri. But they are even easier then normal because if you use control of darkness on them you can take control of them and have them fight by your side. Also click “Unsummon” and they will disperse as if they were one of your pets. You won’t even have to fight them. The success rate is low, so don’t rely on this tactic too much.

The Choice

Legion of Dark Knights

Now for the final step: choosing to become a dark knight. In order to do this you will have to go back to the other world, just like before by getting the black pass, going to barri dungeon, and finishing the dungeon to take you to the other world. Once you make it there go talk to Dougal using the keyword “Where black wizard is” to gain a special pass for alby dungeon. When you have the pass head to alby dungeon of the other world and drop the black wizard pass on the altar, it will take you to a special dungeon. The dungeon is only two rooms, and there are no monsters here.

Go in the “Boss” room and talk to the Black wizard who is standing there, he will ask you if you wish to become a dark knight, if so then click yes, and if not just decline and leave. You only get to choose once, so pick carefully. If you say yes a cut scene will play and show you becoming a Dark knight. When the cut scene is over you will be back in Tir choniall with all the abilities of a dark knight. Also, all of your paladin skills will be transformed into Dark knight skills of the same level.

Congratulations, you are now a Dark Knight!

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