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Dunbarton’s Goddess Statues

If you’re finished with part 1 of this Mabinogi G3 guide, then you’re ready to deal with the goddess statues.

After waiting about four through five days in game time, you will finally get your next quest to go to Dunbarton to talk with Kristell. She will ask you to go talk with Eavan at the town’s office. Eavan will ask you to restore rabbie dungeon’s Goddess statue and will give you a command scroll. Just like before, convert the scroll either by yourself or with the nearest priest, and then drop it on the rabbie altar. The dungeon is just like a normal rabbie dungeon so it’s not too hard. You can also bring friends to help you out.

Next, go get another pass from Eavan and convert the pass again and drop the new pass on math dungeon’s altar.

Run through the dungeon and watch the cut scene that follows. The dungeon is just like a normal dungeon run with kobolds and such. If you have a hard time with the dungeon bring more people to make things go by a bit faster.

After you complete the quest you will have to wait several more days before Priest Meven of Tir chonaill will ask you to come assist them with their problem.

Saving Tir Chonaill

Making a run through the dungeon

When you go to Tir Chonaill talk to Meven to get started. He will ask you to go talk with Trefor near Alby dungeon for more info on what’s going on.

Trefor will ask you to help defend Ciar dungeon and will give you a scroll. Convert the pass then drop the pass on the ciar altar. The ciar dungeon is just like a normal one so the golem and metal skeletons might give you a hard time, but by now you should have run this dungeon a hundred times, it shouldn’t be too hard to complete. But keep in mind that friends can always join you.

After you clear the dungeon go back and talk to Trefor once more to gain the pass to alby dungeon. Convert the alby pass and drop it on the alby altar. Run the very short and very easy dungeon. At the end you will see a cut scene and gain the new key word “Dorca Feadhain”. You will end up standing next to Price, talk with him using the new keyword and he will then tell you to go talk with Eavan in Dunbarton, However this is only for male characters. Go talk with Aodhan for females.

(For the guide Eavan was chosen).

After talking with Eavan she will ask you to talk with a druid, which is Tarlach in Sidhe Sneatcha. After you go talk with Tarlach he will have you to return to Meven to gain more info on what is happening. Talk to Meven to learn the meaning of “Dorca Feadhain” and complete the quest in your log.

Saving Tarlach

Gathering an alchemy potion

After waiting several more days in game Tarlach will call for you to come meet him.

When you talk to Tarlach he will give you a broken arrow that once belonged to Mari, who is now called Nao. His task is for you to find someone who now knows where Nao is, and to have Nao meet with him. The only person in town that knows a bit about Mari’s past would be Duncan, so go talk with him. Duncan will tell you a story and will also tell you that he wants to help Tarlach. After waiting a few hours in game Duncan will give you a quest to make an alchemist potion of Lymilark.

Here is what you will need to make the potion:

  1. Spirit-forming bottle from Rabbie treasure chest. You have to fight the black succubus which means you can’t enter the boss room with a party; however you can run the rest of the dungeon with them. Just make sure they all disband and change channels before you enter the boss room, otherwise it won’t count.

  2. Spirit-viewing powder from the Dunbarton Library’s crystal ball. Just bring an empty glass bottle with you and click on the crystal. You can buy a bottle from the general store.

  3. Spirit-hearing water which can be made from the potion concoction skill. To make this you will need one white herb, one mana herb, and one bloody herb, then use the potion making skill to combine it all together.

  4. After you have all three spirit items, use the handicraft skill to combine it into the potion of Lymilark. Or you can bring all the items to Priestess Endelyon in Tir chonaill to mix it all together for you. Now go take the finished product to Tarlach to complete the quest.

James' Request

Heading to the church for a conversation

After waiting a few days in game Priest James of Emain Macha’s church will contact you and will ask you to come visit him. James has a plan to stop Macha from resurrecting, but he doesn’t know in detail what you will need to complete this task. After you talk with him he will ask you to talk with Kristell at Dunbarton’s church to gain more information about your new mission. After talking with Kristell she will pretty much tell you that she doesn’t know as much as James had said, and will direct you to go talk with Duncan at Tir choniall. Now make your way back to Tir to talk with the chief.

Duncan will explain to you the process of how the child will become Macha, so now that you know what to do go back and report to James in Emain. Complete the quest in your log to gain the new key word “Lia fail”.

Finding Lia Fail

Talking to more NPCs

James will ask you to go talk with a fomor that lives on Ceo island, so take the next moongate that leads there and talk with the goblin named Muro. He will tell you that he knows how to get to Lia fail and that he has a pass that leads there, but he won’t give it to you unless you get him something in return. He wants an unknown fomor scroll that only Eavan knows about, so go to Dunbarton and talk with her. Try to do this quest all in one day so the moon gate stays open, so buy a goddess wing from him to leave Ceo island.

Now just like before when Price saved you from Alby dungeon and told you that Eavan called you to see how you were doing, it is exactly the same thing. Talk to Eavan for males and Aodhan for females.

After you talk with the appropriate NPC they will give you the unknown pass that you need. Now return back to Ceo island and talk to Muro again to gain your new pass that will take you to Lia Fail. However just gaining the pass would be too easy. It turns out that the pass is broken, so he will tell you to talk with Tarlach to fix it for you. Complete the quest in your log and head over to Tarlach.

Making The Anti-Fomor Robe

A nice new robe

Tarlach will tell you that repairing the pass will take time, but will ask you to craft an anti fomor robe while you wait. You will need:

  1. Two fine silks
  2. Two mana herbs
  3. Two holy waters

After you gain everything you need use the handicraft skill to put it all together to make the anti fomor cloth, or talk with Kristell for her to make it for you. Once you gain the cloth go talk with Eavan. Sadly though, Eavan won’t give you the robe because she thinks you will get hurt and won’t come back. Now go back and tell Tarlach that you can’t get the robe. Tarlach will give you a book and will ask you to return to Eavan one last time to give it to her. When Eavan reads the book she will finally give you the robe.

Once you have the robe, put it on and go talk to Tarlach. He will give you the “Infiltration pass” when you complete the quest, and will tell you to go to Baol dungeon. Make your way to Bangor and talk with Gilmore using the “Pass to another world” keyword, just like when you first started Generation 3. Drop Gilmore’s pass on the barri alter and run the dungeon to get to the other world. But keep in mind that you can only do Baol dungeon on Sundays, because that is when the robe’s powers will work. After you make it through barri dungeon you will be in the other world.

That wraps up part 2 of this Mabinogi Generation 3 quest guide. You can find Mabinogi Generation 1 and Generation 2 quest guides here. But if you’re looking for more MMO quest walkthroughs, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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