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Mabinogi G3 walkthrough
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Entering Baol Dungeon

This is the final part of the Mabinogi G3 walkthrough and if you completed parts one and two then you’re ready to face the final challenges leading up to the big G3 finale.

The next stop on your journey is Baol dungeon. Enter the dungeon in the other world and drop the Baol dungeon pass on the altar. When you enter the dungeon make sure you are wearing the robe so that the monsters don’t notice you. Also try not to die, if you die you will be kicked out the dungeon and the entire thing will reset back from the start as if you never entered. The goddess statues here don’t bring you back to the start of the dungeon like normal dungeons. Also the dungeon is a very hard solo mission, so come prepared with a lot of healing supplies.

Dropping the pass on the altar

While in the dungeon make sure you take the robe off whenever a skeleton hellhound is near you, otherwise they will instantly aggravate and come after you when you have it on. Once you are away from the hellhounds put the robe back on again. You will also have to try your best to stay along the far side of the walls to avoid all the other monsters. It’s tricky, but that seems to be the best way to get through the dungeon.

If you run through this dungeon several times and you still have no luck getting to the end, you can try the following tactic: which is to go to the most (over crowded) laggy server on the game. The lag will cause the monsters to spawn slower and may give you a few extra seconds to flip all the switches in the room to get to the end. Other then trying that tactic, you will just have to rely on luck, so good luck in making it out alive!

After you reach the end of the dungeon it will trigger a cut scene and will automatically take you back to Dunbarton when it is over.

A few Tips about Baol

Another meeting with Tarlach

In case you need it, Morc or Tarlach will give you another pass if you happen to lose the one that you have. Leaving the dungeon on your own will destroy the pass in your inventory. However, dying and being kicked out of the dungeon will regenerate a new pass in your bag for you.

So if you get tired of dying and you want to give up and leave Baol, just remember to die out of the dungeon and not walk out of the dungeon. Also all of your items will never drop on the ground when you die, they just go right back in your bag, so don’t be afraid to die here. The only downside to this is that you will lose any blessings that you have on your items…

Stopping Macha

Doing a little talking

Once done, you will gain the keyword “Cromm Cruaich”, go and talk to Kristell using the new keyword. After you talk to Kristell she will tell you to talk with Seamus at the dragon ruins near Bangor for more information about Cromm. You should go do this first because Kristell will also ask you to go talk with Eavan, because Eavan requested to speak with you (Read below for the optional quest). Once you are done talking to Kristell an owl will drop you the quest to go talk with Eavan. Now you have to log out of the game to finish this part of the story.

When you log back in the game Morrighan will send you another message and will give you the key word “Prevent Macha’s revival”. Go to Tarlach and use the new key word, he will give you a special pass and will ask you to go stop the dragon boss, but before you go to do that he will tell you that Eavan (Or Aodhan) would like to speak with you one last time. Head back to Dunbarton to talk to her if you wish to do the optional quest for the charm of protection, which is a useful relic item. If not, skip down to “The Final showdown”.

Starting the Optional quest

A dark portal

The altar of access

Right after you get the pass from talking with Tarlach you can choose to do the optional quest. So go talk with Eavan now, she will give you a book mark and if you want you can go talk to Stewart at the school. He will tell you to go to the library room to watch Eavan’s memory.

NOTE: - For female characters go talk to Aodhan, who will give you “A fragment of Aodhan’s Sword.” Go into Emain macha’s castle to watch his back story.

you can skip this part altogether if you want, and instead go to the final dungeon. However this quest will give you a key word that you will need for the Dark knight transformation quest. If you don’t have this key word then you will have to buy the special quest item from another player.

Optional Part 2: Making The Charm Of Protection

Heading through the mines

After watching the cut scene, go back and talk with Eavan (or Aodhan) again. She will ask you to go talk with Stewart to learn how to make the “Chain of protection”.

After talking with him make your way to bangor and get some Mythril ore from the mythril mines, the same mine you went to in Generation 2 to make your paladin armor.

You will need at least 2 mythril ingots and 1 Holy Water of Lymilark to make the “Mythril cable” using the handicraft skill. Take the newly crafted item to a priest to finish it for you. The cable doesn’t have to be complete; it just has to be in your bag. After talking to the priest you will then have the “Chain of protection”.

Now go make your way to Dunbarton and talk with Stewart again to gain the keyword “Teardrop of the Spirit” (Which is needed for the transformation quest later).

Now if you have one, talk to your spirit weapon using the keyword to gain a “Teardrop of the spirit”, or you can ask another player in game for one. The tears are also sold on the housing board. Go back and talk to Stewart again and wait for him to send an owl to give you the finished product. Now go back and talk to Eavan (Or Aodhan) again to complete the quest and gain your special item. The protection charm will give you a +5 bonus to your protection stats, so make sure you equipped it for later.

The Final Showdown

Traveling to the boss

Now you will have to make your way back to another world and drop Tarlach’s pass on Baol dungeon’s altar. You can bring two friends with you to the final dungeon, so make sure they are strong enough to help you get to the end. I would highly recommend two players that are at least a total level of 1000+. And bring plenty of healing supplies with you because you are going to need them.

The final dungeon is five floors long and about twenty rooms per floor, give or take a few rooms. This is the hardest dungeon for this generation quest. If you thought the infiltration mission was bad, wait until you see this one.

Fighting the big boss

Within the dungeon there are giant worms, lycanthropes, Gorgons, and heavy gargoyles just to name a few of the things you will encounter. The final boss will be Ruairi and the Dark Lord together on a team, so it would be a good idea to use your paladin transformation to run this. A small cut scene will stop the battle after a few moments into the fight.

After you kill the two of them you will then have to fight the giant dragon boss Cromm Cruaich. The dragon is even harder then the dark knight and Ruari, so be ready for it.

After you slay the dragon watch the cut scenes that play after it dies. At the end of the Dungeon you will gain the keyword “Dark knight”, the title “The savior of Errin” and a special enchant scroll.

Congratulations, you have just completed the Generation 3 story quest: Dark Knight!

Final Note

Finishing off the dragon boss

The Dark Knight rises

The end of G3 will sadly take the protection charm away from you upon completion.

Some players who choose not to become Dark Knights will choose to never complete the Baol dungeon so that they may keep the charm forever. The charm cannot break, wear down, or drop when you die. Just like in Generations 1 and Generation 2, you will be able to watch all the cut scenes again in the Dunbarton Library. For more MMORPG guides and walkthroughs feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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