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What Makes A Real Paladin?

Finished with part one of this Mabinogi G2 guide? Well, after you finish the Fiode dungeon you will gain a new keyword “The ghost of Lugh”. Go find Price again and talk to him using this keyword. He will give you a new one called “Redire’s demise”. Now go ask Craig about it and he will give you the “Paladins and Dark knights” Keyword. Now go find Price again and talk to him using this new keyword, he will then give you a note to get a book from Aeira . Go talk with her at the book store and she will give you the book “Food for thought”. After reading the book in detail you will gain the keyword “Good deeds”.

To Live And Let Die

In combat

Now go back to Emain Macha and give the beggar 1 gold, he will then ask for 1,000 gold, give him the gold to move on. After you hand over the gold to the begger you will decide to do more good deeds to help people. Go to the healer Agnes, in Emain Macha and talk to her about good deeds, she will ask you to perform some task for her. The fastest and easiest way to do this task is to use the “healing” skills on your self and your dead/dying pets, or have a friend help you out and die for you. After you perform the tasks return back to the healer to complete the mission. After you finish Agnes missions she will update your keyword, you now have to go find a lonely person to help.

Good Deeds Makes A Real Hero!

Paladins forming up

Go and talk with Delen using the keyword. So your new task is to get Delen a boyfriend…? No problem!

Go talk with Galvin at the Observatory and hook the two up, SIms 3 style. He will give you a new quest and will ask you to deliver a teddy bear to Delen for him. After you hand her the bear she will tell you that a real good deed is reconciling a fight. She wants you to help her sister. Go talk with Del and find out what happen. She will tell you about Osla at the weapon shop, so go have a chat with her.

Osla will tell you to ask Jocelin (at the bank) about what really happened. When you talk with Jocelin she will tell you what really happened and asks you to go explain the situation to Del. Now run back to Del and tell her the story. Del understands and asks you to give Osla a gift so that they can make up. Run back to the weapon shop to complete the quest.

Keywords And Royal Guards

With the royal guards

Osla will now update your keyword. Go inside the church and talk with Wyllow and he will update your keyword once more. Now go talk with Aodhan near the castle. He will ask you to go ask Aranwen at Dunbarton’s school if she will join the royal guard. After you reach Dunbarton and talk with Aranwen she will ask you to return to Aodhan and tell him she won’t join him, once again Aodhan will ask you to return to Aranwen and try again. The second time you talk with her she will explain why she can’t come back. She will tell a story about Redire and how he wasn’t the noble knight everyone said he was. After you hear her story, go back and report to Aodhan that she won’t be coming back to Emain Macha.

Make Your Own Path To Follow

Talking with Price

After that quest is complete go talk to Price and tell him about what you learned about good deeds. He will give you a broken arrow and a wing and tells you to go to coill dungeon. When you drop the item you will see a cut scene about Redire. After it plays you will gain a new keyword “Paladin requirements”, use this keyword and go talk to Price again to move on to your next task (AKA Redire. But I will continue to call him Price for consistency reasons). After talking with Price and hearing his story, log out of the game and then log back in. You will see a cut scene with Morrighan and she will tell you to go talk with Tarlach in Sidhe Sneatcha near Tir Chonaill and also gives you a new keyword “Spirits”. If you played through G1 quest series then you’ll know that you can only talk to Tarlach at night.

Talk to Tarlach using the “Spirits” key word and he will tell you that you need a water spirit to help you become a Paladin and he will give you a new key word “Aer, the spirit of water”.

He then tells you that Aer can be found in Emain Macha, but sadly that is a lie. If you want to find Aer you will have to wait for the moongate to take you to Ceo island because there is no other way to get there. Once there, talk to Aer in the small dungeon not far from the bridge using the key word “Aer, the spirit of water”.

Doing Ideals

After talking with Aer she will give you a new key word called “Ideal look”. This can be one of the hardest tasks if you don’t know what to do. But all you need to do is find another player that matches all the requirements. You will need to find three ideal looks per town. The easiest way to do Ideals is to start a dungeon party asking for ideal help and post it on the party board. There are a lot of players in game that build characters specifically to be an ideal, and many of them will be willing to help you. But to speed things up a bit here is a list of some “free” or “fast” ideals to help you along:

-Tir chonaill easy Ideals-

Contemplating how to find the ideal mate

1. Trefor likes: Dilys

2. Malcom likes: Nora

(Ask a friend for a third one, then move on to Dunbarton.)

- Dunbarton easy Ideals -

1. Krystell likes: Tarlach

(Ask around for the other two ideals)

- Bangor easy ideals–

Looking in the palace for a suitable companion

1. Sion likes: Ibbie

2. Bryce likes: Any female

3. Jennifer likes: any guy with $50k+

(That makes three. Move on to the next town)

- Emain Macha easy ideals -

1. Gorden likes: Any female in a popo skirt

A Helpful Tip

Going through the right channels to get to the gate

For this next quest use the housing flyers to teleport back and forth to Ceo island. Or try to make the trip from Emain Macha to Ceo island in one night for the Nele and Aer quest. That way when the gate closes you don’t have to wait all day for the next moongate to open up. But after the Nele and Aer quest, you will still have to come back to Ceo island. So here is a tip that you can use for any area.

The houseing flyers are very useful because you can save the last location you were in by using the flyer. This is how it works:

  1. Go to the housing board and get a flyer to a house
  2. Teleport to ceo island using the moongate.
  3. Once at Ceo, click on the house flyer to teleport to the housing district. The flyer will save a mark at your last known location (Which was Ceo island)
  4. Now run all the way out of the housing district and back to the moongate that leads to Ceo island.

Repeat this process to make multiple marks on Ceo island so that you can get back there quickly. Then when the Ceo island gate is closed you use the flyer to teleport back to the Ceo island mark without having to use the moongate. In total you will need to make about five trips to Ceo island, so make sure not to waste them all and to keep one extra Ceo island flyer on you because you will need to come back to the island later on for the mythril armor quest.

That wraps up part two of this Generation 2 Mabinogi quest guide. For more MMORPG class walkthroughs or quest guides be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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