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Mabinogi Guide For Generation 2 Quest: Ideal Look

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

That ideal look is sometimes tough to achieve. This guide breaks down where you go and what you need to get that perfect look for the Mabinogi G2 quests.

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    What's An “Ideal” And How Do I Get Them?

    Finding the ideal mate When you start the Generation 2: Paladin Ideal quest (Given to you by Aer), you will have to talk to each NPC about their “Ideal Look” for what they are looking for in a date or for marriage, starting in the town of Tir Chonaill and working your way around to Emain Macha. You will need three “Ideal looks” for each town. When you talk to a NPC using the key word, each NPC will give you a description about what they are looking for in the opposite gender, and it will be up to you to find what they are looking for.

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    Scavenging For Ideals

    Hanging out with a Pally You can complete an ideal by bringing that player next to the NPC and typing in their name (For other NPC characters just type the name in). Sometimes Ideals can be a bit annoying when running back and forth to each town or NPC to find that certain ideal player that matches that description. So to make things a bit easier, here is a complete list of all the NPC ideals, including locations and visual descriptions,for the Mabinogi Generation 2 Ideal look quest. This is what you will need to look for using this Mabinogi Generation 2 Ideal Look guide.

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    - Tir Chonaill Ideals -

    More Paladin posing Alissa - Age: 10~12, 26~27.

    Money: 10,000 Gold.

    Title: the Bear Slayer at 10

    Behbinn - Age: at least 17 .

    Money: wearing clothes valued at least at 100,000 Gold.

    Weapon: at least a Two-handed Sword or Claymore.

    Skill: Cooking at least at Rank D, Playing Instrument at least at Rank D

    Caitin - Age: at least 27.

    Clothes: Carpenter Clothes.

    Title: the Diligent

    Skill: Cooking at least at Rank F, Blacksmithing at least at Rank F

    Deian - Age: 14~17.

    Hair Color: Brown, Light-brown.

    Skill: Campfire at least at Rank E, Playing Instrument at least at Rank D

    Dilys - Age: 20~30.Some people like the Goth look 

    Hair: Black.

    Body: Slim.

    Skill: No Counterattack, Musical Knowledge at least at Practice Rank.

    Other Skills: Combat Mastery below rank B, Heal at least at Rank F

    Duncan - Clothes: Traditional Clothes.

    Title: the Wise.

    Skill: Heal at least at Rank 9

    Endelyon - Age: at least 22 .

    No weapon.

    Title: “who was defeated by a Fox at 17”.

    Skill: Heal at least at Rank D

    Ferghus - Age: at least 20.

    Equipment: Round Shield.

    Weapon: Long sword, Bastard Sword.

    Skill: Smash at least at Rank B or Blacksmithing at least at Rank D

    Lassar - Hair: Black.

    Skill: Smash or Magnum Shot at least at Rank 9

    Half-naked Elves aren't on the list 

    Nora - Age: at least 20.

    Hair: Black or brownish.

    Skin color: coffee, tanned, dark red.

    Skill: Combat Mastery at least at Rank B, Playing Instrument at least at Rank B

    Piaras - Age: 25~35.

    Clothes: Healer Dress or China Dress.

    Title: the All-Knowing

    Ranald - Hair: Light brown, brown.

    Stats: DEX at least 100

    Trefor – Just likes Dilys.

    Malcolm – Only Likes Nora.

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    - Dunbarton Ideals -

    Some people have it and some people don't Aeira - Hair Color: Brown, Light-brown.

    Clothes: Glasses . Enchant at least at Rank F.

    Stats: INT at least 100.

    Austeyn - Age: At least 40.

    Clothes: Flat Collar One-Piece Dress.

    Money: At least 5,000 Gold.

    Title: the Old.

    Glenis - Clothes: Broad-brimmed Feather Hat.

    Body: Slim.

    Skill: Playing Instrument at least at Rank 9. Composing at least at Rank C, Musical Knowledge at least at Rank C.

    Manus - Body: A little chubby.

    Title: who transcended death.

    Skill: Heal at least at Rank E. Rest at least at Rank E, Herbalism at least at Rank F

    Armor works for a few people Simon - Clothes: Cores’ Ribbon Hat, Flat Collar One-piece Dress, Ella Strap Boots. Body: Regular.

    Title: the Luxurious. Stats: DEX at least 100

    Stewart - Age: 17~25.

    Hair: Reddish.

    Skill: At least Rank 9 on either Icebolt, Firebolt, or Lightning Bolt.

    Stats: DEX at least 60. INT at least 60.

    Kristell – Only likes Tarlach

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    - Bangor Ideals -

    More eligible knights 

    Comgan - Age: 30.

    Title: the Church Volunteer

    Stats: Will at least 100

    Edern - Age: at least 40

    Clothes: High Neck One-piece Dress or Traditional Tir Chonaill Dress

    Equipment: Gathering Axe, Gathering Knife, Weeding Hoe

    Title: the Diligent

    Elen - Skin: Dark skin.

    Clothes: Either Tight Belt Wear, Traditional Tir Chonaill costume, or the Messenger Wear.

    Equipment: Kite Shield.

    Skill: Blacksmithing at least at Rank D.

    Gilmore - Skin: Milky white.

    Clothes: Either Layered Frill Dress, China Dress, or Ella’s Vest Skirt.

    Money: Below 10,000 Gold.

    Ibbie - Age: At least 20.Ideal mate? Possibly 

    Hair: Light brown or brown.

    Skin: Milky white, white-brown

    Money: At least 10,000 Gold.

    Title: the All-Knowing

    Jennifer - Money: At least 120,000Gold.

    Body: Slim

    Riocard - Age: 15~20.

    Hair: Brown or brunette.

    Clothes: Either Healer Dress, China Dress, or Martial Arts Suit

    Sion – Just likes Ibbie.

    Bryce – Likes any female…

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    - Emain Macha Ideals -

    Traveling to Macha Agnes - Clothes: Anything worth over 10,000 Gold.

    Stats: All stats at least at 80

    Ailionoa - Hair Color: Blonde, Orange. Skin: milky white, white-brown.

    Body: Slim.

    Title: the Skillful.

    Skill: Weaving at least at Rank 9. Tailoring at least at Rank 9

    Aodhan - Age 18~25 .

    Hair Color: Silver Violet, Blonde, or Orange.

    Skin: milky white, white-brown.

    Stats: INT, Will, DEX all over 80

    Del - Hair Color: Black . Clothes: Traditional Tir Chonaill Costume or Tight Belt Wear. Skill: Counterattack at least at Rank 9

    Delen - Clothes: Round Pauldron Chainmail or Melka Chain Mail.

    Money: at least 10,000 Gold.

    Skill: Smash, Windmill, Defense all at Rank 9 or above. Power at least 100

    Galvin - Age: 20~25 .

    Hair Color: Blonde .

    Clothes: Anything worth at least 100,000 Gold.

    Gordon - Clothes: Popo Skirt or Traditional Tir Chonaill Costume.

    Skill: Cooking at least at Rank D

    James - Age: 20~30 .

    Skill: Fishing at least at Rank F.

    Skill: INT at least 100.

    Jocelin - Age: At least 4 .

    Scoping out more Ideals Clothes: Tight Belt Wear, Messenger Wear, Carpenter Clothes.

    Money: 10,000 Gold ~ 20,000 Gold.

    Title: “the Diligent”

    Lucas - Age: 18~20.

    Hair Color: Red.

    Clothes: Ninja Suit or China Dress.

    Money: at least 20,000 Gold.

    Skill: Counterattack at least at Rank D, Musical Knowledge at least at Rank D

    Osla - Age: 25 ~ 27 .

    Hair: Blonde.

    Skin: milky white, white-brown.

    Clothes: Lueys’ Cleric Coat or Long Leather Coat. Weapon: Long sword or Bastard Sword with Crossbow. Money: at least 30,000 Gold

    Shena - Age: 20~25. Clothes: Hunter Suit, Light Leather Mail or Cloth Mail. Weapon: Anything worth at least 5,000 Gold. Body: Regular

    Muro - Eyes: Red. Clothes: Drandos or Light Leather Mail. Equipment: Either Hammer, Two-handed word, or Claymore. Power at least 100

    Keep in mind that you only need three ideals from each town and you don’t need to complete the entire list, so try to find the ones that look to be the easiest for you. You can also be an “Ideal look” yourself so look through the list to see if you match the description of one of the ideals.

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