Mabinogi G2 Paladin Quest

Mabinogi G2 Paladin Quest
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The Path Of The Paladin

This is a guide to help you get the Mabinogi G2 Paladin quest and will also help you complete all of the the missions so that you can earn the Paladin transformation ability.

If you haven’t done G1 series of quests yet and you want to move on to G2, the first thing you need to do is obtain a fish. You are going to need the Keyword “Knight of light” which you gain from the end of the G1 quest. But if you didn’t do the G1 quest you can get the keyword by giving Duncan’s “weird cat” any type of fish. The cat will give you the keyword “Knight of light” and from there you must travel to Emain Macha.

Whether you completed G1 or not, go ahead and talk with anyone in Emain Macha using the “Knight of light” keyword and they will give you the “Paladin” keyword. Once you have the “Paladin” keyword, go find Commander Craig in the Paladin training fields at the north part of the town and talk to him about Paladins.

After you talk with Craig head over to the Castle and go inside to talk with lord Rian using the “Paladin” keyword.

NOTE: It will cost you: 4,000 gold to become a paladin; so make sure you have enough money on you before talking with him to start the quest. Accept to donate the gold and you will receive “The lord’s invitation”. Now make your way back to Craig with the letter to start your paladin training. Talk with him using the “classes and training” keyword, and he will give you a goddess wing and a pass to do Barri dungeon’s quest “Paladin training course: lesson 1”.

Grinding Barri Dungeon

Inside the dungeon

After you are done talking with Craig, your mission in Barri will be to kill the miner kobolds and clear the dungeon, similar to the Coba Plateau mission in Allods Online. This is a solo dungeon so you can’t take any friends with you. The dungeon is also about 3 floors long, but it isn’t too hard if your total level is any where near level 80, but if it’s not, come prepared with a lot of health potions and bandages. The boss room consists of 10 miner kobolds but don’t worry, they die fast. If you can kill a goblin then you can kill the miner kobold. Just keep your distance and try to fight one at a time so that they don’t gang up on you.

After you clear the dungeon head back to Emain macha and talk with Craig again to receive your next mission. This mission is pretty much just like the last one but slightly more difficult, so make sure you have everything you need before you start. Once done, make your way back to Craig to receive your next quest, which turns out to be the same as the last two… mob grinding at its finest.

Well in total you should have to do barri dungeon about five times, so continue to repeat this process until you finish all five barri runs. Each dungeon run varies a bit and it also has a few cut scenes to help tell the game’s story, but other then that they are just there to waste time. Sadly there is no way to skip past them.

Leaving The Paladins

Talking with Craig

After you complete all five of the barri dungeon runs you will receive a new mission from Craig. This time he wants you to go to math dungeon and fight doppelgangers. He will provide you with a wing and a pass to go there. The dungeon isn’t very long, nor hard. It’s maybe about 6 rooms long, and then it will stop and play a cut scene. After it plays fight the “Boss” that comes into the room. Enjoy the scenes that follow.

Afterwards your character will automatically quit the paladin training, don’t worry though this is suppose to happen. Log out of the game and then log back in. Morrighan will appear and she will give you a new keyword “Lugh, the knight of light”.

Fishing Around Town

Looking around town for Lugh

Go around town asking NPCs about Lugh, eventually they will tell you to go to the chef Gordon at the Emain macha restaurant, he will tell you about a legendary paladin named “Redire” and will give you his name as a keyword. Next go around town asking about Redire, Nele will tell you to ask Price.

Now Price moves around from town to town, so ask someone in game where he is, and maybe they can help you guess his next location. After you find Price he will give you the “Old cloth with design” and will tell you to go to Fiode dungeon (In Gairch hill). Drop the cloth on the altar to start the dungeon. Beware!

This dungeon is extremely hard. There is a room where you will have to fight some Gorgons. The Gorgons are very tough and don’t die easy, so use the “fire bolt, then counter” technique to defeat them.

Can’t find Price? Look here…

Price is very hard to find in game, so here is a list of all his locations. He constantly moves around every day (12:00 AM), so the best way to find him is to start a “dungeon party” and use the name to ask where his location is. Example: “Looking 4/Price. Note me where”.

The party system will display the name of your party every few minutes to everyone in the game, and if someone sees him they may be able to point you in the right direction. If it is late and it is about to change to a new day, just go to the next location in the list and wait for him to appear.

Price Location List

Hunting for Price

Price locations:

1. Ceo Island

2. Emain Macha – Island south of the Observatory at the very long bridge

3. Sen Mag - 5th house from the West side of map, below the road

4. Gairech hill- South-Eastern house from the top of the dragon ruin

5. Bangor – Next to Barri Dungeon entrance

6. Dunbarton - Next to the school

7. Dugald Aisle – The North-Eastern most Tent

8. Tir Chonaill – Near the Inn

Searching around town for Price

9. Dugald Aisle – At the North-Eastern most Tent

10. Dunbarton - At the east wall outside of town

11. Gairech hill- South-Eastern house from the top of the dragon ruin

12. Bangor - Bar

13. Sen Mag - 5th house from the West side of the map (below road)

14. Emain macha - Behind the Weapon Shop (In the dark lonely alley)

15. Ceo Island (After this it repeats back to Number 2)

The hardest part is finding where he currently is, but if you can do that, you can pretty much time where he’s going to be next for the next several days after that.

What makes a real paladin?

Fighting in a dungeon

After you finish the Fiode dungeon you will gain a new keyword “The ghost of Lugh”. Go find Price again and talk to him using this keyword. He will give you a new one called “Redire’s demise”. Now go ask Craig about it and he will give you the “Paladins and Dark knights” Keyword. Now go find Price again and talk to him using this new keyword, he will then give you a note to get a book from Aeira . Go talk with her at the book store and she will give you the book “Food for thought”. After reading the book in detail you will gain the keyword “Good deeds”.

Now go back to Emain Macha and give the beggar 1 gold, he will then ask for 1,000 gold, give him the gold to move on. After you hand over the gold to the begger you will decide to do more good deeds to help people. Go to the healer Agnes, in Emain Macha and talk to her about good deeds, she will ask you to perform some task for her. The fastest and easiest way to do this task is to use the “healing” skills on your self and your dead/dying pets, or have a friend help you out and die for you. After you perform the tasks return back to the healer to complete the mission. After you finish Agnes missions she will update your keyword, you now have to go find a lonely person to help.

That wraps up part one for this Mabinogi G2 guide for becoming a Paladin. For more MMORPG walkthrough guides be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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