Mabinogi G2 Hints, Tips And Quest Help

Mabinogi G2 Hints, Tips And Quest Help
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The final Ideal

You’ve made it to the final segment of this three part Mabinogi G2 hints, tips, and questing guide. After you finish all the ideals from part two, return to Aer on Ceo island and talk to her. She will now give you a quest to talk to Nele in Emain Macha about what his ideal type of woman is. After you talk with him report back to Aer. After talking with Aer she will have you go back to Nele and talk with him, Nele will then give you a song that he wrote and will ask you to give it to Aer.

Return to Ceo island and give Aer the letter, which will start a cut scene. Afterwards complete the quest and make your way to Bangor. When you complete the quest in your log you will be given “Aer’s letter” and a new key word “Mythril mine”. Talk to Gilmore with the key word to give him the letter. He will then give you a pass to do a one hour long dungeon run. You will have one hour to complete the dungeon and gather 27 mythril ores. If you fail you can gain another pass from him for 100 gold, and the price for the pass doubles after each failure. If you don’t finish within the one hour you will be kicked out of the dungeon and will have to do it over again until you finish.

Building The Paladin Armor

Soloing a dungeon

The Mythril dungeon is a solo dungeon and is about 3 floors long. All in all it is pretty easy to complete, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting through here. You will have to fight goblins, imps, mimics, and an ogre warrior boss. Mining the ore and finishing the dungeon within an hour should be a piece of cake if your total level is any where near level 100, and you should have about 15 minutes to spare by the time you get to the boss, that is if you don’t stop to play around.

Make sure to bring a pickax with you to get the ore, and health potions to help speed up the process of traveling. Using a health potion to heal your self will save on time instead of pet healing, or magic healing. If you have pets they will come in handy for the boss. The best way to beat him is to pet smash him to death (If you have any), if not just try your best to take him down with either long range attacks, or you could try your luck with melee attacks.

The Mythril Armor

Mythril armor

At the end of the dungeon you will gain blacksmith Mythril armor manual and you will gain a quest called “Create a mythril armor”. Go talk with Edern at the blacksmith shop in Bangor, he will ask for 5 mythril ore. Talk to him again and give them to him. He will then ask for the armor manual, talk to him once more to hand it over. Wait about four in game hours and he should call you back to ask for 5 more ore. After that wait about three in game hours for him to ask you for 10 more ores and another blacksmith manual. So run the dungeon again, when you finish the dungeon give him the armor manual and the final 7 ore.

Proving Yourself

Playing as a wolf

Back inside a dungeon

After you complete the Paladin armor quest you will gain a new keyword “Mythril armor” and gain the armor itself in your bag. Now go back to Ceo island to talk with Aer to gain her blessing. Now that you have her blessing you have to complete your paladin training before you can actually use the armor. Go to Ciar dungeon and place the armor on the altar to start the dungeon. The dungeon is fairly easy and is only about 2 floors long, but the only problem is that you will have to do the whole thing as a white wolf with limited skills. For the boss you will have to battle a giant white wolf. Now at first it seems to be immune to all damage, but just keep using counter attack until the wolf says “My power is distracted”, that will let you know that you can now start hurting him.

If you Run up and smash him a few times, then run back and use the counter skill before he attacks you, you should be able to end the battle quickly. Continue to repeat this process of Counter-smashing until he dies. Defeating him will show you a small cut scene, so enjoy.

Helping Redire Find The Truth

Blessed armor

After the dungeon you will gain the key word “Spirit of order”, find Price and talk to him using this keyword. He will then give you a quest by owl to verify some evidence that he has gathered about Esras. The owl takes a very long time to deliver the letter, so don’t wait around for it. He will give you a “letter box” that once belonged to Esras, and will ask you to deliver it to Lassar in Tir chonaill’s magic school to remove a spell from the box. When you talk to Lassar she will remove the spell on the book for you and will return it. Now return to Price and hand him the book to read to complete the quest. He will then tell you that he will contact you again in a few hours by owl.

Owls And Letters

Talking with the healer

After waiting several hours in game the owl will drop you a new letter and also sends you a small locked box. In the letter Price will ask you to get Riocard in Bangor to open the box for you. After talking with Riocard you will receive a letter, find Price and hand him the letter for him to read. Now wait several hours in game to receive your next task, which is to talk with Price (So try to keep track of where he is).

Price will give you a strange potion and will ask you to take it to Dilys (Tir chonaill’s healer) to find out what it is. Dilys will identify the potion for you but will not give it back because it is too dangerous. Now that you know what the potion does, go find Price to report to him what you found out and complete the quest.

Finding The Truth

Facing off against a golem

After waiting several hours in game, Price will send you another letter by owl and will also give you a book of the formors. Take it to Kristell to get it translated. After giving her the book she will tell you that it will take some time to have it translated. Wait several in game hours until she calls you back. Get the book from her and return it to Price, which will then complete the quest.

Again, wait several in game hours to receive the next quest from Price. He will ask you to talk with Seamus who is located at the Dragon’s excavation site near Bangor. Seamus will explain to you what is going on with the Ceo island golems. Now go find Price, he will ask you to go to Emain Macha and pay a visit to the priest named James. After you talk with James report back to Price once more to complete the quest.

Now wait several hours in game for an owl to give you your next quest. It will ask you to talk with your old teacher Craig, the Paladin instructor. After you complete the mission go to the castle to talk with Esras in person, which will start a cut scene. After the cut scene plays you will be in barri dungeon with a special pass to place on the altar. Drop the pass and start the dungeon.

Knight Of Light

Fighting the golem

This is the final dungeon for the Generation 2 main quest. The dungeon is 3 floors but it’s not really all that long. In terms of time it is almost about the same as a normal barri run. This dungeon can be a bit difficult if you are not prepared, so come with supplies. You will have to fight one Gorgon, which can be very hard if you don’t know what to do. Just try to stick with the fire-counter tactic and you should be fine. There are also flying swords and a whole lot of gremlins in this dungeon, so proceed with caution. After making it to the boss room you will watch a cut scene, and then you will have to fight a special type of Giant golem which is pretty much like a normal golem just a bit harder. Just use normal tactics to take the golem down, and try to keep your distance to save as much life as you can.

The Paladin Arrives

Amping up

A Generation 2 Paladin

After defeating the golem, you will then have to fight Esras and her shadow skeletons. Now Esras will automatically become aggravated once the battle starts and will charge at you, so just run in a corner that has no skeletons and fight her one on one. Esras is fairly easy because she has no weapons so the battle shouldn’t last too long. You will also have your paladin transformation throughout both boss battles so that makes Esras even easier. Try not to die when fighting the golem that way you don’t lose the transformation, if you do die with the paladin transformation then you will have to wait 24 hours (in game) before being able to use it again. After defeating Esras the battle will end, so there is no need to fight the skeletons (But if you do, they aren’t that hard to kill).

After the battle ends you will watch another cut scene and gain the new title of “The paladin”. After the credits play and end you will gain all of the Paladin transformation skills, and will be able to use them freely.

That completes this guide of the Mabinogi Generation 2 quest: Paladin.For more MMO class guides and quest walkthroughs be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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