Mabinogi Quest Guide: Paladin Passive Skills

Mabinogi Quest Guide: Paladin Passive Skills
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The Heavy Stander Paladin

This is a Mabinogi quest guide to help you earn the three extra bonus paladin skills. The three skills include:

1. Heavy Stander: Allows you to take less damage from melee attacks plus has a chance for auto defend,

2. Natural Shield: Allows you to take less damage against ranged attacks,

3. And Mana Refractor: Enables you to take less damage from magic based attacks.

You may unlock this quest by completing all of generation 2 story quests, and shortly after completing the mission an owl will drop the passive defense quest into your quest log.

Your first mission will be to talk with Price, he will hand you the book of Paladin and it will be up to you to find all the missing pages for the book. Upon finding all the pages, you will gain all three of the earlier mentioned skills. So, let’s get started!

Doing Good Deeds Earns Paladins A Page

Talking with Craig

Earning Page 1: Go talk with Eavan in Dunbarton, she will ask you to find 5 skeleton wolf fomor scrolls, however you only have to do this if you skipped G2 but if you finished the quests from beginning to end, then it means you can skip this mission.

Earning Page 2: Next go talk with Craig in Emain Macha. He will ask you to clear Barri dungeon and bring him some magic powder. After that go take the torn page to Stewart to repair it back to it’s perfect state. Again if you completed G2, then it means you can skip this quest as well because the end of G2 starts you off with the first 2 pages of the book.

Earning Page 3 : Next you will have to give the homeless man in Emain Macha’s square, 3 five-star t-bone steaks (which you can by from Gordon at the restaurant for around 3,000 gold each).

Earning Page 4: Now it’s time to go talk with Stewart in Dunbarton’s school. He will tell you that you can have the page for free and that you can just go take it from the library. Go find the book with the page in Dunbarton’s Library (should be near the 3rd book case on the left side of the room). And if you want, you can go find the page without even having to talk to Stewart.

Earning Page 5: Make your way to Bangor and talk to Comgan the priest. He needs help killing 5 imps in barri dungeon, or you can go look around in the Gairech fields for an imp.

The Finished Product

Not everyone is a tough guy

Earning Page 6: Now go talk to Shena in Emain Macha. She needs 3 rainbow trout that have to be at least 110cm . In the old version of the game she would take any kind of rainbow trout, but the game has been fixed since then so you have to make sure that it really is 110cm or bigger. Also make sure you talk to her before gifting them to her or else they won’t count for the quest. You can find rainbow trout any where in the Emain Macha area by fishing for them. If it’s too hard to find them, you can also buy them from another player.

Earning Page 7: Go talk to Agnes the healer in Emain Macha. She will have you get 10 bundles of flowers. You can cut flowers in the flowerbeds around Emain Macha and Ceo Island using a weeding hoe. It’s better just to stay in Emain though, because there is a large patch of flowers out to the west on a small island not far from the town. After this, you will have all the pages you need. Now read the book and get your reward!

A Final Task

Fighting in a dungeon

After collecting the seven pages and completing the collection book, you will receive an awakening charm item. Bring this charm to Coill dungeon (at the north west part of the Emain macha map) and drop it on the altar. You will have to solo a single floor dungeon that is around 30 rooms long. The monsters include a Gorgon, a few sprits, werewolfs, gremlins, and a few jackals, but nothing you can’t handle. If you already completed G2 then you shouldn’t really have a problem getting through this dungeon. The boss for this dungeon is a nightmare humanoid, but he’s a piece of cake.

Watch out for the boss’s color change, because you won’t be able to do much damage to him when he changes. The best way to beat him is to transform into a paladin, then smash him with a high powered weapon (Like a claymore or two handed sword). Power smashing him at the start of the battle will either kill him instantly or take a large amount of his life. Either way, he isn’t very tough to beat.

After clearing the dungeon, you will receive all three of the paladin skills. The book will also disappear from your inventory. Now every time you transform into a paladin, one or more of these passive skills will automatically activate themselves. If you want you can rank up these skills just like the other paladin skills to help increase their effects or you can just leave them at rank F to boost up your other paladin skills.

Congratulations, you now completed the Paladin passive defense quest. Enjoy your new skills. You can find more MMO class guides as well as RPG guides here at Bright Hub.

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