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Mabinogi Generation 1 Quest Guide: Part One

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

A guided walkthrough for the quest-line in Mabinogi for the humans called Generation 1. Find out where you have to go and what you have to do in the following guide.

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    How To Get The Quest

    Riding through the desert This is a Mabinogi guide to the Generation 1 quest: Advent of Morrighan.

    You will automatically gain this quest when you start the game as a human character. An owl will drop it to you once you start the game, so there isn’t any thing you need to do to activate the quest (it might take a few minutes for the owl to make it’s way to you).

    Your first quest will be to find the lost earring in the fields of Sidhe Sneachta. The earring is quite easy to find in the new update because the top of the snowman’s head should be glowing, but if it’s not, just find the snowman with sixteen teeth. He is located near the far north near the glowing gate, and is about four snowmen down from the top. After you hit the snowman it should drop the earring. Run back to town and report to Duncan to complete the quest.

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    The Bear In The Snowfield

    Heading to the NPC Your next mission will be to give some mana herbs to a bear. Don’t worry though; Duncan gives you some mana herbs for the task. Run back up to Sidhe Sneachta and run all the way to the far end where the strange gate is located. Run through the next field, continuing to head north. You should see a bear located there, feed the bear the mana herbs by clicking on them and dropping them on the bears head. It should talk to you, but nothing else really happens. Feed it some more herbs until he gives you the key word

    ”Tarlach”. Once you get the keyword, leave the area and go back to town. Talk to Duncan using the key word Tarlach, he will give you the key word “Three missing heroes”.

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    The Story Of Morrighan

    Fighting in the dungeon If you want, you can run about town and ask around, but Lassar will tell you to ask Stewart. Next run to the school in Dunbarton and talk with Stewart using the keyword three missing heroes, he will give you a locket for the next quest. Get three people in a party and return back to Tir channel and go to Alby dungeon (use the warp wing he gives you). Complete the dungeon and earn the keyword “Goddess Morrighan”, use this keyword and talk with Duncan. Duncan will tell you to talk with the priest Meven in the church, so run over there and talk with him using the same keyword. The priest will now give you “Night of Sidhe Sneachta” keyword and a book that tells you the sad story of what happens to the Goddess Morrighan. He will then tell you to talk to Tarlach the bear at night. Head back to Sidhe sneachta and talk to Tarlach the bear while it is night time (6:00 Pm or later), he should turn into a man while the moon is out, talk to him while he is in his human form to move on to your next task.

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    Tarlach And The Story Of Paradise

    Preparing to visit Tarlach Tarlach will now give you a new Keyword “Land of eternity, Tir na nog” and will tell you to go to the Dunbarton book store, so make your way back to the town of Dunbarton. Once you get to Dunbarton, talk with the NPC, Aeira, who is located near the Dunbarton book store. She will tell you that the book is out of stock, so talk to her again using the same keyword. She will now tell you that she will let you know when the book is in stock by sending an owl to drop it to you. Wait for the owl to give you the quest, then talk with Aeira one last time to obtain the book.

    After you receive the book that she gives you, return back to Tir chonaill and read the book in detail. This may take several tries, but if you keep failing, just keep reading until you gain the new keyword “Paradise”. Talk with Tarlach again using the keyword “Paradise” after 6:00 PM so that he is in his human form, He will now give you a pass for the Barri dungeon, and a red wing to warp you there. Drop the pass on the dungeons alter to start the quest. If by chance you waste a pass, or you drop it and lose it, you can always run back to Tarlach to get another one.

    G1 Barri can be a bit hard, so you might want to bring a party along with you to help you to the end. Once inside the dungeon, make your way through the dungeon and defeat the boss, then show Comgan the priest the medal using the keyword “Fomor medal”.

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    The Fomor: Part 1

    Talking with Bryce After showing Comgan the “fomor medal”, head to the town of Dunbarton and talk to the priestess Kristell with the same keyword. Afterward, head back to Tir Chonaill and show Endelyon the medal by using the same keyword. She will tell you to ask Meven about the keyword. After talking with all four priests you will earn the keyword “Priest token”. You can talk to them in any order, as long as you talk to all four priests.

    Go inside the church and talk with Meven using the Keyword “Fomor medel” then “Priest token”, he will tell you to ask a fomor. Go to Alby arena and talk with Goro using the keyword ”Priest token”. You can find him by dropping an “Arena coin” on the Alby alter, the coins can be bought at Ranald’s shop at the school.

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    The Fomor: Part 2

    Meeting the goddess Goro will ask you to go to Ciar dungeon and get his ring back for him.

    He will give you a pass for the dungeon. Make your way to Ciar and drop Goro’s pass, then clear the dungeon. This is a solo instanced dungeon, so friends can’t come along. Goro’s ring will drop from the box at the end of the dungeon. Run back to Alby arena and return it to him. He will now give you the keyword “Dul brau dairam Shanon”.

    Next, head to Tarlach and talk with him using the keyword ”Dul brau dairam shanon”.

    He will ask you to go talk with Goro again about it. Make your way to Alby arena and talk with Goro using the same keyword, he will tell you to talk with the fomor succubus.

    Next, you should head to Dunbarton and talk with Kristell at the church with the key word “Dul brau dairam Shanon”. She will be surprised that you know the meaning.

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    Tarlach's Past

    The dark knight defeated Kristell will give you a red wing of the goddess so you can go to rabbie dungeon and an item to place on the altar. You shouldn’t have any problems getting through the dungeon because tarlach is around level 61, so the only things that will give you a hard time is the metal skeletons, and a bit of the skeleton wolf monsters. Tarlach is a mage, so the only skills he will get is magic, defense, and some healing spells. In case you never used magic, or you aren’t very good at it, now is a good time to learn because he can’t use anything else. Here are his attack spells:

    Firebolt: Best offensive spell that Tarlach has. Kills metal skeleton’s rather quickly by bringing their life down to a ¼ of their full HP when the skill is charged to the max. Shoot a max firebolt at the boss to take her out quickly.

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    Tarlach's Past Revisited

    Finally finished with the dungeon Lightningbolt: A weak but quick lightning spell. It has a chance to knock enemies away from you when charged up high, and can attack multiple targets simultaneously when charged up higher then one bolt. However it doesn’t do as much damage as icebolt and firebolt.

    Icebolt: A weak, fast, and effective ice magic attack. It doesn’t do as much damage as

    Fire, and can’t attack multiple targets at one time like lightning, but it can store up to 5 shots which you can shoot off consecutively. This spell is an all around spell that you should use often when fighting multiple monsters.

    This is a solo quest, so you can’t have team members to assist you with the mission. Drop the given item on the altar and clear the dungeon.

    Hopefully the first part of this guide helped put you in the right direction for completing the Generation 1 quest line. For more class guides and quest walkthroughs for your favorite MMOs, be sure to check them out here at Bright Hub.

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