Mabinogi Quest Guide For Generation 1: Part Two

Kristell’s Past

Tarlach has another quest for you

This is the second part for the Mabinogi quest guide for the Generation 1 quest: Advent of Morrighan.

The first part last left off with Tarlach’s past and having to enter yet another dungeon. After you run the dungeon, return to Dunbarton and talk with Kristell using the new keyword ”Kristell’s past”. After you talk with her using the keyword, she will give you a new keyword ”Kristell’s message”. She will ask you to go talk with Tarlach and relay her message to him. Run back to Tir Chonaill and give Tarlach “Kristell’s message”. He will give you a book and ask you to give her the book so that she can translate it. Return to Dunbarton and talk to Kristell, it will automatically say that the quest is complete. After you talk with her, complete the quest in your quest log. You now have to wait about 4 days (Game time) before the owl will drop the quest for you to talk with Kristell again.

Investigating Kristell’s Past

Partying for a dungeon run

You will not receive a new keyword from these next few quests. Talking to the NPC will move you on to the next task.

Return to Kristell and talk with her to receive the book back, the only problem is that she won’t hand it over unless Tarlach comes to get it himself. So run back to Sidhe Sneachta and talk with Tarlach (Remember, it has to be at night).

Tarlach will then tell you to go talk with Priest Meven in Tir chonaill’s church. Meven will tell you to go visit Lassar in the magic school, and also tells you to complete the quest in your quest log.

Tarlach’s Item

Tarlach isn't done with you yet

Meven will give you a new keyword “Meven’s request”. Go talk with Lassar using the keyword. Lassar will say that she can’t give you the item until she gets some holy water, so make your way to Endolyon and do a part time job for her (If you already have some, then hand it over). After you gain the holy water, return to Lassar and talk to her with the “Meven’s request” keyword and give her the holy water. She will tell you that she will send an Owl when the item is ready. It doesn’t take long, so just waste a few in-game hours until the owl drops the quest back to you. Return to Lassar and get the black rose.

Next take the rose to Tarlach and talk to him, he will see the rose and ask you to take it back to Kristell in Dunbarton. Make your way to the town and talk with Kristell at the church. You will give her the black rose, and she will now give you the translated book. Read the book in detail and you will gain a new keyword, “Mores”. Next, go back to Tir choniall and talk to the chief, Duncan, using the new keyword. He will now give you a new keyword “Mores Gwydion”.

An Old Mentor

Completing more quests in a dungeon

Next, use the keyword “Mores Gwydion” on Tarlach in Sidhe Sneachta. Tarlach will give you the keyword “Mores’ lost property”.

Make your way to the town of Dunbarton and talk with Eavan at the town’s authority office. Ask her about “Mores’ lost property”. She will tell you that she just handed it over to Priestess Kristell. Run over to the church and ask Kristell about “Mores’ lost property”, she will give you an item, Mores’ “broken Torque”. Run to the Math dungeon, and drop the item on the altar to start the Role-play quest.

You will play this dungeon as Mores, who is very much like Tarlach. The only difference is that he has the chain cast skill which causes him to max out his magic to the highest charge when he casts a spell. The dungeon is fairly easy, and you shouldn’t have a problem running it. After the dungeon, return to Dunbarton and talk with Stewart in the magic school. After you complete the dungeon, you will receive the key word “Morrighan’s revenge”, use it when talking with Stewart, he will tell you that Morrighan loves humans and that her getting revenge makes no sense. Go ask Kristell about it to gain a better understanding. She tells you that Morrighan will never turn her back on humans, and that she wants to help you uncover the truth. So your next stop is Duncan in Tir choniall, which means more walking.

The Book Of Revenge

Kristell has yet another quest

After you reach Tir chonaill, talk with Duncan using the “Morrighan’s revenge” keyword. An owl will drop you a quest “The book of revenge”. Duncan will say that he wants to read the book of revenge for himself, and asks you to get the book back from Tarlach. Run to Sidhe Sneatcha and talk with Tarlach to retrieve the book. After gaining the book, take it back to Duncan for him to read. He will tell you that the book is incomplete and that there is more to it, he asks you to see if you can find the rest. Go back to Kristell in Dunbarton to ask about the rest of the book. Kristell will tell you that she doesn’t know if there are more books, and that you should ask an expert. Make your way over to Aeira at the book store and talk with her about it. She will tell you that she doesn’t have the book, but will let you know when she does. Open your quest log and click the complete button on the quest.

Wait two hours in-game time for the owl to come drop you the quest, then talk with Aeira again. She will tell you that the second book is in ciar dungeon, and will give you a red wing and a item to do the dungeon. Remember to complete the quest in your log. Talking with her will also give you the “Wizards note” keyword. Drop the note that she gave you on the altar and run the dungeon till the end and get the book. This dungeon is quite hard, so you might want to ask a friend to help.

After you gain the book, make your way to Dunbarton and ask Kristell to translate the second book as well.

The Return Of The Book Of Revenge

Taking a breather from all the running

After waiting several hours (Maybe about 3 hours game time), Kristell will tell you that the book is finished. Run back and talk with her to gain the book. After you gain the book and read it, return to Duncan to have him read it. He now wants book three.

Now it’s time to go back to Dunbarton and get the final book. Talk with Aeira again to gain the last book in the series. She will tell you to wait while she looks for it, complete the quest in your log and wait about 3 hours game time. After you gain the new quest, go back and talk to her again. It turns out Lassar, the magic teacher in Tir chonaill, has the final book.

Run all the way back to Tir Chonaill and talk with Lassar. She will tell you she gave the book away to Seumas in the Dragon ruins excavation site near Bangor. Run to Dunbarton, then towards Bangor until you see the site. Talk with him down in the hole that he is digging, and he will tell you that he will give you the book but only under the condition that you first deliver a gift to his son in Bangor. Talk to Sion in the town of Bangor and give him the gift, then return to Seamus to gain the book. Now run all the way back to Dunbarton and have Kristell translate the book for you. Complete the quest in your log and wait a few hours game time until the owl tells you that Kristell is finished. Talk to her to gain the new book, then read the book in detail to gain the keyword “Glas Ghaibhleann”. Next head to Tir chonaill to have Duncan read the book for himself. Talk to him using the new keyword that you have just gained “Glas Ghaibhleann”.

Heading To The Dungeon

Duncan keeps the quest train rolling

After talking with Duncan, you will gain a new keyword “Destructive Glas Ghaibhleann”. Duncan will now ask you to return to Bangor and talk to a man named Bryce who he loaned the book to. Bryce runs the bank, so he isn’t hard to find. Talk with him using the keyword, gain the book, and then return back to Duncan using the new keyword “Glas Ghaibhleann bones”. He will then ask you to gain more information from Tarlach. Tarlach will tell you all about how they plan to make Glas Ghaibhleann bones, and will also ask you to get him some “Magic powder of preservation” from the fiodh dungeon.

The Goddess’ Betrayal

Fighting zombies in the dungeon

This dungeon can be a bit hard, so take some friends along with you. Run the dungeon till the end and the powder will drop from the box. Run back to Tir chonaill and give the powder to Tarlach. He will use the powder on his glasses, and then he will hand them to you so that you can do a Role-play quest. Get two friends to go along with you and head to the Rabbie dungeon. The dungeon is pretty simple, and is here mainly just for story reasons. After you complete the dungeon, return back to Tarlach and talk with him using the new keyword “Morrighan’s betrayal”.

Next, go talk with Duncan using the same Keyword, he will ask you to talk with some other town’s people. you can if you want, or you can skip it. (Priest Meven is the only one with something important to say).

Log out of the game and log back in again. When you log back in, you should see a small cut scene about the Goddess calling for help. Afterwards you should gain a new keyword called “Goddess’ request”.

That wraps up this part of the Generation 1 quest guide. For more MMORPG class walkthroughs and quest guides, be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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