Mabinogi G3 Quest Walkthrough

Mabinogi G3 Quest Walkthrough
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The Broken Seal

This is a guide to help players complete the Generation 3: Dark knight quest.

After completing the Generation 2 main stream quests, you will automatically receive a new keyword called “breaking of the seal” and you will see a small cut scene with Morrighan asking you to talk with Tarlach to help prevent the seal from breaking. So this is your first task, go find and talk to Tarlach in Sidhe Sneatcha using the new keyword.

If you have played through Generation quests 1 and 2, then you will know that Tarlach can only be talked to when he is in his human form at night. Tarlach will ask you to go to Bangor and talk with Gilmore at the general shop and will give you “The pass to the other world” keyword. Make your way to Bangor and talk to Gilmore using the new keyword to gain the pass. The pass will cost you 1,500 gold. After you get the pass start the dungeon by dropping the pass on the barri altar. The dungeon is very easy and fairly short. You shouldn’t have any problems getting to the end and battling the boss, which consists of a single flying sword and a couple of wisps. After completing the dungeon you will see another small cut scene and will be taken to the other world…Keep reading on to find out what else you’ll need to do to complete the Mabinogi G3 quest.

Morc’s Fears

Scouring through the dungeon

Tarlach had asked you to find a monster named “Morc” who lived in the other world. After leaving the dungeon you will end up in a town that looks like Bangor, take the north exit out of the town and run towards where the excavation site is located in the normal world. Morc should be near the ruins, talk with him to complete the quest in your log.

When you talk to Morc he will give you “Macha the Goddess of destruction” keyword and will tell you that he is afraid that a war is starting. After you talk with him complete the quest in your log to activate a small cut scene. After the small movie plays you will end back up in Bangor of the normal world. Make your way back to Tarlach and report to him about “Macha the goddess of destruction”.

Collecting Information

Asking the town folks

Tarlach will give you a new quest to head to Emain macha and to talk around town and ask the residents some questions, he will also give you a book to collect all of their notes to record the information. Use the keyword “Macha the goddess of destruction” when you talk to the people around town until you gain enough information. You will literally have to ask everyone in the town so try to make your way around the town clockwise so that you don’t get confused with who you talked to. Rua is the hardest to talk to because she sometimes doesn’t show up to work. It will cost you 1,000gold to enter the club so make sure Rua is there before paying the fee, otherwise it could get a bit costly when trying to talk to her. After you have all the notes put them inside the book, it should say that it is 100% complete when you are done. Now open the book and click the reward button to finish your first task.

After the first part of your quest is completed, return back to Tarlach to let him know what you have found out to complete the second half of the quest.

Tip Before Starting Out

Preparing for the dungeon

For your next set of quests you will have to convert fomor command scrolls into dungeon passes. In order to do this you will need the handicraft skill, and lots of holy water and mana herbs. Now even if you don’t have the Handicraft skill one of the priests in town can convert the scroll for you, but you will still need one holy water and one mana herb for them to do this. You can gain Holy water from doing church part time jobs, and you can gain mana herbs pretty fast by running Alby dungeon or Ciar dungeon. By now you should be strong enough to run both of those dungeons rather quickly.

Try to stock up on as many holy water and mana herbs as you can because you will be converting quite a few passes through out the main stream quest. It can become a bit annoying later on when you have to stop the main stream quest to go look for mana herbs in low level dungeons. Just to be on the safe side try to keep at least 10 of each of the items to make the dungeon passes. That way you won’t have to stop half way in the quest to go get more of the items.

The Church Lends A Hand

Getting help from the church

After waiting several hours in game, Willow will send you a quest by owl and will ask you to come to Emain macha’s church to talk with him. Willow will tell you that the church wants to lend their support to stop the fomors, and asks you to go talk with Aodhan near the castle.

Aodhan will give you a fomor command scroll and will ask you to run Coill dungeon which is located at the North West end of Emain Macha. Now you don’t really have to run this dungeon, you first have to make the pass for it. Get a blue herb and some holy water and you can either make the pass your self with the handicraft skill, or you can ask the Priest named James to do it for you. James is standing right outside the church of Emain Macha.

Saving Coill, Rundal, And Peaca

Visiting the altar

After you get the pass drop it on Coill’s altar, it will play a cut scene but you won’t have to actually run the dungeon. After you watch the small video go talk with Aodhan again at the castle, he will ask you to do the exact same thing again but this time at Rundal dungeon, which is at Emain Macha’s south east end (Near the moongate). Aodhan will also give you a fomor command scroll to convert into a pass.

Now you will have to repeat the steps again to make a new pass, but this time drop the new pass on Rundal’s altar. You will have to run this dungeon all the way to the end, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you if you already made it through Generation 1 and Generation 2. It’s a pretty basic dungeon run, and to make things even easier you can bring your friends along to help.

After you finish the dungeon report back to Aodhan to gain another scroll and convert it into your final pass. This time he wants you to go to Peaca dungeon, located outside of Emain macha to the south. Drop the pass on the altar and watch the cut scene that plays, you don’t have to run the dungeon though. After you are done with the dungeon return back to Aodhan one last time to report what you found to him. Once you are done talking complete the quest in your log.

Comgan Request

Heading back into the dungeon

After you finish Aodhan’s tasks, wait several hours in game to receive a new quest to go to Bangor and talk with Comgan the priest. He will ask you to go talk with Seamus at the Dragon’s ruin excavation site to receive the pass that will take you to the broken goddess statue dungeon. Just like before, you will need to convert the scroll into a pass. You can have Comgan do it for you or you can make it your self.

Once you have the pass drop it on the altar to start the dungeon. The dungeon it self is really easy, but the ogre warrior bosses may give you a problem at the end just because there are so many of them. It is advised that you should bring some friends with you to help take them out. After you do the dungeon, go talk to Seamus again at the ruins. He will ask you to go to fiodh dungeon next, don’t forget to convert the scroll into a pass at Comgan before you go. The G3 fiodh dungeon is just like a normal fiodh dungeon, so it’s quite simple. Run through it, defeat the boss, and watch the small clip that plays at the end. Once you are done, report back to Seamus to complete the quest.

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