Voyage Century Quest Walkthrough Starter Guide

Voyage Century Quest Walkthrough Starter Guide
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Earning Newbdom

Grinding through the early goings of Voyage Century doesn’t end quite yet. If you’ve made it this far in the series of beginner guides then you’re almost closing in on the point where you can rid yourself of the titular title of “noob” and graduate to a “newb”. This third part of the Voyage Century quest walkthrough covers a few more vital quests in getting closer to heading out to the high seas, as well as a few vital items to keep your eyes peeled for while journeying about.

If you’ve never seen any of the following quests or your character isn’t high enough in level to participate in them, then be sure to backtrack and check out part 1 and part 2 of the Voyage Century quest guides to get caught up.

Running Errands

-Quest storyline No.9: Grant’s supplies-

EXP gained: 5000

Items gained: A new weapon of choice

Battling the evil Poet

After talking with the NPC, Pascal, he will send you to go talk with the blacksmith. The blacksmith is located back over near the tavern near the Alchemist stand. Talk with him and buy: one inferior Pickaxe, one Inferior timber-felling Axe, and one inferior Hoe. After buying all the items, return to Grant to complete the quest.

Choose the new weapon that he offers you, make sure to pick the weapon that fits your class, otherwise you won’t be able to use it unless you go buy the skill required (And since this weapon is of a higher level, training up to use it will take some time). After choosing the weapon that you wish to use, you will complete the quest and move on to the next task.

Running A Few More Errands

-Quest storylines No.10-12: Miner’s pickaxes/ Logger’s Axe/ Farmer’s hoes-

EXP gained: 6000 for each quest

Battling a few turtles

The Miner is in a cave just behind Grant, the Logger is in the woods near the Bellwether, and the farmer is way over in the agriculture district. Press Ctrl+M to check the map to find them all, or just use the auto seek in the quest log to find them by clicking on their names. Talking to each one will complete the task and move you on to the next person, and each quest gives out the same amount of exp. You will get a total of 18,000 exp points after talking to all three of them. That should be enough to give you a level up. This quest is very easy, and you should finish it in just a matter of minutes.

Life on the farm

-Quest storyline No.13: Collecting seeds -

EXP gained: 15,000

Items gained: Pig iron badge (Ordinary)


This quest is fairly simple as well, all you need to do is find a few seeds and hand them to the farmer (Which is the last person you talk to in the previous quest). He says that he needs some seeds because the animals keep eating them, just look around the field and pick up any Jute and Linen seeds that you come across, if you did this earlier you should complete the quest once it starts, if not then you’ll have to go find them. You will need two of each type of seeds, and after you find them all, go back to the farmer to complete the quest.

If you can’t find the seeds, you can try running around while holding the ALT key so that the name of the plants show up, or you can check the map and move the mouse over the little dots that appear (But that takes a while to look at each dot). The fastest way to get the plants may be to ask one of the nearby players farming for a few seeds. If you don’t want to spend the money, linen and jute are pretty common in this area, so you should be able to find them for free in a few minutes.

Simple Tasks

-Quest storyline No.14: Grant’s backpack -

EXP gained: 8000

Money gained: 20,000

Hunting beyond the farm

You’re getting close to the end by now; you are at the half way point and you should be sailing out on the high seas in just a few more quests. This is another simple quest. The farmer needs you to return a bag back to Grant, so make your way to the start of the suburbs (Use auto seek if you want) and talk to him. As soon as you return his bag to him, you’ll complete the quest and move on to the next one.

-Quest storyline No.15: Report to Verne -

EXP gained: 8000

For this quest, Grant will ask you to go report back to Verne, so start making your way back to town. After talking to Verne, you will complete the task and move on to the next quest.

Bounties Abound

-Quest storyline No.16: Wanted -

EXP gained: 10,000

The docks and Langer

While talking with Verne he will give you two tasks: first go talk with the skill tutor and click on the stunt menu, next click on your bare-handed skill, and learn the defensive stunt ability. This will complete the first half of this quest. Next you will have to make your way to the “Ares Warrior alliance Master” and talk with him. He is located just in front of the tavern building. Talking to him will complete the quest.

Now that you’ve completed these series of quests you’re nearing the end of your humble newbie beginnings. You can check out the rest of the guides in this series for more help in Voyage Century below, or you can visit the Official Website for more information on the game.

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