Voyage Century Review

Voyage Century Review
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Taking A Voyage This Century

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the world and commanding your very own ship? Adventuring strange islands, finding lost treasure, and battling evil pirates on the high seas? Well in Voyage Century Online, you can.

Fans of the old game series Unchartered Waters or New Horizon, will find that Voyage century Online is very similar to the other games when it comes to the play mechanics, save for a bit more detail, depth and immersion. Voyage Century has a lot to offer, and a ton of quests to keep you busy. The starting quest helps players learn how to play the game quickly and effectively, and even newbies to MMO games can learn their way around the controls, and navigating their own ship rather efficiently. Nevertheless, there are some pros and cons to the game and you can find out how they stack up in this Voyage Century review.

Classes And Character customization (3 out of 5)

Post-battle ship carnage

When you first start playing the game you will be on foot in the port of Athens. Players will start off by choosing a class to play, each with their own unique skills and abilities, both for on land, and out in sea. This adds a certain measure of depth to the game that should keep some players interested in the class that they choose to play.

Pirate and his pet

Voyage Century has many different costumes, armor, and outfits to choose from in the game to help make your character look a bit more unique, but most of these items are high level gear, or cash shop items. When it comes to choosing a head, the game is a bit limited in how many of the hair styles and faces you get to choose from when starting the game, so expect to find a lot of clones running about in the early goings of the game. The characters have enough detail to make you notice them, but you can tell that the main focus was for the ships and environments.

Production and Crafting (2 out of 5)

Shiny armor on a warrior

After you buy a production skill, you’ll then have to gather all the items you need, whether you get them yourself or buy them from someone else.Crafting is pretty much the same as the production skill, whether it’s wood cutting, mining or smithing. Sadly the production system doesn’t require much skill and has very little detail to it and it can be a bit boring when it’s time to produce a large quantity of items. When you craft an item it will randomize to see if you successfully make the item or if you fail. Either way, you will gain experience win or lose.

But this is simply a secondary aspect of the gameplay to give players something else to do when they aren’t pirating the seas or grinding on mobs, and thankfully the crafting isn’t much of a focal point of the gameplay.

Ground Gameplay (3 out of 5)

Perils of being in jail

When traveling on land, the game plays out pretty much like any other standard MMO game. You point and click the mouse to move around the area, and it also has shortcut keys to open menus that pop up at the push of a button for easy access to your bag and other status screens.

Fighting mobs or other players is quite fun, but it doesn’t take much tactical skill like other MMO games such as DarkEden, Allods Online or Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. Because of this, the fighting can sometimes make grinding to level a bit dull. You can activate your skills by clicking the F1-F12 keys as shortcut buttons, clicking the mouse on a monster and pressing the attack button starts the battle. Just by using a combat skill, you will constantly keep gaining experience points during the battle, so you don’t always have to kill the monster to level the skill up. After gaining so many levels, you will then gain a skill point so that you can upgrade your skills and make them stronger. Players can also party together to make battles easier and share kills and experience points for faster leveling.

Sailing the Seas (3 out of 5)

Taking a voyage out to sea

When you leave the port for the first time and sail out to the great blue ocean, or as it’s referred to in the game, “The High Seas”, you will see that the camera changes to a three-quarter isometric view, allowing you to see a great distance around you for easy navigation.

In order to navigate effectively in this mode, you will have to check your map constantly while still clicking back to the main game to make sure your boat isn’t running into any type of danger, like storms or pirates. You maneuver your boat just like your character on foot, point the mouse and click where you wish to go.

Your boat’s speed is determined by the current condition of your boat, and how many sailors you have onboard. Your boat will also move faster if you aim it with the wind and ride the waves. If the wind is blowing east, and your ships is sailing in the same direction, then it will greatly increase your movement speed.

The game shines most when you’re out in the high seas and sailing the ocean.

You can make a living by fishing, trading with other ports, or sometimes you will see a sparkle near the side of the ground, and if you choose to anchor near it, you can click the “Discovery” button to investigate to see what it is. Sometimes your crew will find a lost city, or a rare jewel, but whatever it is you find you can sell your discoveries back at the ports for a nice price.

Ship Battles and Graphics (3 out of 5)

Ship-to-ship battle

The gameplay slightly changes whenever you are off shore, or in battle mode. The game’s camera zooms in to give you a close up view of the action going on around you, without changing the game’s controls.

Whether you’re picking up floating debris from an unlucky ship, or battling your enemies in a cannon fight, it gives you a close up view of what’s happening in the area. This is also where you can appreciate the game’s graphics the most as well as see all the detail that they put into them. You can see the boats reflection in the ocean, the splash of waves as you slice through the water, or the sun and moon casting a glow in the sea. You can even see the holes and dents in the ships whenever they get shot by cannon fire.

When in sea combat, you are given various skills to assist you and your teammates in fighting back when you’re being attacked, or attacking an enemy ship. They give you skills like “Ramming” so that you can try to break your way through the enemy’s hull by running straight into it. You can also grapple on and board the enemy’s boat so that you can fight them with melee or short range gun fire face to face. The game even lets you set down water mines to blow up trailing ships that are trying to follow behind you. And for more aggressive types, they give a “Pursuit” skill to speed your ship up to help you chase down boats that are trying to flee. But if you wish to be a bit more passive and avoid fights all together, they give you several skills to help you flee from combat to safely get away from danger.

Guild, PVP, and Siege Wars (5 out of 5)

PvP on a boat

The game has a unique feature where players can fight for control by taking over ports, or just battling for fun in the training arena or PVP zones. The game’s mechanics are exactly the same when battling other players, but with a lot more excitement. For siege wars players will start offshore and have to make their way to the port to battle for control of the area. Siege wars are a great addition to the game and it makes guilds important to join so that you can take part in them. If you don’t have a guild, you can still battle other players on the high seas or in PVP zones located on certain maps. The PVP and guild wars are absolutely one of the best and most exciting parts of the game.

Sound and Music (4 out of 5)

A lady on the docks

When it comes to the sound effects and music, I have to say that it’s really good. The music for the high seas and sailing offshore is probably the best songs on the game. Hearing the seagulls in the distance, and the sound of the ocean tides crashing against your boat makes the experience of sailing seem as if you’re actually there. You can even hear the groan of the hull as it struggles to power through tough waves, or the audible howl of the wind blowing the sails as you raise them up and unhook your anchor. The music for the ports is also nicely done. However, the style of the music doesn’t change when you’re in combat. So often times you could in an an intense sword fight with calm relaxing classical music playing in the background.

Overall (3 out of 5)

Standing in the PvP arena

Voyage century has enough features to keep players interested in playing the game for many hours. They constantly have new events being added, and are always updating missions to keep the higher leveled players doing something new and exciting. Overall, Voyage Century Online is a slightly above average free-to-play MMO game that is at least worth a download to check out. It may not be the best MMO game out there but it certainly does have enough to keep fans of nautical adventure entertained for quite some time.

For more information on Voyage Century be sure to visit the Official Website.