Voyage Century Beginner's Guide For The High Seas

Voyage Century Beginner's Guide For The High Seas
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Confronting The Poet

This is the finale for getting out of the newbie arena and finally having the opportunity of getting your very own ship to go out and sail the high seas. If you finished the first three parts of the guide then it’s time to hunker down and ready yourself for the remaining quests in this Voyage Century beginner’s guide.

-Quest storyline No.17: Dangerous freak -

EXP gained: 30,000

Money gained: 50,000

Items gained: Bronze ring (Ordinary), Glory certificate

The Alliance Master will give you a bounty hunter’s task to go hunt down a poet. Make your way back out to the suburbs and find the depressed poet that is wanted. He is located in the Parthenon in the suburbs. The Parthenon is located at the south-east part of the map, the poet should be wondering around inside. If you want, use the auto seek to help locate him. Wait for him to spawn, and then kill him. After he dies, head back to the Alliance Master to complete the mission. The poet is very easy to kill, but if other player’s are there hunting him then it might take some time. It’s best just to join their team so everyone gets credit for the kill.

The Life Of A Merchant

-Quest storyline No.18: Entering the business field -

EXP gained: 10,000

This quest is easy, just go talk with the Master of the merchant’s guild. Use the auto seek to find him if you don’t feel like running around town. He’s easy to find if you open the map, you’ll see his icon on the side of the screen in the center of town. Talking to him completes the quest.

-Quest storyline No.19: Entering the business field -

Hunting the Golden Eye

EXP gained: 20,000 (For your main class) 10,000 (For your eloquence skill)

Money gained: 10,000

After talking with the Master Of the merchant’s guild, go to the trader and buy five seafood boxes from the shop. The trader is located to the far east of the area. Just check the map and look for his icon, or auto seek him. After buying the items you need, go back to the Merchant Master and talk to him, the quest will end when you finish.

Ahoy Matey!

-Quest storyline No.20: Prepare for sailing -

EXP gained: 25,000

Money gained: 20,000

The docks and Langer

Items gained: Sea mermaid (For newbie)

This quest is exactly like the name suggests. All you’re doing is buying a few supplies to get ready to leave the port. And yes, what you buy will actually be used, so make sure to buy enough to last you for your upcoming journey. Go back to the docks near Langer, and find the Docker. He’s close by Langer so he isn’t too hard to spot out. Talk with him and buy 1,000 supplies of food, and 50 sailors. Once you’re done with the task, report back to the Merchant master in the city to complete the quest.

To Istanbul And Beyond

-Quest storyline No.21: Prepare The first order -

EXP gained: 40,000 (For your main class) 50,000 (For your eloquence skill)

Money gained: 30,000

This will be your first Mission free and out in the open waters!

Fighting pirates

Go talk with the Docker again, and sail out to the high seas. You’ll need to go to Istanbul to buy ten cases of olives. After you buy the items from the other port, sail out again and return to Athens. Report back to the Merchant guild Master to complete the quest. If you have trouble finding Istanbul, look on the map. It’s not far from Athens, it’s only a few minutes from Athens port. Sail North East from where you start, and you should see the port. Also try to avoid any storm clouds that might get in your way, if you get caught in one it will wreak your ship and you’ll have to pay to get it fixed.Go to the town of Istanbul, and find the trader. Open the map and run to the south of the port, you’ll find him there. After talking with him and buying the ten cases of olives, head back to the docker and leave the port. I highly recommend not fighting any other boats that are sailing by. Even if you survive the fight, the port will declare you as an enemy and hunt you down and kill you. If you die you have to go to jail, and it’s a pain to get out of. It’s best to sail to the port, get the items, and sail back to finish the quest. After talking with the Merchant guild Master in Athens, the quest will be completed.

Free To Sail The World

-Quest storyline No.22: Business knowledge -

EXP gained: 20,000

You’re finally free to sail

This is the final task before you are pretty much free. Any other task you can do on your own free will, but you’re pretty much set to sail to wherever you want to go in the game’s expansive open-world. Of course you would still need supplies, equipment, and combat experience, but you will gain that in time. For your last task, go talk with the skill tutor and go to the “Stunt” label, upgrade your “Purchasing” skill from the list, then make your way to Verne. After talking with Verne you will complete the task. Verne will give you another mission to go meet with the King, but you don’t have to do it. If you want to spend some time upgrading your skills or exploring, you’re free to do so. But if you want to know what the King has in store for you, you’ll have to continue progressing and completing more complicated quest from around the world.

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