Voyage Century Nobility Walkthrough

Voyage Century Nobility Walkthrough
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Sea Battle Tips

After finishing part 1 of this Voyage Century Nobility walkthrough guide, you should be ready for some more seafaring action and getting close to achieve the rank of Hero. But first, you may need a few tips when it comes to battling foes and pirates out on the high seas.

One thing to remember is to keep the enemy at your sides, or in front of you at all times so that they can’t shoot you from behind. Keeping them in front of you makes it easier to navigate around them and get clear shots off to take them down easily. If you have the grappling skill or ramming skill and you’re good at it, use them often to dispatch the enemies quickly. Make sure to also buy plenty of armor beforehand so that you can equip it during a fight to give you the upper hand against multiple enemies. Having several ship armor or cannon proof shield supplies on hand allows you to switch them up after one wears down, so that you always have some type of protection against oncoming ship fire.

Also try to stock up on cannons that do harm to the enemy ship’s hull. Once the hull is destroyed, all the rest follows. Aiming for the hull and taking it down first is a great and easy way for quick kills, and surprisingly enough the ship battles work the exact same way in Allods Online.

Grappling For Success

Setting up the grapple

-Quest storyline No.30: - Surprise attack -

EXP gained: 80,000

For this next quest you have to make your way to the skill tutor, talk to him and buy the grappling skill from the ship battle stunt list. If you haven’t already got it, then this will be a very useful skill. If you followed the battle tips from earlier, then you may have already bought the skill, in this case, you just completed the mission. Talk with the Ares warrior alliance master to finish the quest and move on.

-Quest storyline No.31: - Super grappling hook -

EXP gained: 100,000

Items gained: Super grappling hook

This quest requires you to go to the Athens shipyard boss and buy a grappling hook. Once purchased, return back to the Ares warrior alliance master and talk to him.

He will then upgrade that grappling hook to a “Super grappling hook”. Once done, the quest will be completed. Make sure to buy a normal grappling hook, and not an Iron grappling hook, otherwise you won’t be able to finish the mission.

Battle For The Seas

Hurrying back to the ship

-Quest storyline No.32: - Melee-

EXP gained: 250,000

Items gained: Silver pendant (Ordinary), certificate of Overlord (temporary), certificate of commander-in-chief (temporary)

In this mission you will have to go back out to sea and find another Crete battlefield. Unlike the other mission, this one is all about grappling your enemy and boarding their boat. Once done, you will have to kill one Crete peg leg ship captain, and one iron hand ship captain. Once both are killed, return to Athens and report back to the Athens warrior alliance master.

-Quest storyline No.33: - Strike while the iron is still hot-

EXP gained: 250,000 (For class) 200,000 (for sea battle)

Items gained: Glory certificate X 5

After you defeat all the pirates and report back to the Ares warrior alliance master, he will then give you a quest to strike the enemy at their HQ. He tells you to head to Crete offshore and defeat “The wandering soul” pirate leader. Head out to the high seas and sail directly south from Athens until you run into Crete Island. Go to the offshore area and find the wondering soul’s ship. He isn’t hard to find, but you may have to circle around a bit before you spot out his ship. This is exactly like the last quest, except he is going to be a boss enemy. He’s quite hard when the other enemy ships gang up on you, so it’s recommended to get a party to assist you. Once he is defeated, report back to the Ares alliance master to complete the mission.

Promotion In Motion

Earning Nobility Rank 2

-Quest storyline No.34: - Promotion-

EXP gained: 100,000

Other: Nobility title level 2

Because you defeated the pirates, word of your greatness has spread throughout the land, and King Aiolia has become impressed with your skills. Your next quest is to visit the King to gain a promotion. If you get stuck when talking with him, it just means you haven’t already promoted yourself, and that you have multiple promotions stacked up. You may have to ask for a promotion several times until the quest says complete. After you are finished talking with him, the quest log will tell you that you have finished the mission. Remember to use the five certificates you earned from the last mission to boost your reputation. After you gain the promotion, the mission will earn you the Nobility Rank 2 title of “Hero”.

Hopefully this guide helped you with gaining the Hero title, and gave you an idea in what to expect with the upcoming quests. For more information about the game, visit the official Voyage Century Website. Need help with other popular MMOs such as Pangya, DarkEden, World of Warcraft or Allods Online? Be sure to check out the walkthroughs and guides right here at Bright Hub.

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