Voyage Century Nobility Guide: How To Become A Hero

Voyage Century Nobility Guide: How To Become A Hero
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Becoming A Hero

If you were following the first series of guides for Voyage Century Online, then you last left off with talking with Verne and completing the quest with upgrading your purchasing skills. The next phase of this Voyage Century nobility guide will help you sail out to new ports, telling you where each NPC is located, and will also help you reach the second Nobility rank of “Hero” starting after quest 23. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s get to sailing!

-Quest storyline No.23: The King’s call -

EXP gained: 20,000

After talking with Verne, Go talk with king Aiolia, that pretty much complete’s the quest. He will then give you a new task.

If you can’t find the King, look on the map. He’s at the center part of the map in Athens' downtown.

A Royal Calling

An intense boat battle

-Quest storyline No.24: Hunger threat -

EXP gained: 50,000 (for class) 100,000 (For eloquence)

Money gained: 50,000

Items gained: Glory certificate, Bronze Badge (Ordinary)

The King will give you a task to go to the port of Alexandria and head to the city. Buy five baskets of mutton and ten baskets of wheat from the Trader. The Trader can be found near the east part of the town. Auto seek him out if you have a hard time spotting him. After that, leave the port and sail to Tripoli. Once there, head over to Triploi city and find the Trader there, he’s at the far southeast corner of the city. Check the map if you can’t spot him. Talk with the trader and buy five baskets of beef from him, then leave the port. Sail all the way back to Athens and give the items to King Aiolia to complete the quest.

Tips For Sailing

Sailing into the sunset

When out on the high seas, make sure to check the map often if you can’t find the ports. Alexandria is located southeast from Athens, and Tripoli is located southwest from Athens' port. If you’re leaving Alexandria and heading to Tripoli (Which in this case you will be) simply sail west until you bump into the port. While the map screen is up, you can also click the port that you wish to go to and the boat will automatically sail towards it. Of course if there is an obstacle in your way your ship will get stuck, so you’ll have to take the map down and navigate around it. The map is your friend, so don’t be afraid to use it when you’re lost.

Also, don’t be afraid to stop by and click on some “Drifters” floating out in the sea. You’ll be able to find some rare and useful items for free, and even a few silver coins scattered about in the wreckage. Just remember to avoid storms and avoid pirates, and feel free to head towards Drifters for extra supplies.

Banking For Verne

Fighting the waves

-Quest storyline No.25: Return safe -

EXP gained: 30,000

After completing the quest with King Aiolia, he will give you your reward. Now it’s time to report back to Verne, and let him know you’re finished the task. You know the drill, turn around and run back to Verne to complete this task.

-Quest storyline No.26: Finance management -

EXP gained: 50,000

Items gained: Voyager’s times

Verne is happy that you’re safe, but is afraid that you may one day lose all your money to pirates. To keep the money safe he will ask you to go put some of your silver in the bank for safe keeping. Open the map and head to the banker just east of you. He’s not far so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding him. Deposit any amount of money that you wish, then head back to Verne to finish the quest.

Fighting The Good Fight

Engaged in battle

-Quest storyline No.27: The pirate’s threat -

EXP gained: 50,000

Money gained: 80,000

Verne will tell you that the Ares warrior alliance master has sent a letter looking for you. Go over to the warrior master and complete the quest. He has a task for you to go hunt down some pirates that have been bugging him. Once you’re done talking, head towards the Athens ship boss at the port docks area.

-Quest storyline No.28: - Armed ships -

EXP gained: 80,000

For your next mission, you will have to buy 1,000 cannon balls, 1 ship armour, and 70 cannons from the ship boss. The shipyard boss is directly in front of Langer in the center of the port, so he shouldn’t be hard to find. Once you have all the items listed, report back to the Ares warrior alliance master to complete the quest.

Armed To The Teeth

-Quest storyline No.29: - Go! Go! Go! -

Ready for battle

EXP gained: 100,000 (for class) 100,000 (for sea battle)

Money gained: 20,000

After talking with the Ares warrior alliance master, head out to sea again and sail towards the Crete battlefields. Make sure you’re well prepared because you’re going to be doing a lot of fighting soon. Equip all of your boat’s supplies, armor, and weapons before leaving; you’re going to need them all. You can find Crete battlefield’s near the island of Crete, and sometimes some are scattered about near Athens port, it won’t take you long to spot one out. Once you make it to a battlefield, you’re going to have to fight and kill: 5 Crete peg leg armed ships, and 5 Crete iron fist armed ships. Once all the pirates are defeated, return to Athens and report to the Ares warrior alliance master to complete the quest.

That wraps up the first part of this Voyage Century guide. For more walkthroughs and strategies of Voyage Century and other MMOS be sure to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

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