Voyage Century Beginner Guide For Quests

Voyage Century Beginner Guide For Quests
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A Fighting Chance

Finished with part 1 of the Voyage Century beginner’s walkthrough series? Well that means you’re in for some extra hints and help for questing in the free-to-play MMORPG from IGG. Check out the additional walkthroughs for the quests below in this Voyage Century beginner’s guide for quests.

-Quest storyline No.4: Delicious seafood-

EXP gained: 3000

Money gained: 10,000

Items gained: Ring (Ordinary)

When you talk to the shop owner, he mentions that one of the customers is asking for items that he doesn’t have in stock. You will offer your help in gaining these items. This will be the first time you will be in combat. Don’t worry; the little critters don’t really fight back, so you should be able to complete the mission with ease. You will need to kill: one sea turtle, and also a few crabs to gain five crab pincers. The sea turtles and crabs can be located back at the beach you started near. Head back out of the tavern and make your way back to the docks where Langer was. You should see the sea creatures on the sand near him. While you’re out there, pick up the seashells that are laying out in the sand, try picking up as many as you can to try and find different types. They will be useful for later on.

If you press the “Tab” key on your keyboard, it will lock on to a monster for easy targeting. It shouldn’t take you long to kill the sea critters listed, and since they are all cluttered together you should be able to complete this task fairly quickly. After you kill all the creatures on your list and gain the items you need, head all the way back to the Tavern and talk with Wendora the NPC to complete the quest.

A Walk In The Suburbs

-Quest storyline No.5: Kind Wendora-

EXP gained: 2000

Items gained: (Optional)

Wendora will give you a quest to go buy some potions from the local alchemist. Head out of the tavern and make your way to the stands right outside. Talk with the alchemist and purchase five low-level recovery potions, and five low-level healing potions. After you purchase them, go talk with Verne to complete the quest.

-Quest storyline No.6: Go hunting-

EXP gained: 8000

Money gained: 20,000

Items gained: Iron ring (Ordinary)

A walk in the suburbs

Verne will ask you to go hunting and to kill a few animals out in the woods. He will send you to Athen’s suburbs and kill ten pheasants, and five red foxes. Again, this task is fairly simple and you should be able to handle it quickly. If you can’t find them, just follow the main path leading north. You should see a small house on the side of the road, and right near there the area should be littered with foxes and pheasants. If you still can’t find them, hold down the ALT key and their names should appear over their heads. After you kill all the animals on your list, go to the NPC named Grant to complete the quest.

Grant is located back near where you entered the area just in front of the main gates. He is standing on a small hill near a small pond of water. If you can’t find him, click his name in the quest log to seek him out.

(HINT: A small tip is to also start collecting any Jute and Linen plants you come across. You’ll need them for a quest later on in the game and collecting them early on will save you some time).

Is That A Reindeer? No, Just A Bellwether…

-Quest storyline No.7: Collect the sheep horn-

EXP gained: 8000

Money gained: 20,000

Ordering ale at the local tavern

After you finish the hunting quest, Grant will give you another task on the same line; he wants you to go hunt down some bellwether and bring back one of their horns. Follow the path back up the road until you see the bellwether, they should be just a little bit past the foxes and right next to the goats. If you go just a little farther, you’ll come across the reindeer, if you get close enough to them, a animal symbol will appear in the corner, click it to gain the knowledge of the animal. You can cash it in for money later.

Kill the bellwether that are nearby until they drop the sheep’s horn, and then go report to a man named Pascal. This task is easy, but the drop rate is low so it might take you a few tries before the horn drops. Pascal can be located back in Athens downtown, at the Northwest corner. The name over his head should be “Identifier” talk with him to complete the quest.

Bells And Horns

-Quest storyline No.8: Weird sheep horn-

EXP gained: 8000

Money gained: 30,000

Items gained: Pig iron badge (Ordinary)

Talking with a farmer

Repeat the last part from above and talk to Pascal again, he will pay you for the Bellwether’s horn. And while you’re here, cash in the other items you found as well, such as those seashells you picked up earlier. It’s not much, but the extra money will come in handy.

Simply click on the Identifier, then click on “Finding’s authentication” Choose the Bellwether and complete the quest. Repeat the process of talking to him to authenticate any other items.

That wraps up the second part of this guided walkthrough for the beginner quests of Voyage Century. The final part of the walkthrough will finally see you off to the seas. Nevertheless, for more information on the game be sure to visit the Official Website.

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