3 Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks That Put You Ahead in the Game

3 Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks That Put You Ahead in the Game
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Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks on Facebook

Mafia Wars currently ranks sixth in popularity among Facebook games. With approximately 24,064,908 monthly average users(1), it is nipping at the heels of Treasure Island, Café World and the ever popular Farmville. Developed by Zynga – the game developer who also brings Vampire Wars to Facebook – Mafia Wars is a game that emphasizes the setup of alliances, the development of an individual player power strategy and the amassing of property. Beating out the competition in the virtual crime family requires knowledge of solid Mafia Wars tips and tricks.

Funding a Criminal Empire is Costly: How to Get Mafia Wars Money

One of the most overlooked Facebook Mafia Wars tips deals with money. Weapons, armor, vehicles and for-sale boosts cost money. The same holds true for buying and improving properties and enterprises. While it is tempting to blaze through the missions in an attempt to level up, failure to focus closely on the steady accumulation of money-generating properties hampers the gamer’s progress in the long run. Without sufficient cash, it is impossible to buy the basic weaponry required to complete the missions or equip the player profile in keeping with the increasing numbers of a growing mafia family.

Size Matters: Making Use of the Wish List and a Large Mafia

Mafia Wars Wishlist

Most any enumeration of Mafia Wars tips and tricks encourages the player to work hard at adding other gamers to the ‘family.’ Growing the mafia is a good idea for fighting, especially since the numbers increase the number of weapons the player’s character uses during fights. A lesser-known secondary advantage of a large virtual crime family is the ability to request much-needed mission items.

Rather than burning energy on low-level missions to find the elusive Mafia Wars concealable camera or untraceable cell phone, the gamer may place the item needed in the wish list and then send off a notification to other gamers. Gamers routinely check what fellow game-Mafiosi need and then proceed to gift the items. Turnabout is fair play, and the recipient frequently checks the wish lists of other players and accommodates them whenever possible.

Get Hit-listed for Experience Points

Mafia Wars Stat Allocation

Rarely discussed among the Mafia Wars tips, hints, tricks and borderline (but still legal) cheats is the hit-listing experience point collection method. In most games the player will be wise to avoid the hit-list – a noted example is Vampire Wars – but in Mafia Wars it might actually work in the gamer’s favor.

Prerequisites for successfully capitalizing on being hit-listed include a maximum-sized mafia (currently 501 players) and – as outlined by Mafia Wars Tips(2) – at least 300 defense but below 300 health points. Players with these stats, who get hit-listed, are notoriously hard to kill and since the Mafia Wars hit list makes it a bit of a guessing-game when it comes to evaluating the strength of a player. As a result, having other fighters use their stamina to kill someone who is difficult to take out adds experience points to the hit-listed player’s profile.

Making these Mafia Wars tips work for you is an excellent methodology for building a strong mafia that easily withstands the assaults of other players and mafias as well.