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    • Maplestory Aran Guide
      Arans are a new Warrior-type class available to create and play now in Maplestory. One of the heroes of Legend who fought against the Black Mage, Arans are a unique and powerful warrior that uses polearms and a special combo system to deal damage. Read this guide for skill information and builds!
    • Maple Story - Beginner's Guide
      Starting out on becoming a player of the MMORPG Maple Story (Global) but can't seem to get the ball rolling? Check out this beginner's guide to help you out along the way!
    • Maple Story - Hidden Locations Guide
      Maple Story is a popular MMORPG that's hitting the world. This adorable 2D game has millions and millions of players all completing quest after quest and looking for the various hidden maps out there. Well look no more as this guide will show you where these locations are!
    • Maplestory Fire Magic: Classes and Monsters
      One of the three major elements in Maplestory, Fire magic takes the spot as perhaps the most widely used among them. It has a large number of monsters it can deal extra damage to, and many classes have fire skills to support their normal damage skills. Find out more!
    • Maplestory Evan Guide
      Evans are a unique version of mages in Maplestory with many of their own perks and few drawbacks. Use this guide to tame your dragon and advance through the 10 unique job advancements all the way to a dragon master!
    • Maple Story Job Advancement Guides Part 1
      Leveling up to a certain job and don't know what you have to do? Check out this guide that will help you with your job advancement needs in the 2D MMORPG Maple Story!