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Ninjas Live Customization

The best thing that you can do with an MMO text-based iPhone RPG like Ninjas Live is to customize it as much as you can to your personal tastes and needs. The game itself is really just about crafting a character with strengths that you feel will personally make you successful, and the interface itself should reflect your own perspective as well. Ninjas Live, as with all Storm8 titles, is complex and has a number of different compartments that are used in different tasks.

You can affect your character with a number of different ways, such as naming them, selecting their character type, spending your experience points, and choosing who you fight. For a more technical change in Ninjas Live you have the Settings tab, which does a few things that are much different than other options.

Ninjas Live Settings

You will find the Ninjas Live Settings button when you’re at the Ninjas Live Home screen. If is in the right hand column at the very bottom, right under Updates. When you are in the Ninjas Live Settings you will have few different tabs you can select. The front Ninjas Live Settings tab is the General one, and has the most relevant options. Here you can turn down the sound and vibration that occurs when something happens in Ninjas Live. You also have the option to turn off the animation that comes up when you first open Ninjas Live, even though it only lasts a few seconds.

These Ninjas Live Settings are actually great for those who want to be able to play discreetly at work or in school Turning off the sound and vibration alerts allows attending to your Ninjas Live character able to be done a little more discreetly. If you turn off the opening Ninjas Live animation then you will be able to get into the game quicker for fast updates.

Transferring to Another Device

The next tab in the Ninjas Live settings is the Storm8 tab. This area will allow you to go through the process of transferring your Ninjas Live account from one iPhone or iPod Touch to another. You create a Storm8 account here by creating a username and password. You also have the option of adding your email address here as well. You will likely want to have a Storm8 account if you play two or more of the Storm8 games. This is especially true if you plan on upgrading your iPhone consistently or have both an iPhone and an iPod Touch.

Blocked List

The last tab is the Blocked List, and this will list any Ninjas Live players that your “blocked.” You should never block other Ninjas Live players as this only limits your Recruitment and ends up damaging your expansiveness. Over all you should ignore this Ninjas Live Setting.

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