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No Properties in Ninjas Live

Ninjas Live is unique amongst Storm8’s free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs in that it tries to revamp the real estate function. IT does not change it fundamentally, but the concept of receiving money from property is much different in Ninjas Live.

Instead of even referring to them as property, they are now called clients, mostly to try to continue the idea that you are a Ninjas for hire looking for steady work. Here you purchase them and receive money the same way as you would in other Storm8 free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. Here are some tips for working with Ninjas Live Clients.

Ninjas Live Clients

When you are at the Ninjas Live Home screen, select Clients from the very top of the left hand column. Once you are in the Ninjas Live Clients location, you are going to see at the top how much money you get from your current Clients and how often it pays out. For most Ninjas Live players this is going to be every hour on the dot.

Below that, you will see the different types of Clients you can purchase at your current level. Below them will be boxes for other types of Ninjas Live Clients that you will be able to purchase at higher levels. Above the available Ninjas Live Clients, you will see what level you will have to be at for there to be new Clients available. When you select one of these, you can choose to Upgrade or Drop them. This means that you can Upgrade your relationship with a certain Ninjas Live Client, therefore yielding a higher return.

The more Upgrades you make to that Client the more returns you receive. This is done so that you do not have to feel as though you are purchasing a number of different Clients as you do with real estate, though it works in a very similar fashion. All you have to do is tap the Client you want to Upgrade, and then select the Upgrade button from the window that comes up.

Ninjas Live Tips

Every time you Upgrade one of your Ninjas Live Clients, they give you a set amount of money on top of what you were already receiving. For example, the Shady Business will give you another $140 per hour for every Upgrade you apply. The problem here is that each Upgrade to the Shady Business ends up costing more. Therefore the best choice here is to begin Upgrading different types of Ninjas Live Clients so that you do not make one Client type too expensive to Upgrade.

Once you have Upgraded all of your Ninjas Live Clients to the point that the next Upgrade is unreasonably expensive it is time to level up so that new Client types will be made available. The best tip when it comes to Ninjas Live Clients is to spend the majority of your money on them, especially in the early levels.

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