Nintendo DS Games

Nintendo DS Games

Sigma Harmonics

One of Square Enix game that is probably not going to be released to the US market, Sigma Harmonics follows the story of Sigma Kurogami, a high school student whose family guards a huge clock sealing the demon “Oma”.

DS Gamers My World, My Way Review

My World, My Way in the final analysis is a simple game that was made on a shoe-string budget, the developers use successful elements from earlier titles, a few satirical moments, and wrapped them around a single good concept idea to create a game that pokes fun at itself.

Avalon Code DS RPG Preview

The developers that helped bring Final Fantasy III and IV to the DS has returned with an all-new, original RPG for Nintendo’s handheld. I’ve been able to spend some quality time with the demo version, and here’s my thoughts on the game thus far.