Where to Find Jenga Rules

Where to Find Jenga Rules
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The Game of Jenga

Most people have heard of the popular game Jenga. It is a fun family friendly game that has been around since the 1980s. It isn’t technically a boardgame, but it is in the same category.

Jenga is the classic block game where players take a block of small wooden blocks and build it up. When it is their turn, they have to maneuver one of the blocks out of the base, and then stack it ontop – without it falling. It is fun to see how high the wooden blocks can get before it falls over, and when it falls it is fun to watch it crumble down and have everyone react to it.

It is a game that can be played by people of all age groups really, so it is a very fun game to play for a family. It can be played and enjoyed from grandparents to the grandkids (aged for around 6 years old and up), and everyone in-between. The Jenga rules are also quite simple, so it isn’t a hard game for kids to learn to play quickly, and no reading is involved!

Jenga Rules

Jenga Game

Some board games have long rules that are sometimes hard to remember. Don’t worry - the Jenga rules are actually quite simple! They made it easy so it can be played by people of all ages and easily enjoyed at a party, or even in the classroom.

The object to Jenga is to remove one block per turn to make the Jenga tower of blocks as high as you can make it without it falling.

First, you will have to have someone setup the Jenga tower on a flat surface that is has easy access for players to move around to move the blocks on their turn. The tower will be built with three blocks on each layer, and a move the blocks at a right angle for each new layer. Once the tower is complete, it should consist of 18 layers.

After the tower is built, the player who created the tower gets to go first. They remove a block from the tower with one hand only, and place it on the top of the tower.

Then, the remaining players take turns. Only blocks that are below a completed level may be removed. Blocks must be placed in the same fashion as it was built (at right angles for each new layer).

Jenga Game Falling Down

Players have 10 seconds after they place their block before their turn is over. That way, if it falls just after they place it, they lose! When the tower falls, whoever was the last to touch it loses and has to setup the tower for the next game.

The player who touched it last without it falling is the winner!

So, there you have all of the Jenga rules that you will need to know to enjoy this game with family, friends, at a party, or even in play Jegna in a classroom! Have fun!