Other Board Games

Other Board Games

Download Free Templates for Board Games

Board games are fun for people of all ages. When you are able to customize the game to make it more personal, it becomes something that is more memorable and fun for all those that play it. This guide will help you locate where you can find templates to do just that.

Electronic Arts Battleship for the iPhone

The game of Battleship has now arrived for the iPhone thanks to Electronic Arts. Available for just $2.99 in the Apple App Store, Battleship aims to faithfully recreate the classic game while at the same time jazzing it up a bit for the iPhone audience. We’ll see if EA’s mission was successful!

Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo Wii

You may be a big fan of Twilight, but does that mean you know enough to call yourself an expert? Take the Scene It? Twilight quiz and find out. But watch out for other players out to steal your thunder, or trivia questions made more difficult by video and audio and music accompanying them.