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Youda Farmer Flash Game Review

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Youda Farmer tests your reflexes and managerial skills through its challenging levels and bonus games. The game differs from other farm-themed flash time management games. It relies on a cute-looking truck to do all the hectic jobs of collecting and delivering farm produce to different shop owners.

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    Youda Farmer Flash Game Screenshot 1 Youda Famer is not one of those farm-themed time management games where players have to plant seeds, raise domestic animals, earn profits and do other hectic stuff. Instead, gameplay is pretty simple and reflex-based. Gamers, with their cute-looking farm truck, have to collect and deliver farm produce to the neighboring town quickly.

    However, the game can be very engaging if played for an hour or so. There are some good mini games and great farm upgrades available to make it very addictive. With good 3D graphics and nice melodious tune, the game’s worth a look!

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    Youda Farmer Flash Game Screenshot 2 The concept of Youda Farmer is pretty easy and straightforward. You have to select a gender first, paint your car and click the OK button to begin the game. At first you won’t be able to understand the main objective. But, a handy on-screen tutorial will explain the basic aspects of the game. Youda Farmer has a two-part objective. The first objective is to collect crops, livestock produce and milk from various sources in your huge farm. The second objective is to deliver them to the bakery, butcher, restaurateur and other shop owners located at the neighboring town. These two objectives comprise the basic premise of the game. Completing these objectives will help you earn credits. With the credits, you can upgrade your farm, which in turn will help you earn more orders and profits.

    Icons below the main screen will show the number of farm produce to be collected and delivered. First, an order icon representing a farm produce will be displayed on the screen. Clicking on it will make the screen scroll to the area containing the crop, meat and other farm products. For example, if you click on the flour icon, the screen will take you to a grain field filled with tiny bags of flour. You will have to click and drag them into empty crates scattered in the grain field. Your truck will take some time to reach the area. When it reaches the grain field, just click on the completed icons to finish the objective. At times, there will be many such icons popping up, including eggs, meat, tomatoes, milk etc and this is where time management comes into play. You will have to be quick in collecting all of them. A slight delay can render some products “stale” and you won’t be able to meet the objectives. All you need is some planning on which farm produce to go first. You will also notice some farm produce icons lining up in groups of three, four or even five products. Collecting them all at once will make you entitled for bonus credits.

    After gathering all farm produce, you will have to deliver them to the respective shops to earn credits. Different shop owners including the baker, restaurateur and butcher will order the products. Here, the gameplay is similar to the first objective. You will have to be quick in meeting their demands. The more orders they demand the more credits you earn. If you don’t, you lose profits. Earning credits in Youda Farmer will help you upgrade your farm and truck. You can upgrade your truck’s speed to collect and deliver farm produce more quickly.youda-farmer screenshot 3 

    There is also a bonus level which award trophies and rewards, a feature included in most flash time management games. All you have to do is collect party produces (i.e. icons of farm products with fancy hats), sell them in a special shop, and solve an in-game jigsaw puzzle to win rewards. You will also be entitled to play a bonus level, which means more credits and more upgrades. Play the Youda Farmer online game free to play through bonus levels and upgrades.

    Youda Farmer, which is mainly mouse-based, relies on your reflexes. Different levels demand quicker mouse clicks, which unlocks more upgrades and levels. The game can be very addictive and is a great pastime for those who love flash time management games. You can go for a Youda Farmer free download to experience hours and hours of replayability. For all you time management fans, check out the Youda Camper review if you love Build-a-Lot type of games.

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    Graphics and Sound

    One of the best aspects of Youda Farmer is the excellent 3D graphics and some very nice animation. Although the game is played from a top perspective, you will see animated shop owners, windmills, livestock and chicken. When I played this game, at first I did not believe my eyes that it is a flash game. The lush green background is so reminiscent of a farmland. The animated truck going around fields and country roads looks will remind you of any 3D cartoon on Pogo channel. The graphics play an important part in every game and it did here too!

    The nice melodious country tune in Youda Farmer will not allow you to switch them off. The sounds of bonus credits are a good way to let you be aware of your achievements. There’s no dialogue involved, so any orders set by shop owners are shown in text in bubble captions.

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    Youda Farmer will be enjoyed by both casual and time management fans alike. The game certainly tests your reflexes and managerial skills. The graphics and sounds add to the excitement and fun. Have a little fun by playing the Youda Farmer online game and then decide whether this game is worthy to be one of your casual game collection.