Pizza Chef 2 Game Hints and Tips

About Pizza Chef 2

In Pizza Chef 2, you play a young lady who is taking care of her uncle’s restaurant while he is out of town. The goal is to earn as much money as possible in each level. The game is a combination of time management, match three, hidden object and a bit of “Tetris” like puzzle playing style.

Basic Game Play

Pizza Chef 2 game

Most of the levels in Pizza Chef 2 involve preparing food for customers. Your “stove” is a large game board grid filled with food ingredients and other miscellaneous icons. Customers arrive at the restaurant and place an order via a thought bubble next to their head. To prepare their meal, areas on the stove must be activated. Turn on the stove by creating matches of three or more like items. Next, click on the customer’s thought bubble to pick up a food icon and place it on the stove in an area of the game board that has been activated. The food icons are in different shapes so the grid area needs to be large enough to fit it.

Once food items are finished cooking, they are automatically delivered to the customer. You will then receive the money and tips. At the end of each level, your total score is displayed. If you have earned enough money (coins) to reach the current goal, you can move on to the next level.

In between levels you go to a “Recipe Store” area where you can purchase new food options for your customers as well as equipment and store decoration upgrades.

Win the game after all levels in the chain of restaurants have been successfully completed.

Bonus Levels

Pizza Chef 2 - Bonus Round

Pizza Chef 2 offers bonus levels where extra coins can be earned. One type of round requires you to place multiple orders of food from a single table of customers onto the stove at the same time. For those that are familiar with “Tetris”, the food icons are in various shapes that can be turned in different directions. For added difficulty, the game board will also vary in shape.

Other bonus rounds will be hidden object puzzles. Earn extra coins for these by finding all customer items that are displayed on a list. There is a time limit, but a hint button constantly refreshes every few seconds to help you out.

Game Tips and Hints

  • The “Accumulator” is a useful piece of equipment that can activate the entire stove game board for a few seconds when activated. It is charged by earning multiple lightning bolt bonuses through successful sequential matches. This item can also be upgraded for keeping the stove activated longer.
  • Think of the stove game board as precious real estate property. Try to utilize as much of the activated stove space as possible by placing food icons next to each other without leaving too many gaps.
  • Matches with four or more food icons will turn on the stove for a single horizontal or vertical grid line.
  • Turn food icon pieces by using the scroll button on your mouse.
  • Coffee, entertainment programs, and decorative restaurant upgrades improve customer’s mood by making them happier.
  • Bomb bonuses can turn on large sections of the stove at once. Earn bombs by accumulating multiple matches.
  • All food items on the menu have different costs. The more money you have to pay for the recipe, the higher profit you will receive for selling that type of food to customers. Also note that expensive food items are odd shaped which makes them more difficult to place on the stove game board.
  • Exotic features (like birds) increase the amount of customer tips.
  • Earn combo bonuses by stacking the same type of food icon next to one another on the stove game board.
  • Deciding on which upgrade items to choose first depends on your gaming strategy. For new players, it is easier to first choose items that help with customer’s mood, like the coffee machine and decorative restaurant items.