Facebook Game Review: Gourmet Ranch - Your own restaurant and farm on Facebook

Facebook Game Review: Gourmet Ranch - Your own restaurant and farm on Facebook
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Gourmet Ranch Basics (4 out of 5)

Gourmet Ranch takes the best of games such as Farmville and Café World and combines them into one game. You have a small farm area where you can grow crops such as tomatoes, tea, wheat, fruit and other items. After you harvest your crops you can then turn to your restaurant area and cook dishes on your stove for your customers. As long as you have enough stock in your larder or warehouse building you can keep cooking dishes. You can put up fences to house animals such as chickens, cows or turkeys. Cooking happens automatically after time and you don’t have to keep adding ingredients to get the dish to cook. As you level up in Gourmet Ranch you can add more stoves and serving tables for your food items. You can also decorate your restaurant such as adding more tables and chairs for your guests.

Growing Crops and Animals (4 out of 5)

Gourmet Ranch

The things you can grow and raise are divided into a few categories with Gourmet Ranch. You have grains, fruit, fruit trees, vegetables, and animals. Each item will take a specific amount of game time to produce. You will want to check with your recipe book and decide what crops or animals you will want to raise for the various dishes. One nice option in your recipe book is an “available” tab this will tell you what you can cook with the crop resources you already have. Growing crops is simply a matter of picking a plot and putting in some seeds. For animals you will need fences but you already start with a couple of fenced areas for animals with chickens being your first animal you will want. Seeds, animals and tress can be bought at the market or you can buy the full item with coins.

Serving Food (3 out of 5)

Once you have crops you can click on your stoves and start making dishes. You have beginner through expert levels of food you can serve. So for example, at the beginner level you will be serving the like of tea and tomato soup but at the expert level you will serve Thai green curry chicken or an ostrich dish.. You can click on each dish and find out the ingredients you need to make the dish. As you level up new ingredients will become available and eventually you will be able to make all the dishes in the game. Once your dish is ready be sure to click the stove again to clean it so it’s ready for the next dish.

Decorations and Expansions (4 out of 5)

You gave a few decorative options in the game as it stands right now. You can add new tables and chairs to your restaurant as well as stoves and serving counters. New floors and walls are also available so you can finish your restaurant the way you want. You can add decorations such as flowers, pots, a TV, barrels, fences, hedges and signs. The game also features two expansions one for the restaurant itself and another for the farming area of the game so you will need double the money to expand. It would be nice if you could expand everything at once. Some decorative options are also insanely expensive it with cost you 360,000 coins if you want a fish pond or how about 500,000 for a wooden swing. The game does have quite a few decorative options but it could use a few more.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Gourmet Ranch doesn’t really add to the farming or café style gaming popular on Facebook but it does a good job of combining the two and giving you a different gaming experience. If you like farming and running your own Facebook restaurant, Gourmet Ranch is worth checking out. Be sure to check back often as the game looks to have some coming soon options that have yet to be implemented.