My Sweet Shop - Bake Treats on Facebook

My Sweet Shop - Bake Treats on Facebook
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My Sweet Shop Basics (3 out of 5)

You’ll find plenty of baking style games on Facebook such as Café World. My Sweet Shop is another one of these similar games. In My Sweet Shop you own your own sweet store and bake goodies for your patrons. In the game you have pots of different ingredients you must grow as crops and then transfer the ingredients over to a machine and make your sweet treat such as chocolate. Other ingredients will arrive by truck and you can pick those up to use in your machine. Once the treats are ready you can transfer them over to your countertops for sale. This is the same basic formula as other Facebook games of this fashion so there’s nothing new here.

Sweets for Your Shop (3 out of 5)

My Sweet Shop

My Sweet Shop seems like good game on the surface but it has several problems. While you have a decent selection of treats to make and serve you have to wait for sugar and milk to arrive by truck. This can get annoying because you can’t progress very far without waiting for these goods to arrive and you can’t buy any extra for your store. In addition to waiting for your truck deliveries you also have to wait for your crops to grow. This works fine when you’re first starting out but gets to be a problem later on when you have to wait longer periods to actually do anything in the game.

Decorative Options (1 out of 5)

One of the nice things about many Facebook games of this nature is you can decorate your store and get it looking the way that you want it to look. Customizing is one thing that brings players into Facebook games and keeps tem there because there’s always something new to add to your game and keep it fresh. My Sweet Shop has a very poor selection of decorations and most can’t even be unlocked until you reach higher levels. The lack of decorations takes away from the game and My Sweet Shop becomes very boring quickly after playing it. The game is very plain looking and you can’t even change the wall coverings or floors or add anything of much value to your store. The lack of decorations turns the game into a big dud.

Conclusion (2 out of 5)

There are better baking style games on Facebook and My Sweet Shop has a long way to go before it is one of them. The game is very simple to play and that may appal to players who don’t like a lot of selection in their Facebook games but for most people My Sweet Shop will tire very quickly. There’s no holiday themes or anything to keep you playing in the game. All you can do is make a few treats, serve them to your store patrons and put up a few decorative items. My Sweet Shop isn’t a recommended game since Facebook has games that are much better.