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Rock Revolution Wii Game Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Rock Revolution pales by comparison to Guitar Hero and Rock Band in several important ways and even copies them in key areas. Rock Revolution is only going to be fun and entertaining for Wii gamers who have never played Guitar Hero or Rock Band before.

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    Wii gamers want to rock!Wii girls really rock!Leave the Guitar Hero microphone at home
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    The Great Parts

    Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 don't have this game 

    Rock Revolution hits the right note by being usable with Guitar Hero or Rock Band instruments, which is good since they work better than the Wii remote and Nunchuk.

    There are 14 characters you can choose to play through Rock Revolution with. You can also unlock the ability to use your Mii, and you can power up your band with new picks, sticks and amps.

    The younger crowd at the party will enjoy a lot of the tunes included with Rock Revolution and tracks include "Falling Away From Me" by Korn and "Somebody Told Me" by the Killers amongst others.

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    The Bad Parts

    Rock Revolution is a totally unoriginal game that attempts to copy many elements and aspects of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but pales by comparison to either game. Playing Rock Revolution after playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band is like being invited to dinner with Elton John but ending up with a ham sandwich and his manager.

    There's a special drum kit available for Rock Revolution in the USA, but skip it, you'll have more fun and a smoother music experience if you use them to plant vegetables in.

    Put the Guitar Hero or Rock Band microphone away, there's no option for a singing career in Rock Revolution, which really sucks, of all the band members, lead singer suits me the best.

    Rock Revolution has no option for customizing your character or band members and the combos are extremely difficult and unforgiving to execute.

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    The Game Graphics

    The graphical presentation of Rock Revolution is average at best; the characters and environments have pretty good color but lack in the details and textures department. The characters are almost cartoon-like in many aspects, with bodies that are a little out of proportion and movements that are a little in-human at times.

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    The Sounds in the Game

    Rock Revolution does have a nice variety of tracks available in different musical genres; most will be popular with the younger crowd, which may have been the target for this game. Unfortunately, the game play and shallow-depth of Rock Revolution will leave them heading back to Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

    The sound quality included with Rock Revolution is barely-above average for a Wii game, which is a problem since the sound quality should be the best part in a music game.

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    Rock Revolution plays pretty well, there weren't any slow downs during play, and no major bugs that were noticeable. All of the characters were fun to play with and interacting with objects in the environments was pretty easy.

    Rock Revolution includes a fairly good Career mode in which you follow the career of your band as you make records and play live shows. Challenges in the career mode are actually pretty difficult to beat, they include reaching a specific score, performing a song without seeing the notes, avoiding false notes and even completing songs with a limited amount of mulligan's. Rock Revolution also includes a Battle mode and Free Play mode, but neither of these are as much fun as the Career mode.

    The Wii remote and Nunchuk are used to play Rock Revolution since the game doesn't ship with its own set of instruments, but they actually work reasonably well and are engaging and satisfying once you figure out the right movements. Wii remote and Nunchuk act as an air-drum and air-guitar which require gestures and movements for guitar and playing a virtual drum set on the touch screen.

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    The Last Word

    Rock Revolution is an above average Wii title when you don't compare it with Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but then such comparisons are inevitable. Taken by itself in a world without Guitar Hero or Rock Band, Rock Revolution would be a fun, entertaining, and satisfying game. Gamers who haven't had a chance to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band will enjoy the experience, but if they have played either, then Rock Revolution is like playing in a kids band.