Facebook Game Review: Happy Pets Virtual Dogs and Cats on Facebook. Feed, pet and play with them.

Facebook Game Review: Happy Pets Virtual Dogs and Cats on Facebook.  Feed, pet and play with them.
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Happy Pets Game Basics

With Happy Pets you can pick a dog or a cat as a pet and furnish a room for them to live in. You need to feed, pet your animal, and clean their bowls so they remain happy. If you don’t feed your pet it will walk around looking sad but thankfully, won’t die. Your animal will also be slow and sluggish with not much response if it hasn’t been fed. You will gain experience and points when you clean the bowl and pet your animal which help you level up in the game. There is a piggy bank that you can click on to receive some coins on a daily basis. You can decorate the room the way you wish and your pet will jump on some furniture such as couches. There are also toys your cat or dog can interact with but only one of those is currently active making this option limiting.

Adopt Your Pet (3 out of 5)

To start a game you need to adopt a pet with the option of both cats and dogs available to you. They all look basically the same with just a small bit of variety to them. For example, if you like black cats you can pick a black one or one with a few stripes but that is as far as the features go. There are not as many options for dogs as cats since the dogs are quite new. Hopefully soon we will see more variety to the pets which will improve the game.

Feeding Your Pet (3 out of 5)

Happy Pets

Your pet needs food so it moves quicker and responds better to the environment around it. It is easy to feed your pet but you must have coins to buy food. To feed your pet, click on the food icon and fill the bowl up with food. If you leave the game the food can rot so it is best to feed your pet while your online so you don’t waste your coins. You can pick from several different bowls and quantity of reserve food in ten servings or thirty servings. It will take several servings to completely fill up the bowl for your animal so be sure you have coins available.

Petting and Cleaning (3 out of 5)

You can use the pet icon (the hand) to touch your pet which will award you with some coins and experience. Your animal my rub up against you and will look happy when you do this but the interaction is quite limiting. If this was expanded upon it would give you something more to do with your pet because as it is now there is not much you can do. You will need to clean your pet’s litter box and food bowl if the food spoils on you, which will gain you some experience.

Room Decorations (3 out of 5)

Happy Pets

Decorating the room for your pet is a big part of Happy pets. You have many items to choose from such as couches, tables, lamps, scratching post, litter boxes, televisions and more. You can decorate the walls with new wallpaper, wall items and add new colors to your floor. The number of decorative items you can add is quite extensive and will provide you with many different looks to your pet’s room. I would like to seem more items that your pet can interact with. There are different pet beds and furniture such as a scratching post they can use but the options are still quite limiting in this area.

Overall Game Impressions (3 out of 5)

Happy Pets is a nice looking pet management game but as it stands right now is very limiting in what you can do with it. The only thing that doesn’t give this game a thumbs down rating is the great variety of items you can add to your pet’s room. Once more of the pet toys are implemented, there should be some more game play options for players of Happy Pets. The pets also need to have different looks or customization options such as collars, a dog sweater, boots and so on. There are gifts like many Facebook games similar to this one that you can send to your Facebook friends. Crownstar can make great games as they have shown in Happy Aquarium so I hope they continue to add new features to Happy Pets so it can become a great pet management game. You can try Happy Pets by visiting Facebook and signing up for the game.