Game Hints and Tips for Pet Shop Hop

About Pet Shop Hop

Pet Shop Hop

In this time management game, the family owned Dinertown Pets shop is being threatened to be put out of business by the corporate company MegaPet. Your grandparents give you the opportunity to run the store. You play Cassie, an animal vet student who hopes her skills can be useful to help turn the business into a success.

Basic Game Play

In each level of Pet Shop Hop you will need to earn a specific amount of money before time runs out. As customers arrive, they may look around or stand in one place to think about what they want. The pet that they want to purchase will appear as a thought bubble above their head. To play, click on the appropriate pet and then click on the customer to deliver it and receive money.

During the game, you will also need to feed and clean the pets to keep them happy. Food and cleaning materials can be found nearby. To use, click on the item needed and then click on the pet’s location.

In between levels, you can purchase new pets, supplies, equipment and decorative items for your shop. What you select to buy for the pet shop depends a bit on your strategy and what is needed to keep enough pet selection for your inventory.

You win the game after you successfully complete all 50 levels.

Game Tips

  • If a customer has a question mark above their head, they will be happy with any type of pet you offer them. Also, a customer with an outline image of a pet will be happy with any color of that type you choose.
  • Your character can carry two pets or items at once. If you pick up the wrong pet, put him back by right clicking on the appropriate area.
  • The Vet inspection station checks the health of all pets. Customers will request this service by displaying a red plus sign in their thought bubble. To complete this task, click on the appropriate pet then click on the Vet inspection station. This will take a few seconds. Once completed click on them again to pick them up so you can deliver them to the customer.
  • The store Mascot will boost customer patience and mood. You will need to choose a dog, cat or rabbit. Click on them to cause the Mascot to run around the shop. Unfortunately, they also can drag mud on the floor so you will need to pick up the mess by using a mop.
  • Make sure all pets are feed and their stations are clean. If left unattended for too long, animals will become unhappy and customers may be less likely to purchase them. Fortunately, the game will let you know when the pets really need your attention by displaying the icon needed to correct the situation.
  • Food upgrades will provide enough nourishment your pets for longer amounts of time.
  • Always purchase more pets in between each level. If there are not enough pets available, customers will leave upset and you will lose potential profits. However, the more pets you have of each type, the more often you will need to clean and feed them.
  • To score higher points, try to chain pets of the same type.

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