Other Puzzle Games

Other Puzzle Games

Best Android Puzzle Game

If you are a puzzle game fan and an Android owner, you will definitely want to know which is the best Android puzzle game. With good phones come good apps and this article will be focusing on the best Android puzzle games available for download.

Morningstar Walkthrough – Fixing the Ship

Morningstar is a very well made point-and-click adventure game that takes you onto a wrecked spaceship on an unknown desert planet. You need to repair the damage and figure out just what made you crash in the first place. Naturally we’ll investigate some other wrecks and ruins along the way.

Edge for iPhone Review

Edge for iPhone has flown under the radar, but still managed to impress enough people with its simple design and stellar level design to make it with the big dogs of the App Store. Read our Edge for iPhone review to find out what it’s all about!

The Visitor Walkthrough

The Visitor is labeled as an interactive horror game. You take on the role of a parasitic alien that needs to possess and kill it’s way through some animals and humans around a cabin in the woods. If you want to find out how to get through the game and see all three endings, look here.

Doodle God Elements Walkthrough

Doodle God isn’t just playing off a popular name combination, it’s a mighty fine iPhone game experience in its own right. Still, finding all the element combinations can be tricky. Read on for the secrets to unlocking all 140 elements and 15 categories.

Tips for Playing the 4 Elements Game

In the 4 Elements game, an ancient kingdom has been destroyed. Can you recover the Magic Books and restore its glory? Learn about how to play this match three puzzle game and get basic tips on creating chain matches, using upgrades and getting rid of obstacles that stand in your way.