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    • The World Ends With You -- Cheats, Tips, and Tricks for the Nintendo DS
      Not since the Legend of Zelda: the Phantom Hourglass has a DS game made use of the touch screen controls in such an interesting way. This can be a problem for some people and a boon for others. If you need to gain an advantage in this unique and somewhat quirky DS game, read on.
    • Six Gun Galaxy - Defeating Rivals
      Learn what it takes to survive this zombie infested wasteland. It is a dangerous world out there, to survive you are going to need some reliable teammates. Find the best ones to help you take on the scum of the world. You will need equipment and mods as well.
    • Six Gun Galaxy - Character Skills And Cost
      Do not waste valuable time, coin, and platinum trying to figure out which teammates are best for you. This guide covers all the Six Gun Galaxy character abilities as well as their cost. You'll have the jump on the competition by knowing all the facts.
    • Six Gun Galaxy - How to Level New Teammates the Easy Way
      Many players find themselves leveling alternate characters in Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook. The starter characters start to show their flaws a bit later in the game. To avoid the frustration, this guide will help bring your new desired teammates up to a competitive level within just a few days.
    • We Need More Quirky RPGs
      The RPG genre is usually incredibly serious. Sometimes it's awesome to just have a jolly good time with a comedy role-playing game.
    • Six Gun Galaxy - How to Defeat the Grotesque
      The quests in Devastated City for Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook have caused much frustration for many users. These quests require repetitive actions causing many users to quit. Don't miss this game's excellent story line because of these quests. Learn what items to stock up on to breeze through them.
    • Six Gun Galaxy: A Post-Apocalyptic Western
      Six Gun Galaxy is the new post-apocalyptic western game on Facebook by KickNation, the makers of Age of Champions. Players customize and rebuild their own town, join up with others to hunt down criminals, complete missions, and make a name for themselves in this new world.
    • A Guide to the Classes in Deep Realms
      Deep Realms is a fun dungeon-crawling RPG on Facebook. Before starting to play you'll need to pick a class - an hard choice. After all, the game asks you to pick a class when you haven't really had a chance to play. Here is more information about each class and what they earn as you progress.
    • Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Wii Game Review
      The popular Japanese series Dragon Quest Swords has transported itself to the Nintendo Wii System. In DQ Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors players use the Wii remote to slash slime monsters into scattered bits. Take on the quest to save the Queen in this light-hearted RPG.
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