Other RPG Games

Other RPG Games

Six Gun Galaxy Galaxy – Combat Guide

Learn what it takes to survive this zombie infested wasteland. It is a dangerous world out there, to survive you are going to need some reliable teammates. Find the best ones to help you take on the scum of the world. You will need equipment and mods as well.

Six Gun Galaxy – Tackling Devastated City

The quests in Devastated City for Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook have caused much frustration for many users. These quests require repetitive actions causing many users to quit. Don’t miss this game’s excellent story line because of these quests. Learn what items to stock up on to breeze through them.

Dokapon Kingdom Review

Dokapon Kingdom is first and foremost a remake of a classic Japanese title that came out in the early 90’s. It is a role playing game with strategy elements and cute brilliant colored characters.

Golden Sun DS: Dark Dawn Djinni Guide

Collecting Djinn is the heart and soul of powering up your characters in Golden Sun Dark Dawn. Some of them are obvious or unmissable to find, while others are hidden out of the way in dungeons, and still others in random battles. Use this guide to find them all!