Golden Sun DS: Dark Dawn Djinni Guide

Introduction to Djinni – Golden Sun DS: Dark Dawn Djinni Guide

In Golden Sun DS: Dark Dawn, Djinni are crucial to your survival. They do a little bit of everything! They're low-powered summons with status effects or healing abilities in battle. They increase your character's stats and change their class. They can even grant your

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characters new abilities, in the right combinations! The trouble is, of course, finding them all.

Djinni are scattered across the world, in dungeons and towns, even as random encounters on the world map. So how can you hope to find them all? Well, it's pretty easy, especially if you use this guide! Just be careful! Some of the Djinni are permanently missable if you don't get them at the right time!

The Djinni below are sorted in order of encounter, with their location, description, name and element, and whether or not they're permanently missable. There are 72 collectible Djinn in the game, 17 of each element. The encyclopedia lists more; the extras are the ones Garret and Isaac have at the start of the game.

The First Seven

Five of the first seven Djinni are missable. Once you progress past a certain point in the game, a whole section of the world becomes inaccessible. Be sure to get each of the Djinn before you leave!

Flint, Eart

2 - Djinni

h – This spirit was Isaac's very first Djinni. Flint talks a great deal, but is both knowledgeable and nice, so no one complains. Ability: Attack with a blow that can cleave stone. Flint is unmissable; he joins you as your first Djinni in the tutorial as you leave Goma Plateau.

Forge, Fire – This bolstering spirit is encountered at Patcher's Place. Forge's blazing flame stirs allies to greater ferocity in battle. Ability: Boost party attack with flame's fury. Forge is obvious sitting on a cliff above the Psynergy Training Grounds. You'll have to push several blocks around to allows you to jump from the treetop to the cliff to nab him. Forge is Permanently Missable

Gust, Wind –This fleet spirit is first encountered at the Goma Highlands Road. Gust's tremendous speed always gets the jump on an enemy. Ability: Buffet foe (perhaps twice) with gale force. You'll probably see this Djinn on the road to Carver's Camp and won't be sure how to get him. You'll need to actually enter Carver's camp and circle around a house, casting Move on a pillar to allow you past. Explore the area using the gondolas and you'll find it. Gust is Permanently Missable

Chill, Water – This spirit of intense cold is found at Carver's Camp. Chill's attack renders enemies brittle and vulnerable. Ability: Shatter a foe's defense with numbing cold. This one is easy to miss. There's a tree you can climb down in the lower right corner of the camp, and a vine you can grow to climb even further downward, to a small area that has nothing but the Djinn. Chill is Permanently Missable.

Fever, Fire – This spi

3 - Isaac

rit of dreams and hallucinations is found near Konpa Gate. Fever's power overheats a foe's brain, causing delusional thinking. Ability: Damage and delude a foe with a heat haze. Fever is unmissable as far as I know. When you're heading towards Konpa from Carver's Camp, you'll automatically get in a battle with an unnamed Mars Djinn. Defeat it and Fever is yours. If, however, you somehow manage to miss the encounter, Fever would become permanently missable.

Flower, Earth – This flower spirit is found by the gate to the Konpa Ruins. Flower's sweet scent has a refreshing and healing effect. Ability: Refresh allies and restore HP. You should see Flower among some flowers when you have the man open Konpa Gate for you. Once past the gate, when you go to find it, Flower will hide among some flowers. Use Whirlwind to lift them and reveal the poor Djinn. Flower is Permanently Missable.

Jolt, Wind – This lightning spirit is first encountered at the Konpa ruins. Jolt generates a shock that can bring an unconscious ally around again. Ability: May revive a downed ally with sharp shocks. Atop one of the rooftops at the peak of Konpa Ruins, you'll see Jolt. Using the Grip psynergy on the poles, you can pull yourself to the rooftop, but Jolt will run when you get close. You'll have to use the Grip psynergy when it's between you and a pole to pull yourself into it, starting a fight. Jolt is Permanently Missable.

Any Djinni missed once Rief joins your party (after Blados destroys the exit to the cave) are gone forever. You will never be able to return to the starting areas.

Djinni Eight Through Eleven

Sleet, Water – This spirit of crystallized ice joins the party with Rief. Sleet's attack wraps enemies in blinding cold, making fighting more difficult. Ability: Slas

4 - Sveta

h a foe with ice to reduce its attack. Sleet is unmissable; he comes with Rief when the blue adept joins your party.

Cinder, Fire – This spirit of fire's last remnants is first met in Harapa. Cinder can ignite vigor in an unconscious ally through sheer determination. Ability: Usually revives downed ally with life embers. Cinder is found in Harapa. Go to the second floor of the healer/priest residence and use Rief's ability to put out fires and explore the ledges and walls around town.

Bark, Earth – This tough spirit is first met on the Passaj Mountain Climb. Bark's rough hide can protect allies like a shield. Ability: Create a protective barrier against attacks. Bark is in the caves on the way up to Passaj. He's only missable if you willfully ignore his presence.

Ether, Wind – This spirit embodies the winds at the highest altitudes and is found in western Kaocho. Allies find Ether's presence calming, even in the midst of battle. Ability: Focus will to restore PP. Ether is very easy to miss, but is thankfully not permanently missable. To the left of Kaocho is is a river. Across that river is a forest. In that forest is the random encounter with a Jupiter Djinn, which turns out to be Ether.

Djinni Twelve Through Fouorteen

Steel, Earth – This love spirit

5 - Rief

is first found in Kaocho. Steel's attack is a vitality-stealing kiss that leaves enemies wanting more. Ability: Attack and siphon a foe's HP with a kiss. Steel is found in Kaocho and requires the use of Grip creatively. You'll have to take the right side of town, to the left of the canal, and head to the palace inside it's fence. A little climbing and you'l reach one of the flagpoles; Grip across it and follow the path down to Steel.

Breath, Wind – This spirit embodies living breath and is found in Ayuthay. Breath specializes in healing allies in the nick of time. Ability: Restore an ally's HP before others can act. Tedious but not hard to find, Breath is in the main pond area but can only be accessed once you've lowered the water level. Navigate around using Whirlwind on the rafts and you'll find it.

Surge, Water – This geyser spirit joins the party in Barai Temple. Surge can conjure a hot-spring effect that relieves fatigue for allies. Ability: Restore party HP with a stream of life. Unmissable, though when you first see it in the water temple, you may wonder how to access it. the answer is Amiti. Once you've obtained the insight glass, Amiti tells you to test it our, and it will show you to shoot the Djinn with a fireball. This knocks it off it's pedestal and allows you to get it.

Djinni 15 Through 23

Mist, Water – This spirit has influence over Sleep and joins your party along with Amiti. Mist's attack enshrouds a foe's mind, making it ready for sleep. Ability: Attack and lull a foe into deep sleep. Joins you with Amiti.

Mellow, Water – This spirit of calm waters befriends the party along with Amiti. Mellow's untroubled aura shields the party from hostile Psynergy. Ability: Boost party Resistan

6 - Floating Djinn

ce with a moist sheen. Joins you with Amiti.

Claw, Water – This spirit represents aggressive sea life and joins the party along with Amiti. Claw's attack leaves a foe more vulnerable to Psynergy. Ability: Attack to drop an enemy's resistance. Joins you with Amiti.

Lava, Fire – This spirit represents fire's power to melt and is first met in Kaocho. Lava's attack is hot enough to melt enemy defenses, leaving foes vulnerable. Ability: Drop enemy defense with volcanic gases. You've seen this one in Kaocho but there was a guy sitting in the way. Well, now with Amiti's Insight Psynergy, you can find out the guy just wants a snack, which you can buy from the now-conveniently-open tea shop. Buy one, give it to him, and play with your new pet Djinn.

Vortex, Wind – This spirit embodies whirlwinds and is found in the Ouroboros. Vortex's attack leaves enemies dizzy and unable to see straight. Ability: Attack and delude a foe with whirling air. In the Ouroboros maze, move some snake statues and play around with some blocks and whirlwind, and you should come across this wind Djinni.

Djinni 20 Through 23

Brand, Fire – This spirit represents fire's controlling aspect and is found in Passaj. Brand can lock an enemy's Psynergy in place with a heat seal. Now that you have the Sol Mask in place in Passaj, you can follow the newly-risen walls around to the screen below the town, where this Djinn has sat mocking you since you first arrived.

Serac, Water – This spirit represents the overpowering cold of a glacier and is met at the Harapa ruins. Serac's attack sucks all heat away from the enfironment instantly. Ability: Strike a chilling finishing blow. In the Harapa ruins, you'll have to slide your way around on the ice. Enter from the

7 - Temple

right and move: left, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down.

Brick, Earth – This spirit is found in Harapa. Brick's control over stones allows for the instant creation of defensive barriers. Ability: Boost party defense with a hard covering. With your new ice power, you'll have to freeze the puddle in Harapa near the left entrance of town. Then go to the right entrance and grow the vine outside the wall and climb, following the wall to your ice pillar and jump across. Brick is permanently missable once the eclipse happens, as you can't freeze the pillar from the right side entrance (which is now walled) and you can't get to the vine from the left entrance.

Doldrum, Wind – This spirit represents still air and is found at Craggy Peak. Doldrum can hold an enemy in place by encasing it in unmoving wind. Ability: Stop enemy movement with still air. In the Taurus room of the zodiac puzzles (you'll know it when you get to them) you shoot a fireball at the lion's mouth, as the lion room taught you. The Djinn drops down for you to get. Doldrum is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Djinni 24 Through 33

Fury, Fire – This spirit embodies hot rage and is first met at Te Rya village. Fury sumons the souls of those who died in anger to attack enemies. Ability: Call haunting spirits to harm your foe. In Te Rya, there are sheep blocking a path near a torch. Light the torch and the sheep will move away, letting you reach the Djinni. Fury is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Dewdrop, W

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ater – This spirit carries the refreshing feeling of morning dew and is met near the Teppe ruins. Dewdrop cleanses the party of toxins and the like. Ability: Cure party status effects with fresh dew. Near the Teppe ruins is a person in a hut. You should spot the Djinn diving into the water to swim around. Give the person in the hut the rod you (hopefully) bought in Te Rya, and he'll use it as a fishing rod to fish out the Djinn for you. Dewdrop is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Fleet, Wind – This spirit of energetic winds befriends the party along with Sveta. Fleet's vigor inspires allies to act faster. Ability: Boost party agility with wind at your back. Joins you with Sveta.

Waft, Wind – This uplifting spirit joins the party along with Sveta. Waft's soothing fragrance lulls an enemy to sleep. Ability: Smite and lull a foe to sleep with aromas. Joins you with Sveta.

Bolt, Wind – This electrical spirit joins the party along with Sveta. Bolt's constantly charging current shocks a foe senseless. Ability: Attack and stun a foe with electric force. Joins you with Sveta.

Djinni 29 Through 33

Breeze, Wind – This spirit of soft winds joins the party with Sveta. Breeze's calming influence shelters the mind from harmful Psynergy. Ability: Boost party resistance with a gentle wnd. Joins you with Sveta.

Haze, Wind – This spirit of swirling vapors joins the party with Sveta. Haze can grant temporary sanctuary to a friend in the form of concealing mists. Ability: Hide away to avoid damage. Joins you with Sveta.

Vine, Earth – This spirit has influence over seeds an

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d is found in the Teppe ruins. In battle, Vine plants seeds that gow with amazing speed to hamper foes. Ability: Tangle multiple foes to drop agility. In the Teppe ruins you'll see Vine rush into some tall grass and avoid you by circling a platform. Climb to that platform and push down the pillar to block it's way and corner it. Vine is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Torrent, Water – This spirit represents powerful currents and is found in Belinsk. Torrent's tremendous energy is contagious and makes the whole party move faster. Ability: Boost party agility with a surge of energy. In Belinsk, on the upper-right corner of the city is an exit to a small dock. Arrange the crate you find there and freeze the puddle to jump to the Djinn hiding from you. Torrent is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Spout, Water – This torrential spirit is met in Belinsk. The force of Spout's watery attack leaves behind a mist that obscures a foe's vision. Ability: Spray foe with painful blinding mists. In the Belinsk priest house, head to the basement library. Shift around the bookshelves to reveal a hidden passage where you can find Spout. Spout is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Djinni 34 Through 40

Gears, Earth – This spirit of inevitability is found north of Border Town. Gears can force evil beings to turn on one another. Ability: Force a foe to attack another. To the North of Border Town… the FAR north, there is a jut of land that sticks out. All the way at it's tip is a random encounter with a Venus Djinni, which turns out to be Gears. Gears is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Sirocco, Wind – This sandstorm s

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pirit is first encountered in Border Town. Sirocco's swirling winds reduce enemy visibility to zero. Ability: Scour and delude a foe with a sandstorm. Play batman and grip around on the rooftops of Border Town, and you'll find a staircase leading to Sirocco. Sirocco is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Furrow, Earth – Desire is the province of this spirit, who you first meet in Belinsk. Furrow's attack takes vitality from foes by force. Ability: Drain an enemy's HP. Actually obtainable as soon as you come down out of the mountains. There's a small island to the right, between Teppe Ruins and Port Rago. On that tiny island is a random encounter with this Venus Djinni. Furrow is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Coral, Water – This spirit embodies the life-giving properties of the sea and is first met at Port Rago. Coral's aura restores life and health to the injured. Ability: Restore party HP with the life-giving seas. In Port Rago, when you're sneaking in through the sewers/canals, you should spot this one. Once you lower the water, go back through and collect it (and a treasure.) Coral is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Garland, Earth – This tree spirit is found in Kolima Village. Garland has a pleasant fragrance that immediately refreshes and relieves fatigue. Ability: Refresh an ally and restore HP. In Kolima, the town made of trees, Garland sits in the branches high above. You'll have to make your way to it through t

11 - Panorama

he branches. Garland is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

Glare, Fire – This light spirit is first encountered at the Dream Tree. Glare emits light intense enough to blind and injure an enemy. Ability: Damage and delude a foe with heat glare. In the dream-world swamp in the Dream Tree, dry the water and push logs around until you can get to the entrance that will take you to Glare. Glare is Permanently Missable once you kill the lizard boss.

Wisp, Wind – This spirit of lingering fragrances is first met in Saha town. Wisp can refresh the mind and heart with invigorating aromas. Ability: Restore party PP with refreshing fragrances. Once you get the Crush psynergy, go into the wells between Saha and Kolima and crush the rocks in your way, to get to Wisp. Wisp is Permanently Missable once the eclipse happens.

The Rest

When you've come this far there's no stopping you, and the best is yet to come. Go ahead and read on, and check out the second half of this guide, linked below! There you'll find steps to get every Djinni in the game from Pewter on the Aurora. Even the ones hidden in out of the way corners of the map, or located in hard to find spots on the world map in random battles! If you're anything like me, you probably missed those along the way.

Or if you're done for now, go ahead and check out other games for the system. Not interested? Bright Hub has plenty of other topics to choose from!

Feel free to leave me a comment or question in the comments section. If you need more specific directions to any of the Djinn, ask away!

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This guide will give you a list of every one of the 72 Djinn in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS. Each one tells you what element it is, what it’s ability is, it’s encyclopedia description, and of course exactly how to find it. Don’t be afraid, knowledge is power! Literally, in this case.
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