Dragon Saga Thief Guide

Dragon Saga Thief Guide
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Less Stealing, More Combos


Dragon Saga, – formerly known as Dragonica Online in North America – no matter how you look at it, is truly a one of a kind MMO that contains fast paced action once you boot it up and pick a character. One of the most fun and unique character archetypes in the game is the thief, who focuses entirely on combos, air-juggles and maintaining crowd control using lightning fast strikes and attacks. This Dragon Saga thief guide will walk you through the basics of playing as a thief and putting together some radically devastating combos.

The thief class in Dragon Saga may be called a thief, however, the biggest difference between the thief class in Dragon Saga and other games is that they don’t actually focus on stealing stuff in Dragon Saga. No, instead, players will spend their time unleashing some of the coolest looking combos ever in an MMO.

The thief’s very first skill is an uppercut that starts an air juggle combo, which includes spinning and beating the mess out of multiple mobs. From there the thief has skills that focus entirely on stringing together crowd-controlling juggles that work perfect for just about every mob except for a boss.

Thief Skill Tree

Gives ground and pound a new meaning

Double Attack: Raises the percentage rate for executing a double attack while finishing up a combo.

Air Combo Launch: This is a cool skill that allows you launch several mobs up into the air for a combo. As this skill is leveled up the cooldown decreases for faster air launches.

Aerial Frenzy: Up to six enemies can be air juggled using aerial frenzy, which enables players to take out mobs without ever touching the ground.

Cutdown: This is a ground and pound attack that smashes the ground while in mid-air, using an AOE to damage all nearby enemies.

Rocket Punch: A blasting rocket punch that shoots the player across the screen into a crowd of mobs that puts a stun effect on.

Air-launching enemies

Somersault Kick: This skill launches multiple enemies into the air, working as a good prerequisite for re-launching enemies into the air with air combo launch.

Re-Launch: Allows the player to re-launch mobs into the air after they hit the ground. Requires air-combo launch.

Venom: A DOT that damages up to three enemies at a time with a poisonous gas.

Nosel Tuning: An upgrade for the Rocket Punch skill that allows it to have an extra boost for additional damage from the skill.

Vitality: Amps up the constitution of the player and party members within a specific range.

Dexterity: Additional dexterity is added to the player and party members within a small radius, which works great during boss battles.

Tactics For Fighting Bosses

A little Dragon ball Z action

Unlike the archers in Dragon Saga, the thief can’t juggle a boss using the near infinite combination of attack skills. Instead, the thief has to rely a lot on stick-and-move tactics, putting the standard tank-and-spank ideology off to the side (or letting the warrior handle that aspect of the battle). The thief skills are primarily centered on crowd controlling mobs and offering plenty of DPS as a secondary or support character. The warrior and archer class are much better suited for straight-through boss battles given the archer’s ability to dodge out of the way conveniently and the warrior’s ability to tank. Nevertheless, gamers who enjoy laying the smack down with a plethora of combos, both on the ground and in the air, will thoroughly enjoy playing as the thief in Dragon Saga. For more MMORPG class guides feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.