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Facebook Game Reviews: Deep Realms

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Deep Realms is a Facebook RPG style game. Take your character on adventures through various areas, get items, or take part in PvP action via an arena.

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    Deep Realms Basics

    Deep Realms Playdom has moved into the RPG market with Deep Realms. This game is a bit like Treasure Isle from Zynga where you need to uncover tiles to move around on the various maps. As you move, you’ll uncover coins, experience, and enemies blocking your path to the next area in the game. During the turn based combat, you can employ different moves you have learned in the game to defeat your enemies. Deep Realms also features a town where you can buy items such as new armor and take part in a PVP arena area against other Facebook users. The town features a bazaar where you can play mini game and win prizes. Game play features boss enemies where you can call upon your Facebook friends to help you defeat them so you can progress through the map.

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    Game Play

    Deep Realms Deep Realms feels more like RPG game and does away with the old text menus most Facebook RPGs have and bring more interaction to the game. While the combat is still basic, it’s more engaging that just clicking on a text menu. Your character can use various weapons in the game such as swords, bows and even different moves such as tackle. Players can be a warrior, templar, ranger, assassin, or a sorcerer. Each class has its own special and unique abilities. For example, the warrior is better up close while the ranger excels in the use of the bow. This is standard RPG fare but it shows that games are beginning to evolve some on Facebook. The game also uses energy each time you uncover a square on the map. Energy will replenish over time and you can pick up energy potions along with health potions too. You can change the look of your avatar anytime that you want.

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    Player Customization

    All good RPG games allow for some sort of player customization. With Deep Realms, you can change your weapons, armor, and use special skills too. As you play, you’ll unlock more skills and the ability to use different weapons. Players can have offensive skills, defensive skills, and attack skills such as the ability to wield a sword, bow, or use a tackle attack. Some classes such as the sorcerer can also use magic skills. There’s a great skill tree to view which shows how you are advancing through the various skills. There’s enough skill content in the game to keep you playing for some time, which adds to the game play. You can easily remove skills from your avatar and put new ones on you have acquired.

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    Graphics and Sound

    Deep Realms Deep Realms has a good soundtrack and the sound changes when you fight. The game could use some combat sounds but the music is still good. The game looks great and is nice and colorful. Forests look like forests, and caves are dark and spooky looking. You can only see the initial area your avatar is in and it would be nice to move the mouse around a bit to see more of the map. A full-screen toggle would also be a nice addition but the game play area is quite large so it is not too much of a problem. It’s nice to see a game pay a little more attention to graphics and make something that looks decent since it adds to the game play in Deep Realms.

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    In the game you’ll come across tough boss enemies like those in other RPGs. You can invite your Facebook friends to come and help you defeat the boss so you can move on the map. The game also has an arena area where you can test your weapons and armor against other players or just play for fun. Players can pick u what are called “spirits” in the game and use these to improve their characters in the arena. They may get a sprit to go first in the battle or get a spirt to double the amount of gold you would get from winning. These are nice addition but if you don’t have a spirit and your opponent has one you may end up losing the match. The arena can be fun and it will get people playing who like PV action.

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    Deep Realms goes beyond the standard Facebook RPG game and gives you a fuller experience. There’s enough content in the game to keep players in the game with the game maps and nice skill set you can acquire. The game has arena combat as well as good customization options. Let’s hope that more Facebook game developers start to make decent RPG games along the lines of Deep Realms.

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    All images from Deep Realms.

    Source: Article is author's own exepriences playing Deep Realms on Facebook.