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Facebook Game Guides: Deep Realms

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Deep Realms is a Facebook role-playing game by Playdom. Uncover tiles as you develop your character and fight others in the town arena. Epic adventure awaits you with Deep Realms. Use this game guide to find out more about this great Facebook game.

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    Deep Realms Exploring the Map

    Deep Realms In Deep Realms, you uncover titles on the game map for experience, coins, and along the way, you’ll battle different monsters. You can’t actually explore past the tiles so it’s a bit disappointing but it’s easy enough to follow the tiles. It’s a good idea to explore all tiles for extra coins and experience. Uncovering the tiles will also require energy points but you can use energy potions to replenish you supply of just wait for the five minute timer to give you another point. During game play, you’ll also pick up health potions you can use to restore your health after a battle. Courage points and potions are needed to fight against the bosses in the game.

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    Combat Mode

    Deep Realms As you uncover tiles, you’ll encounter enemies and enter the combat mode. During combat, you will take turns against the enemies there. You have several moves you can use including melee attacks, a bow, and sword weapons. If you take too much damage, you can use a health potion provided you have one available. Not all of your attacks will be successful and you may miss a few times so having health potions can be very beneficial on the outcome of the match. Below your character, you can find any bonuses you have such as attack or defensive bonuses. After the battle there’s a chance, you may loot items so check your inventory periodically to see what you have. You can continue fighting and exploring provided you have the energy to continue. Explore for some time and then do some fights in the arena while your energy restores.

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    Your Character

    From the inventory screen, you can view your character. Here you can see all the weapons, armor, and special moves you have. On the left side you can equip your weapons and special move attacks. The top part of the screen has your armor while the left features your skills. It’s up to you to decide which skills and weapons to use for your character. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find any elixirs you own and to the far right is the spirits button, which you can use to gain advantages in arena combat. Sort your character by attacks, skills, and gear with the tabs at the top of the page. Anything you are wearing will be marked “equipped.” Drag items you don’t want off your character to make room for the new items.

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    The Town

    Deep Realms When you are not out exploring, you can visit the game town. In the town, you can take part in several things including fighting in the arena. The PvP fights are one of the best things in this game and they can be a lot of fun. Simply enter the arena and pick from one of the players there. As you play, you’ll see your win streak and eventually after so many fights, you’ll get ranked. Your spirits will come in handy during arena fights so be sure to collect as many as you can. During the fights, you can use your same game moves but you won’t have health potions available to you. You’ll play seven rounds and the person who deals the most damage to their opponent will win the fight.

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    The Town Part Two

    Deep Realms Another part of the game is boss fights and when you are out exploring you'll encounter tough bosses. In the town you can click the boss screen and see if any of your Facebook friends who have encountered bosses need any help defeating them. In the bazaar you can play mini games with gems and win special prizes. You’ll get some free gems from playing but most you’ll need to buy with Facebook credits. You can view your progress and see where you are on the game map from the scroll on the tree and the news section shows you which players have fought you in the arena and if you won or lost the match. You can also read game notes from the news section too.

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    View the collection screen and see what items you have looted towards the collection in the game. There’s plenty of great stuff to collect in the game such as special armor, and weapons and this gives you something to strive for while playing the game. The disappointing part is that many of the loot items are high level leaving little for the early player to own.

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    Deep Realms is new and there should be plenty of content added to the game shortly. Enjoy Deep Realms it is one of the better Facebook RPG games and it shows enormous potential.

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    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing Deep Realms on Facebook.