Beginner's Guide to Castle Age: Favor Points, Other Types of Points, and Castle Age Game Layout

Beginner's Guide to Castle Age: Favor Points, Other Types of Points, and Castle Age Game Layout
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Castle Age is a Facebook game with a fantasy theme. There are quests, heroes, generals which are heroes that lead quests, demi powers which aren’t heroes, and tribute-paying to the demi powers which gives you bonuses and unlocks more quests. There are lands, soldiers, weapons, armor, and magical powers. There are alchemy ingredients, some of which are also soldiers, weapons, armor, or magical powers. There are battles with other players and battles with monsters. There are experience points, upgrade points, demi points, battle points, and favor points. There are three separate ways to add your friends to the game.

In short, there are lots of buttons to do lots of different things, lots of characters and items and tabs for things everywhere, and it can all be very confusing when you’ve just started. This series serves as a guide to Castle Age, and will walk you through it a little at a time.

An Overview of the Castle Age Game Layout

Across the top, you have counters for your gold, energy, health, stamina, and current level with experience point progress bar. Below that, the picture shows which quest area you’re in, plus your current general. Then there’s a row of links for Home, Quests, Battle, Monsters, Heroes, Town, Oracle, Keep, and Army. (If you’ve only just started, you might not have Monsters yet.) Each link leads to a separate area, and each area comes with a row of tabs. In order, these are:

  • Home
  • Quests - Quest, Demi Quests, Atlantis
  • Battle - Battle, Training Grounds, Battle Rank, Raid, Arena
  • Monsters - a shortcut link to the Monsters tab under Keep
  • Heroes - Heroes, Generals
  • Town - Soldiers, Black Smith, Magic, Land
  • Oracle - Oracle, Demi-Power, Treasure Chest Alpha, Treasure Chest Vanguard
  • Keep - Stats, Elite Guard, Achievements, Alchemy, Monsters
  • Army - Invite, Send Gifts, View Army, Sent Invites

A Guide to Castle Age Points

Castle Age Picture of the Oracle

Castle Age has five kinds of points: experience, upgrade, battle, demi, and favor points.

  • Experience points are what you earn to level your character. You earn them while doing quests or engaging in battles.
  • Upgrade points are used to increase your character stats (energy, stamina, attack, defense, health). You get five every time you level, and one every time you master a quest.
  • Battle points give you your character’s rank and title. These are earned in battle against other players.
  • Demi points are a measure of your favor with the associated Demi Power. There are five Demi Powers and therefore five kinds of demi points. You earn them by paying tribute to the Demi Power or engaging in battles. In return they grant you blessings, in the form of stat points, favor points, potions, items, and additional quests.
  • Castle Age favor points are the points that you get by spending real money. They exist in every Facebook game in some form or other, though Castle Age is relatively generous about letting you accumulate them through playing. You spend them at the Oracle link, where you can buy counter refills (very big hint: don’t waste your favor points on these), special limited-time items, a name change if you want to use something other than your real name, or additional NPC army members. There are also two types of treasure chests, each with a separate tab under the Oracle link, for surprise packages.

Continue on to other articles in this guide to Castle Age. Game series includes hints and tips.

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