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Castle Age Hints About Quests, Items, and Characters

by: Kayar ; edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you confused by all the different types of people in the game Castle Age on Facebook? There are soldiers, heroes, generals, demi powers, and an oracle. How about items? There are both magic items and alchemy ingredients and they aren't exactly the same. These hints help you understand it all.

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    In Castle Age, a game on Facebook with a fantasy theme, quests are the basic bread and butter of game play. All of the quests are found under the Quests link. In this article, we will explore several Castle Age hints about quests, items, and characters.

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    Castle Age Quests

    Quests are arranged into different lands or realms. Each land or realm has five of them, plus an end boss at the bottom. The boss is a type of monster that you can summon and defeat for powerful items, and they are key parts of the Castle Age storyline, but you can continue to play in the next realm without actually defeating them.

    Castle Age Picture of a Quest Quests are the first thing you see when you start the game and go through the tutorial. Doing them is fairly straightforward - click the big green "Quest" button to spend energy and earn gold and experience points. Do the same one multiple times to get the influence progress bar to 100% and earn an upgrade point. Master four out of five to unlock the end boss. Master all five, and you'll unlock two subquests per quest. Master the subquests to unlock level 2 of the main quest, which you can master to unlock level 2 of the subquests, and so on for four total levels of quests and subquests and twelve total upgrade points.

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    Hints to Understand The Town Link

    Most quests require you to have certain soldiers, such as footmen, rangers, knights, clerics, paladins, tree ents, etc. You can buy them without leaving the quest area by clicking their pictures. You will also gain new soldiers through Random Encounters - which are simple battles that pop up as you do quests. Friends can also send soldiers as Facebook gift requests.

    Castle Age Picture of Soldiers in Town Tab To find them all again later, go to the Town link and look at the Soldiers tab. The Random Encounter and Gift soldiers will appear in a list below the ones you can buy, in the order that you got them.

    There are three other tabs under the Town link. Black Smith is where you'll find weapons, armor, shields, gloves, helmets, amulets, and rings. Land generates hourly income to pay for other things in town and for upkeep of soldiers and heroes. One nice thing about land income in Castle Age is that your money doesn't appear in your counter until you actually log back into the game, so it can't be stolen while you aren't looking.

    There are no low-level magical powers that can be bought in Castle Age, but the Magic tab will list the ones you win from quests and monster battles. Don't worry that it looks empty at the beginning, it will fill in. Also, later on you'll unlock high-level buyable ones from the battle system or advanced quests.

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    Straightforward So Far?

    Most of the basics about quests and items should be reasonably familiar to players from other Facebook games of the same template, such as Mafia Wars, Vampire Wars, Yakuza Lords, Hammerfall RPG, Ultimate Hitman, etc. In Castle Age, however, it gets a lot more complex from there. Read on for some more advanced Castle Age hints.

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    Hints About Alchemy

    Alchemy ingredients are not exactly the same as your other types of items, and they aren't found in the Magic tab of the Town link as you might first expect. Alchemy ingredients are a separate pool of items, and they are found under the Keep link in the Alchemy tab. You mostly get these by accepting Facebook gift requests from friends, but some are loot drops from quests or monster battles. The really confusing part is when an alchemy ingredient is also a soldier, weapon, armor, or magic item, because then it will appear in two places.

    Castle Age Picture of Alchemy Page Alchemy ingredients are components for making other things. Some are items which, when finished, will appear under the appropriate item tab in Town. Some are summoning spells for monster battles, which will appear in the Monsters tab under the Keep link. Some will unlock a new series of quests, which will then appear in the Quests link.

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    What Are the Heroes and Generals from Castle Age?

    Castle Age Picture of Generals Page Heroes are not the same as soldiers. They are a separate pool of characters that you can hire from the Heroes link. Once hired, they appear under the Generals tab. Each hero in Castle Age comes with a minor special power that can help you with quests, battles, and other things while the hero is your general. They can earn their own experience points during quests or battles, and level up to 4. You can only have one active general at a time, and for many quests you need a specific one active to master the quest.

    Not all of the heroes are needed as generals for quests, but some of the others can be useful. Aeris, for example, waives the 10% bank fee at level 4, which allows you to save more of your money. Garlan gives you good-sized discounts on anything bought under the Town link (not just the soldiers).

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    What Are Demi Powers?

    Castle Age Picture of Demi Power Quests Demi Powers (or as they would be known traditionally, demigods) are not the same as heroes. They are a separate pool of five characters that you can pay tribute to in exchange for blessings. They are Ambrosia, Malekus, Corvintheus, Aurora, and Azeron. You can find them either under the Oracle link, Demi-Power tab for full information, or under the Quests link, Demi Quests tab.

    Each Demi Power has a pool of points called demi points. You can accumulate them 100 at a time (200 for Azeron) by paying tribute to your choice of one Demi Power once per day (once every two days for Azeron), which will grant you one stat point (energy, attack, defense, health, or stamina, depending on which of the five Demi Powers it is). You also accumulate them a few points at a time during battles with other players or with monsters. At regular intervals of once per 100-400 demi points, you receive a bonus item or an unlocked new quest called a Demi Quest.

    Demi Quests work just like the land/realm quests but without an end boss, and are a good way to earn extra upgrade points. They are found under the Quests link in the Demi Quests tab.

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    Who Is The Oracle?

    Although both are found under the Oracle link, the oracle is unrelated to the Demi Powers. She just accepts Castle Age favor points in exchange for counter refills (very big hint: don't buy these) or special items. More information about favor points may be found in the first article of this guide series, and more hints and tips in general are in the third.

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