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LaTale Warrior Guide For Beginners

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

A detailed walkthrough of the skills, abilities and weapons that are accessible to the Warrior class in the side-scrolling MMORPG, LaTale.

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    Unleashing The Inner Warrior

    Standing near a 110 Level Warrior There’s something about using a two-handed sword in games that gets most gamers all intense and excited. Maybe it’s because the sword is usually bigger than the protagonist and the after effects include splitting a zombie in two or decapitating a difficult baddie. Whatever the case may be for wanting to use large swords or slice-and-dice worthy spears, LaTale offers gamers a nice selection of the formerly mentioned weapons in droves. In fact, the Warrior class in LaTale – unlike many other free-to-play MMORPGs out there – can use a wide variety of knuckles, spears, pikes and two-handed swords. If you were leery about using a Warrior in LaTale because you didn’t think they were all that cool, try checking out this LaTale Warrior guide which breaks what sort of abilities they get early on in the game as well as what sort of skills they can utilize later in the game.

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    From A Warrior To A Warlord

    Using a standard Spear attack One of the highlights of LaTale is that the game offers players many branching options for developing their character, similar to the archetypes and branching class abilities present in Allods Online. For the Warrior class in LaTale there are two tiers in which a Warrior class can evolve into, ranging from being a speedy, dual-sword wielding Blader or a domineering spear swinging Warlord.

    Players who enjoy showing off their magnificent ambidextrous skills in combat will probably prefer swiftly swinging dual blades as a Blader, and if I must say so myself most of those blades look uber cool. Now, however, if you prefer something bigger, heavier and more reliable for instantly picking off foes with just a few swings, there’s the epic two-handed sword or the long-range pike/spear. Surprisingly enough, spear-users and two-handed sword users are a rare breed in the world of LaTale, but that certainly doesn’t detract from either of the weapons’ usefulness or effectiveness.

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    Leveling Tips For Beginners

    Using the spear to attack multiple enemies There are a few things to take note on when leveling as a Warrior in this game. One thing you need to remember is that there is more experience when fighting multiple mobs at one time and ideally, for mobs, the spear is probably the best option to go with for quickly leveling. However, if you’re not keen on using a spear then it would be best to stick with the weapon you have an affinity with.

    For taking out single enemies, bosses or other hard to fight opponents, the sword is a much better option, providing players with optimal damage in a moderate range. It’s also easier to strike and block or counterattack using the swords as opposed to the spear.

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    Warrior Skill-Set: Misc Class Skills

    Strength skills Strength Upgrade [Passive]: Exactly as it states, this upgrades the strength ability per every level.

    Concentration [Active]: Raises a player’s accuracy by 1% per each level.

    Rage [Active]: Raises physical damage output by 1% per every level.

    Mind Concentration [Passive]: Evasion rate is increased by 1% for every level gained.

    Scar [Passive]: Using either a two-handed sword or a spear, player has a chance to inflict a scar on the enemy.

    Rage Explosion [Active]: Temporarily increases critical strike chance by 5% with a burst of rage energy.

    Berserker Drive [Passive]: Literally, a rage mode that doubles damage and critical strikes as the player’s HP gets lower.

    Overpowering Gaze [Passive]: Decreases an enemy’s offensive abilities by 2% per every level increase.

    Threatening Gaze [Passive]: Decreases all nearby enemies’ defensive abilities by 3% per every level.

    Blood Thirsty Aura [Passive]: Increases the entire party’s critical hit rate by 2% per every level

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    Warrior Skill-Set: Two-Handed Sword Skills

    Two-handed sword skills Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Novice, Skilled, Expert): Increases damage for using the two-handed sword for every level.

    Edge Bounce: Allows players to bounce off an enemy’s attack.

    Counter: For level 35 or higher. Must have Edge Bounce in order to execute Counter.

    Shock Wave: A jump attack to the ground that creates a shock wave.

    Meteor Wave: A wide vertical slash that attacks multiple enemies. For level 20 and higher.

    Atomic Break: A sword projectile attack based on focused energy. For level 40 and higher.

    Time Breaker: For level 60 or higher, this skill smashes through time itself to attack foes.

    Twin Blade: A double attack that cripples nearby enemies.

    Double Blade: A strong side swipe attack for level’s 20 and higher.

    Triple Clashers: Requires Double Blade and level 40; unleashes devastating side swipe attack.

    Blade Thrower: A huge fury of swinging attacks that builds with momentum. Players must be level 60 in order to use it.

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    Warrior Skill-Set: Spear Skills

    Spear skills Spear Mastery (Novice Skilled, Expert): A skill that incrementally adds damage to the spear.

    Piercing Lance: A thrusting lance attack for level 5 and higher.

    Hurricane Lance: A sweeping attack that can be used after level 20.

    Burst Lance: An expensive but devastating quick skill that becomes available at level 40.

    Gun Lance: A long range projectile attack using the spear that becomes available at level 60.

    Windmill attack 

    Windmill: Spinning spear AOE attack that looks cool and is equally effective.

    Air Wall: Defensive ability to prevent attacks from hitting the player at level 20.

    Multiple Lance: Attacks the targets with multiple strikes from the spear at level 40.

    Increase Lance: An attack that summons a dragon that wipes out nearby enemies available at level 60.

    That completes the list of beginner Warrior skills in LaTale. If you’d like to check out the Knuckle Mastery skill-set it’s also available in the LaTale Explorer Guide right here at Bright Hub.