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La Tale Beginner Guide For Explorers

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

A class guide to help beginner players of La Tale get acquainted with the Explorer in OG Planets' side-scrolling MMORPG.

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    Exploring The World

    Hanging out in town La Tale is a unique side-scrolling MMO, similar to Maple Story but offers a little bit more depth in combat and skills. There are five main classes in La Tale, and later on in the game players can branch off and upscale their main class into another more powerful sub-class. One of the five basic classes in La Tale that players will start off with is the Explorer. The other four include Warriors, Knights, Wizards and Engineers.

    The Explorer sort of fits the bill as a mixed long-range and close-range character class due to their ability to use melee weapons, daggers, bows and crossbows. When they reach level 80 they can either class advance as a Treasure Hunter or turn into a Gunslinger.

    This La Tale Explorer guide for beginners will help detail what you can expect from the Explorer class, as well as outline some of the skills you’ll earn early on in the game.

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    The Explorer’s Weapons Of Choice

    Fighting outside of town There are four different weapon types at the disposal of Explorers in La Tale, these include knuckles for up-close melee combat, daggers and shields for defensive players, bows for speedy long-range attacks and crossbows for high-powered long-range attacks.

    Each weapon has its own special set of upgradeable skills that players can put points into, along with other miscellaneous skills that can help in a number of things, including luck and extra earnings of money per level. But that’s covered later on in the guide.

    For the most part, it’s important to pick out which skill set you would like to upgrade for a weapon. While it’s possible to use multiple weapons, and level up multiple weapon skills, it will ultimately hurt your character in the long run of leveling.

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    Explorer Basic Skills Explored

    The skills of an Explorer These are the basic miscellaneous skills for the Explorer.

    Unlock: A level 10 skill that allows the player to unlock chests.

    Good Luck: A skill that moderately increases the player’s luck.

    Millionaire Dream: A useful skill that increases overall money per level

    Evasion: Passive skill that increases dodging per every attack.

    Mean Attack: For backstabbing…allows players to do additional back damage.

    Rare Item: Increases rare item drop rates by 20% per skill level.

    Escape: This is an active skill that allows players to have increased evasive abilities but decreased offensive skills in order to run away from a fight.

    Coward Stab: Raises back attack damage.

    Treasure Master: Increases drop rate by 1% per level.

    Eyes of Falcon: Increases critical damage.

    Gold Rush: Increases money and rare item drop rate for the player and their party.

    Tiger Claw: Increases physical damage per level.

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    Explorer Dagger Skills

    More Explorer skills Dagger Mastery – Novice, Skilled, Expert: Increases the damage of all dagger weapons as these skills are leveled.

    Dancing Dagger: A strong side slash.

    Illusion Dagger: Two steps slasher skill. Dancing Dagger must be level 3.

    Masquerade: A dancing slash skill. Must be level 40 and Illusion Dagger must be level 3.

    Dark Dagger: Only used by master dagger users. Prerequisite of level 60 and Masquerade must be level 3.

    Sonic Dagger: A quick-throw of the dagger at an opponent.

    Assassin Dagger: Throws a devastatingly lethal dagger at an enemy. Sonic Dagger must be level 3.

    Dagger Rains: A mob-skill that attacks everyone around the player. Must be level 40 with level 3 Assassin Dagger.

    Bombing Dagger: Throws a dagger with a bomb at the end of it. For level 60 or higher with level 3 Dagger Rains.

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    Explorer Knuckle Skills

    Just lounging around Knuckle Mastery – Novice, Skilled Expert: This skill increases the overall damage per level gain when using the knuckles.

    Flame Kick: A quick blue-flaming kick that increases in damage per level.

    Wind Kick: A double spin-kick. Must be level 20+ to use and Flame Kick must be level 3.

    Crescent Kick: Spinning back kick. Wind Kick must be level 3 and players must be level 40 or higher.

    Dragon Kick: Can be combined with Crescent Kick plus it increases jump height. Must be level 60 or higher.

    Sonic Boom: A cheap fireball attack.

    Aero Boom: A long range fireball attack. For players level 20 or higher. Sonic Boom must be level 3.

    Energy Boom: A forceful fireball for players level 40 or higher. Aero must be level 3.

    Final Crash: An M. Bison type attack that launches the player at foes. Must be level 60 with Energy Boom at level 3.

    The Fist: A very basic fist strike.

    Hell Fist: A forward moving fist attack that deals additional damage. The Fist must be level 3.

    Chulsango: Heavy shoulder rush for level 40 players. Hell Fist must be level 3.

    Twin Fist: Uses two fists to attack opponents with an explosion at the end. Must be level 60 and Chulsango must be level 3.

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    Explorer Bow Skills

    Running in the forest Bow Mastery – Novice, Skilled, Expert: Increases the damage of the bow per every level.

    Arrow Rain: Rains down arrows from the sky on opponents.

    Storm Arrows: Additional arrows rain down on opponents. Arrow Rain must be level 3.

    Genocide Rain: An inescapable barrage of arrows. Prerequisites include being level 40 and Storm Arrows being level 3.

    Ice Arrow: A freezing arrow with the power of a blizzard. Requires the player to be level 60 and Genocide Rain to be level 3.

    Bird Hunting: Rapid-fire arrows.

    Fire All: Fires all arrows at once. Bird hunting must be level 3.

    Heavenly Bird Strike: A phoenix that roasts opponents. Fire All must be level 3, players must be level 40.

    Thunder Arrow: A thunderous attack with electric results. HBS must be level 3 and players must be level 60.

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    Explorer Crossbow Skills

    Sitting on a bench Crossbow Mastery – Novice, Skilled, Expert: Increases the damage per level.

    Stream Shot: A straight firing attack that deals moderate damage.

    Wide Shot: Fires multiple shots at opponents. Stream Shot must be level 3 and players must be level 20.

    Galactica Magnum: Summons a gun to shoot all on-screen opponents. Must be level 40 and Wide Shot must be level 3.

    Dark Spears: Devastate opponents with dark powers. Requires players to be level 60 and Galactica Magnum must be level 3.

    Needle Shower: A close-range skill that does devastating damage up close.

    Claymore: A shotgun-type skill that spreads up close. Needle Shower must be level 3.

    Limit Release: Unleashes anger with the crossbow. Players must be level 40, Clawmore must be level 3.

    Bombing Cry: Calls in an airstrike on enemies. Requires players to be level 60 and Limit Release to be level 3.

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    Basics For Explorers

    Climbing a ladder after beating a beetle There’s a few things to keep in mind when playing as an Explorer. When using crossbows you’ll be slow on the draw and have a tough time keeping large mobs off of you, despite being able to dish out a lot of damage. It might be best to party often when using the crossbow in order to have another party member work as a mob distraction while you snipe from a distance. Normal bows are much faster but don’t deal as much damage, just like the Scouts on Allods Online, making them ideal for solo play.

    Hopefully this beginner guide helped get you on the right track in La Tale. For more MMORPG class guides and quest walkthroughs be sure to check them out here at Bright Hub.