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Ravenwood Fair Game Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Take to the spooky forest in Ravenwood Fair. Help your animal friends build a great fair. Chop down trees and fight off the monsters lurking in the forest.

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    Game Basics Tree Chopping

    Ravenwood Fair The first part of this Ravenwood Fair game guide deals with tree chopping. This game puts you in the middle of a spooky forest where the trees need to be removed.. Your job is to chop down trees and build structures and games for a fair. Along the way you’ll attract guests to your fair but you can’t get any guests until you make room by clearing some trees away. Clearing trees is an easy process just mouse over a tree and your avatar will begin chopping. This process takes energy which will replenish slowly over time or you can buy more in the game store. You’ll loot some mushrooms for food which you can eat to help replenish your energy stores. Chopping trees will also give you experience, coins and special loot items you can use o build structures and games for your guests.

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    Ravenwood Fair As your guests arrive the forest is still around you and your guests make get frightened by noises in the trees. However you have protectors that can help keep your guests safe. This will create a ring around objects and keep your guests safe in that area. Protectors include trees and other objects. As you add protectors you must also recharge them periodically so they keep providing protection for your guests. You’ll want to add more protectors as your fair grows and you have more guests to look after.

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    The game features many different structures you can add to your fair. Some structures will increase the fun levels of your guests. The higher your fun level the more guests that will arrive to your fair. Structures such as houses, games, and food carts will all add to the level of fun in your fair. At the top right hand corner you’ll see your fun level. This will increase as you add more structures to your fair and more guests will begin to arrive. Some structures may take loot items to finish constructing which can be acquired by chopping trees or completing quests.

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    You obtain loot from chopping trees and the game has several types of loot.

    • Coins - standard coins for buying things.
    • Mushrooms - Goes towards your food total you can use mushrooms to buy food in the store to replenish your energy.
    • Ladybugs - used to construct buildings.
    • Vitalin - Obtained by quests or as gifts from friends and used in building construction.
    • Tree Sap - obtained from chopping or as gifts from friends.Crystals - Gifts from friends or obtained in loot from tree chopping.
    • Energy - Extra energy point obtained from chopping trees.
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    Ravenwood Fair The game features ongoing quests you can do. Most quests will have you construct buildings or obtain x number of loot items. Other quests require you to get a certain number of visitors to your fair. You can find quests to the left of your screen down the side and you can do them in nay order you like.

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    Ravenwood Fair At the bottom right you’ll find the main interface where you cana access your loot, the game store and the pointer. At the very top you’ll find the amounts of wood and mushrooms you have currently along with your coins and level you are at and energy remaining. Neighbors can be added at the bottom and you can visit Huginn which is the NPC character.

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    Game Shop

    The game shop features several areas you need to know about. At the top of the store you can add Facebook credits if you want to buy special items for your fair.

    • Special - Items you can only buy with Facebook Credits.
    • Buildings - Structures that produce fun.
    • Games - Structures that produce fun and require loot items to complete.
    • Decorations - make your fair look attractive and provide some fun too.
    • Protectors - These items help keep your guests from being scared.
    • Wonders - Expensive items that produce high fun levels.
    • Packs - Energy refills some can be bought with the mushrooms you loot during tree chopping.

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    Ravenwood Fair is a fun game and this guide should help you. The game isn't that difficult and most players shouldn't have any problems with it. be sure to keep chopping trees to obtain loot and trade items with your friends. To get the most out the game you might want to purchase the special items but you can get buy without them too.